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Hubworks | Helping Businesses Maintain a Retail Management System

hubworks helping businesses maintain a retail management system
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Retail Management System

Having an effective retail management system is critical for your business. Managers need to know what’s selling and what’s not. In this article, we’ll go over why having access to retail is crucial maintaining a profitable, competitive store.

How Does Hubworks Help Businesses Retain a Retail Management System?

Hubworks helps businesses by giving reliable products that easily allow management to properly care and run their employees. Hubworks has many products specifically created to help businesses retain close control over their store and employees. Many products help, but here I will just name a couple that aid businesses maintain an effective retail management system.

What Is the Zip POS Dashboard?

The Zip POS dashboard is a stress-free deploying software that aggregates business information from a previous POS system to create standardized reports. It provides a large amount of data to instantly inform the manager how the business is running. This product allows managers to have instant control over complex data sheets without having to learn complex functions and controls. This is a product that firmly helps managers assert control over a retail management system.

What Features Does the Zip POS Dashboard Have?

Restaurant KPI Dashboard 1

This product boasts some features including real-time, ad-hoc data reporting, all level data analysis, central data repository, data recovery, and mobile apps for IOS and Android. Zip POS dashboard will automatically hook up to your POS system and take care of all the dirty, gritty steps to get the system set up in minutes. This product can be used the same day that it is installed.

Zip POS Dashboard also has a central data repository. With this feature, it allows for a manager to efficiently analyze records of sales from the very beginning data was taken to the present day. More control for managers to retain control of their retail management system.

Being how Zip POS Dashboard is always uploading data to the cloud, managers don't need to worry about unfortunate losses of data. Automatically backing up data gives more room for managers to properly assert control over their retail management system. Zip POS also provides apps for both Androids and iPhones.

What Else is There to Know About the Zip POS Dashboard?

The Zip POS dashboard is entirely free. It was created to be a gift to new restaurant or retail establishments so they can have a sizable chance against all the struggles of starting up a business. Hubworks is serious about wanting to give newly starting restaurateurs and retailers a sizable chance in the difficulties of the business world. This product can help any restaurant or retail manager with their retail management system.

Zip Forecast

Restaurant KPI Dashboard 2

What can Zip Forecast do?

The Zip Forecast solution will forecast demand for employees, sales, as well as general money. There are some important variables that Zip Forecast helps with. This product does a tremendous service assisting managers to keep their retail management system working at the highest capability. Zip Forecast can tailor forecasts for individual sites to give the heads up for precisely what managers may be looking.

What other features does Zip Forecast have?

Zip Forecast has a quick set up so that forecasts can be made on the first day of installation. This product also helps control labor costs with budgeting tools. Zip Forecast can forecast what sales and transactions will be for the future. There are also event-based forecasts to help for specific high traffic days for a restaurant. This product will help a manager optimize workforce productivity. This product also helps with labor budgeting and POS integration.

The quick set up allows for a user to start forecasting on the first day they install. This is effectively aiding that person in managing their retail management system. This product enables a user to easily upload previous sales data. And from there, the program allows the user to quickly set up a simple forecast matrix and assign it to your site. From there you can simply forecast sales and analyze future demands.

This product will update as quick as in 15-minute intervals for pinpoint accuracy. Importing at least four weeks of data will easily allow the program to stay ahead of trends and give insights to managers moment to moment. When this is combined with Hubworks' Zip Schedules, these forecasts make business predictable so that managers don't need to worry about over or under labor scheduling.

In Conclusion

Hubworks provides a series of products designed to aid restaurants and retailers on their daily needs in the workplace. Hubworks technology helps any manager secure their retail management system. This company has a series of products to help big industries to small businesses. The Zip POS dashboard is a free product made so that beginning businesses can have access to programs that can help their business stay afloat. Hubworks also has Zip Forecast which provides valuable data to managers about information in the future. Hubworks' Zip Forecast gives managers a heads up to aid them in maintaining tight control over their business. If you have a restaurant or retail business that is in need of a product to help business, Hubworks will be able to supply the solution. For more information product and inventory management, check out this article.

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