Warehouse logbook App for iOS and Android

Log clear, easy to understand notes that every shift manager can read to prevent miscommunication and costly misunderstandings. Clear shift notes and good communication make shift transitions smooth and trouble-free. warehouses have unique needs, and Zip Shift Book understands. Made with bar service in mind, find tools, features, and resources to help grow your brand.

Thousands of bars choose Zip Shift Book to keep records of each shift.

Communicate, report, and take action

Ensure smooth shift transitions

Use our digital logbook to track daily activities, needed repairs, shift notes, and last-minute schedule changes.

Prevent accidents and added costs

With this digital logbook, you will always know what maintenance items need your attention. Reduce surprises, reduce accidents, reduce added costs.

communicate report action
manage customer experience

Manage the customer experience

Track customer comments and complaints

Log and track customer comments, complaints, and suggestions all in one place to improve the customer experience.

Review, plan, and implement changes

Review logs to find patterns, make a plan for improvements and promotions, implement changes, all in real-time.

Monitor employee conduct

Track staff attendance, conduct, and availability

Keep detailed notes in your digital logbook to track employee attendance, conduct, and availability so scheduling is simple, fast, and easy.

Take disciplinary action or record commendations

Your digital logbook is the perfect place to track commendations for a job well done or to plan and record disciplinary action.

monitor employees

And if that's not enough to satisfy your business management needs.

Real-time updates

See real-time updates to the digital logbook so all managers are kept in the loop.

Easy installation

A fast and simple installation process will have your new digital logbook up and running in minutes

Free, friendly support

Never feel lost--our fast, friendly, and free support is here to help.

Generate fast reports

Generate fast reports in seconds to help track, identify, and solve inconsistencies or small problems before they can turn into giant issues.

Multi-platform accessibility

Zip Shift Book can be used on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, as well as accessed via web page.

Compatible with a suite of apps

Zip Shift Book is compatible with a host of other powerful and affordable productivity apps to enhance its features and expand your business.