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Zip HACCP vs. Zip Checklist - Which app is right for you?

zip haccp vs zip checklist which food safety checklist app is right for you
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Compare the leading applications to find the right fit for your food safety checklist.

This article will examine two Hubworks products, Zip HACCP and Zip Checklist, explore their key features, and help you determine which is best suited for your food safety checklist needs.

Welcome back to our article series on our newest release, Zip HACCP. We thought, for this last post, we should have a little bit of fun and pit our newest app against one of our classics, Zip Checklist. While both very similar, there is some key difference between the two apps regarding functioning as food safety checklists. As such, we believe that this insight will be seriously valuable to those of you struggling to decide which app is the right one for your business.

Zip Checklist

Let’s begin by going over some of the basic features of each app on its own. First up, the returning champion, Zip Checklist. Zip Checklist is a Hubworks app designed as a task management system for those in the food service industry. As its name suggests, its primary function is to help in the management of checklists for various business tasks, everything from scheduling to sanitation as well as food safety checklists. As a bonus, templates can be created within the app to more specifically tailor to your needs as a business. As with all Hubworks products, the app can be used across a variety of devices, including smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Zip Checklist also offers shared to-do lists, something that certainly revolutionizes the way basic, complex, or even recurring food safety checklist tasks are completed within your business. This is a major boost for being able to keep your employees accountable in a much more cohesive, even regimented way. This improved accountability acts as a motivator to employees striving to adhere to your food safety checklist and offers an insight into those which may be a risk to your business’ ability to maintain certain standards of food safety. Plus, since they update in real time, you will be able to keep track of when the tasks are being completed, and by whom, all without needing to appear on site.


food safety checklist 1

Now, let’s set something straight right here, right now - we’ve stated in other articles about Zip HACCP that the app retains all of the essential, major features of Zip Checklist. That is true. So what else does it add to the food safety checklist equation? Well, now you’re able to access stock templates for things like food safety and temperature issues, something that will provide an ease of use where Zip Checklist previously didn’t. There is also the range of stock HACCP checklists, which help not only keep your staff accountable but are fully compliant with the current FDA and HACCP food safety regulations.

Zip HACCP also offers far more flexibility and customizability in the form of easier to create lists, more stock templates, and improved access to temperature solutions. Specifically, the temperature solutions come in the form of connectivity with Bluetooth thermometers, which allow for notifications when temperatures vary too far from the acceptable range, as well as ease of monitoring. All of this, ultimately, manages to help improve productivity and workflow in a way not seen in other apps.

So which should I choose?

food safety checklist 2

To decide which of the two apps is right for your food safety checklist needs, you’re going to have to first assess exactly what your actual needs are. The main thinking behind this is that since Zip HACCP retains all the features of Zip Checklist, but with more on top, your decision is less about “which app is right for me” and more about “do my food safety checklists need the extra features?” To determine this, you’re going to need to take the time to consider your business and its specific needs.

1. Let’s first look at how your business would stand to benefit from the added features found in Zip HACCP. If your business is one that very readily deals with the FDA and HACCP regulations, then Zip HACCP is the right one for you, hands down. Most food service businesses do end up dealing with these food safety regulations regardless, but some find themselves more concerned than others, and some simply need the extra boost of organization to manage these food safety checklist needs.

2. Alternatively, you may need to go with Zip HACCP if the food safety checklist system you currently have in place does not adequately meet your actual business situation when it comes to FDA and HACCP compliance. If you are the owner of several franchise locations, for example, and cannot be in every store every day, then Zip HACCP offers a greater degree of freedom regarding remote monitoring. This includes, as we’ve mentioned, the ability to monitor temperatures from afar, as well as real-time updates on task lists.

3. Speaking of lists, if you find that the time required to create the checklists for HACCP is simply unreasonable in Zip Checklist, then Zip HACCP is the right app for you. In the same vein, if you find that it isn’t the time that’s the issue, but ensuring that the lists you do create cover all of the necessary HACCP compliance bases, then Zip HACCP is absolutely the right choice since it comes stock with food safety checklists that are automatically updated to be sure they are 100% HACCP compliant no matter when you use them.

4. What if none of that applies to your business? If your business is one that seems to have an outstanding handle on FDA and HACCP compliance, and you’re simply on the lookout for an app that can centralize all of the various lists you create on a daily basis, as well as keep you updated on the progress of item completion for those lists, then Zip Checklist is probably plenty sufficient to meet the needs of your business. This is especially true if your business is strictly seeking to transition from cumbersome paper lists to easy-to-find and navigate electronic food safety checklists.


There you have it. Hopefully, this has given you a taste of both Zip Checklist and Zip HACCP and helped you come to a decision regarding which app is the right one for your food safety checklist needs. If you’re still concerned about upgrading your business’ technology, then be sure to take a look at this post. It delves far deeper into all you would ever need to know about upgrading your tech and provides a myriad of helpful tips along the way.

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