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Restaurant Manager POS- Features, Pricing, Customer Reviews

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Sanchari Chatterjee

By Sanchari Chatterjee

What is Restaurant Manager POS?

Restaurant Manager is a cloud-based point of sale system (POS) that has been designed especially for restaurant businesses of all kinds, be it quick service restaurants, fine dining, bars or nightclubs of any size. The Restaurant Manager POS offers to decrease your operational costs, improve efficiency and boost revenue.

The Restaurant Manager POS system also provides sales analysis, real time alerts and gift card systems to provide better customer service at your restaurant. This POS system works on both Mac and Windows platforms and offers distinctive features that allow servers to split and check items to reduce wait time during table service.

What's Included in Restaurant Manager's POS Hardware?

Restaurant Manager offers a range of hardware products along with its Pos System. These include both mobile, handheld devices and POS stations. Here's a list of all the hardware solutions on offer-

1. SkyTab- This is a mobile Order Management and payment processing device that gives restaurant staff the mobility to move around tables, manage table-side ordering and payment processing, while directly interacting with the patrons and providing better customer service. SkyTab has in-built 4G technology that helps you process curbside ordering, pickups and doorstep deliveries as well.

2. Tableside- This is a POS station that operates with a tablet device and makes the Restaurant Manager POS easy to operate and manage with its user-friendly interface. With Tableside you can process contactless payments, NFC transactions, credit card transactions and EMV chip cards.

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Features of Restaurant Manager's POS Software

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  1. Order management- The Restaurant Manager POS takes care of all your orders in a seamless and accurate process that ensures no order is missed or delayed. The POS system will keep track of all orders, payments and deliveries.
  2. Online ordering and delivery management- The restaurant POS will take care of online ordering and deliveries with the same accuracy as tracking physical orders at the restaurant.
  3. Kitchen and menu management- Take care of all your kitchen management needs with the POS system that allows you to directly communicate with your kitchen team and track orders, menu items and deliveries in real time.
  4. Gift cards and loyalty program- The Restaurant Manager POS also offers tools to manage gift cards and customer loyalty programs for restaurants that want to reward their patrons with benefits and discounts.
  5. Inventory management- In addition to the restaurant POS system, online ordering and takeout and other tools, Restaurant Manager POS also has an Inventory Management tool that integrates the restaurant inventory with its point of sale system.
  6. Integrations- The POS software seamlessly integrates with third party software systems such as accounting software, inventory management software, and kitchen management.
  7. Reports and analytics- The POS software will also provide regular reports and analytics to better understand the operations. From sales analysis to inventory usage, the POS system will generate regular reports to give you detailed insight into your business.

Restaurant Manager's POS Pricing Plans

Restaurant Manager POS has not specified details of its pricing plans on its website. It is only available upon enquiry. If you need to know the pricing plan details, you will have to contact the company directly or a vendor. This POS solution doesn't offer a free trial version.

Restaurant Manager POS Reviews

Restaurant Manager POS has received an average user rating of 3.5/5 on popular software review websites like SoftwareAdvice and Capterra. While many users have positive reviews about the usability and customer service provided by the company, there are quite a few negative comments about some of the outdated features on offer.

A user on Capterra writes- "Great feature rich POS system at an affordable price." However, another user has said- "... the reports are old school out of the 80s but you can upload the data to any BI tool you might like. New features require an upgrade to the latest version and an added cost."

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Is Restaurant Manager the Right POS System for You?

In order to choose the right POS system that works wonders for your business, you need to consider several factors. From key features to pricing plans, reporting and analytical capabilities, you must weigh your options before making a decision. However, the most important determinant should be to understand your own business needs. What does your particular restaurant need from its POS system? Answering this question will help you know if Restaurant Manager is the right POS solution for you.

While Restaurant Manager POS has many software features to offer, it also comes with a range of hardware solutions. But will they work for you? Will this system be able to process your Pos Data to give you the best results for your business? Consider these factors to know if Restaurant Manager Pos is the right choice.

3 Top Alternatives to Restaurant Manager POS

1. Plum POS- Plum POS is an all-in-one software solution that takes care of all the business management needs of a restaurant. These include order management, inventory management, Supply Chain tracking, kitchen and menu management and third-party integrations. Plum POS will also help you identify sales trends, track employee work hours and even manage your restaurant's social media profile. You can receive customer feedback and improve your customer service with the tools offered by Plum POS. Plum also has a range of hardware devices such as Plum card reader, mobile POS, self-service kiosks and kitchen display units that make both, table service and kitchen management a breeze.

2. Toast POS-
Toast POS is a cloud-based restaurant management and sale system that also provides a number of other solutions apart from its restaurant POS tool. From online ordering to delivery and takeout, contactless payments, mobile app ordering, and customer loyalty program management, Toast has a number of tools on offer. The company also has a wide range of hardware devices such as handheld POS systems, POS stations, card readers and self-service kiosks.

3. Upserve POS- Upserve by Lightspeed is another highly rated all-in-one restaurant management solution that works with both, Android and iOS devices. From online ordering to contactless payments processing and managing Credit Cards transactions, inventory management and kitchen management, table service, Upserve has a solution for all restaurant management needs. It also has features such as check-splitting and integrated workforce management solutions to make business operations easier.

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