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The Food Service Manager’s Guide to Restaurant Management Software

the food service managers guide to restaurant management software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

How The Management Role Benefits From A Reliable Sidekick In Food Service

This article looks at the various benefits of implementing restaurant management software from the perspective of a food service manager and providing a steady right-hand app for success.

With the advent of smart technology as a predominant fixture in modern society, various food service managers have had to completely reassess and restructure their operations to become inclusive of this. It’s not, strictly speaking, a new phenomenon; the same sorts of things happened with the advent of the typewriter way back when, and again with the introduction of the first computers. Now, however, due to the exponential growth of this technology, food service managers have to become active monitors of these advances, such that they don’t risk falling behind and becoming a relic.

Introduction of App In Restaurant Culture

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Since the idea of an app entered our thinking as a culture, companies have been creating and offering apps that would, according to them, revolutionize the way restaurants conduct business. In some cases, this wasn’t necessarily untrue; for others, it was just really good marketing, with the product incapable of backing up such a statement. Lately, though, as more and more information and technology become available, the gap between good apps and those that don’t do what they claim is becoming wider, with the bad ones becoming easier and easier to spot.

For some food service managers, though, potentially including yourself, there is still hesitation in implementing one of these apps in your business. It’s understandable, and this post won’t serve as a “how-to” guide for selecting the right piece of software (I’ll link to that post at the end of this article). What this piece will do, however, is spend time discussing the benefits of choosing to integrate a piece of food service software into your restaurant. Hopefully, as a result of reading this, you will find yourself to be more confident in the idea and more prepared to make that leap.

What is food service management software?

As you might expect, before we can spend any time discussing the benefits of food service management software, it would be helpful first to examine what exactly the software is and what it does. This short list will serve as a sort of brief overview, seeing as we’ve discussed this topic before. Hopefully, though, it will give you the right kind of idea as to what kinds of features a food service manager would stand to gain the use of should you decide to implement this software.

1. One of the major features of some food service management software programs, including our very own Zip Checklist and Zip HACCP, is the ability to create and manage checklists for routine and important tasks that occur within your restaurant. These can include everything from washing the dishes and cleaning the bathrooms, to ordering food and stocking shelves. Whichever purpose your food service manager bestows upon these lists, they are easily accessed by all members of the team and updated for all to see so that, should someone complete a task and check off that it is done, everyone else will be able to see this. This works wonders for productivity, something we’ll discuss in the next section.

2. Another major feature of food service management software is its ability to update existing procedures and protocols and make them more accessible and user-friendly. We see this with things like the checklists, as discussed a moment ago, where now there is next to no risk of the lists being misplaced, forgotten about, or ruined in any way as a result of a freak coffee spilling incident. Doing this also leverages the ability of the food service manager to make employees more receptive to carrying out these processes, something else we’ll talk about in the next section.

What do food service mangers stand to gain from management software?

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Now that we understand some of the many features that good food service management software offers, we can finally take a look at some of the many benefits of such software as they relate to improving the food service manager experience. We touched on a couple of these in the previous section, but we’ll explore those in more depth here. It goes without saying, but this won’t be the definitive list of these benefits. Hopefully, it will provide enough of a sampling to justify their inclusion in your future business practices.

1. The first one that we’ve touched upon is the boost in productivity. This comes directly from the new ease of accessibility that these apps offer to staff and the food service manager. By being able to see the lists and see them updated in real time, employees will know exactly which tasks still need to be completed and which ones already have been. This way, there will be no more time wasted by people doing the same task as someone else just to be sure that it’s complete because they were unsure if it had been done.

2. Another benefit comes in the form of making employees more receptive to new processes. Because everything would be controlled through one, centralized system that is easy to navigate and access from any compatible device, employees will get a sense that everything is now more integrated into the way their lives exist outside of work. This sense of modernity will go a long way in opening employees up to the idea of new protocols and processes provided by food service managers since they are likely already familiar with apps and smart technology, to begin with. There is no “system” that needs to be learned on an ancient desktop computer that only works half the time. Everything will be up-to-date, modern, and purely functional in the most efficient way possible.

Benefits of Modern Food Service Management Software

There is plenty more that can be said about the benefits of integrating new, modern food service management software into your business. Given the nature of this blog, I’m sure a lot of it has already been said or will be said in future posts. So if you’re still unsure about whether this is the right move to support your food service, manager, definitely keep your eyes peeled here, and while you’re at it, have a look at this article previously published, which goes into far more detail about different technologies that will offer serious benefits to your small business, and the ways in which they enhance your brand.

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