Food Safety Solution for Chop Houses

Keep your food safe, your brand protected, and your customers happy. Learn more about this food safety solution designed for Chop Houses and see HACCP compliance simplified. Try the Zip HACCP online solution free for 30-days!

Accurate, automatic food safety logs at your fingertips

Create, manage, and organize food safety checklists

Our food safety management system uses checklists to keep food handlers accountable and help you keep track of every aspect of your restaurant's business through automatic logs and reports.

Secure food safety system with real-time reports

Instantly compile reports of all activities, temperatures, and corrective actions, see checklists in real-time, and update task lists instantly. Review or print reports at any time.

automatic food safety logs
address food safety issues

Address food safety issues in real-time

Manage food safety and HACCP compliance with ease

With our food safety management system you can see issues in real-time before they become big problems.

Manage and monitor hazard control lists

With integrated temperature solutions, hazard control checklists, and mandatory corrective action checklists, employees will always know how to handle any food safety issues.

Easily stay in HACCP compliance

Real-time food safety insights

Instantly see temperature solutions at work and hazard control checklists completed to ensure you are always in control and always in compliance with HACCP.

Automated temperature solutions take the guesswork out

Integrated automated temperature solutions ensure food safety by keeping food handlers accountable for temperature checks. Automatic logging keeps records organized.

stay in haccp compliance

And if that's not enough to satisfy your business management needs.

Try it Free

Try Zip HACCP free to see how much time and money you can save by automating food safety tasks and seeing results in real-time.

Protect Your Brand and Reputation

Using Zip HACCP, you can maintain HACCP compliance and make food safety a priority, protecting your brand, your customers, and your reputation.

Free Support

Our support team is here to help you succeed. Just call, and we will work hard to help you make the most of your new food safety management system.

iOS and Android Accessibility

Our food safety solutions work great on both Apple iOS and Android, so you can be sure you're covered no matter your food handler staff's preferred device.

Powerful Task Checklists

Powerful and easy to update task checklists keep staff accountable and help encourage efficient and correct food safety.

Real-time Reports and Logs

With the Zip HACCP mobile app, you'll always know what's going on. See real-time reports of task checklists, temperature logs, and food handler HACCP compliance no matter where you are.