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6 Ways a Restaurant POS System Can Crank Up Sales at a Cafe

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What is a Restaurant Point of Sale System?

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A restaurant POS system is a combination of software and hardware that helps restaurant owners manage their entire restaurant business. This includes taking offline and online orders, managing floor plans, reservations, doing inventory counts, sales reporting, employee scheduling, and menu pricing.

Simply put, a restaurant point of sale system is a complete restaurant management system. Most restaurant pos systems today are cloud-based. This means that information like sales figures, inventory levels, menu prices, reservations, and so on, is maintained on a secure internet server. You can therefore access and manage your restaurant business from any device with an internet connection. Most restaurant pos systems now have an offline option, allowing you to function even if the internet is unavailable. The data is saved back on the cloud whenever the internet connection is restored.

  • According to a survey of 300 restaurant managers, more than 71% already use a pos system. 21% still use pen and paper to handle information.
  • Around 39% of restaurant managers enjoy technological advantages.
  • In the POS system upgrade, around 20% of them wanted an advanced inventory management feature. 13% wanted a better online ordering system.
  • More than 73% of respondents plan to upgrade to a point of sale system soon.

Types of Restaurant POS Systems

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A restaurant point of sale system is a tool that allows restaurants to accept payments and manage their business operations. There are several types of pos devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, mobile pos, card readers, chip readers, self-service kiosks, touch screens, and terminals. Other POS-related devices are barcode scanners, cash drawers, receipt printers, and keyboards.

  • POS apps- These are cloud-based programs that can be downloaded to any compatible device. You can access the whole point of sale system from these devices. They have fewer functions than a full-fledged POS terminal. POS apps are easy to use and the most cost-effective of all restaurant point of sale systems.
  • Mobile POS system- A mobile POS system is an option for restaurants that require a more comprehensive POS system than an app. This allows transactions to be processed from any location. Cafes, food trucks, and other businesses that provide comparable services can benefit from a mobile POS system. These restaurant point of sale systems are ideal for restaurant owners who wish to process both online and offline purchases.
  • Touchscreen POS systems- A touchscreen restaurant POS system works on various types of touch displays like tablets, computers, and smartphones. A touchscreen POS allows restaurant owners to make tableside ordering and ensure orders are right. Its sophisticated design makes the pos system easy to use.
  • Multichannel POS systems- Multi-channel point of sale systems are beneficial for restaurants that have both, an online as well as a physical outlet. A multichannel pos system allows them to make online and in-person sales, while also integrating and managing data in one location. Integrating a multichannel pos system with inventory helps restaurants avoid stockouts by syncing inventory levels across various channels. This helps maintain accurate business records and data.
  • Self-service kiosk POS systems- Casual restaurants and cafes with simple menu options opt for a self-service kiosk POS system since they reduce queues and wait time. Shoppers can use them to place direct orders, scan their items, and pay for them on their own. This shortens the checkout period and offers a better customer experience. It minimizes person-to-person contact.

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Features Every Good POS System Should Have

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When comparing the point of sale system, be sure the one you choose is the best fit for your restaurant's concept. If you manage a small quick-service cafe, you might not want to purchase a pos system dedicated to bars or restaurants. With a touchscreen display, the two systems may appear to be identical, but the front-of-house and back-of-house software could be completely different.

Not all point of sale systems are created equal. Before selecting the right one, check out these features.

  1. Speedy interface & quick checkout- One of the most important features of a pos system is speed. You can't afford to have a system that lags, especially when you get busy on a Friday or Saturday night. Most of the point of sale systems are dependent on internet speed and if you have slow internet, you're likely to have a slow pos too.
  2. Easy to use- Always consider the ease of use of your pos system. This can be done by observing a restaurant pos system demo offered by software vendors. Pay attention to basic tasks like placing orders, sending tickets to the kitchen, split checks, reordering dishes, and quick checkout features. Make sure the layout is intuitive and it's easy for you to accomplish simple tasks.
  3. Inventory control- Most quality Point of sale systems will have an inventory control built-in software. Inventory control is a must-have feature in restaurant pos systems. Inventory helps owners to know how much food they have on hand, and food costs and profit margins.
  4. Third party integrations- Third-party integrations are important for cafes and restaurants. A POS software like PlumPOS that can integrate with other channels like food delivery chains increases efficiency and avoids turnaround time for processes like delivery or payment concerns. The POS software should be able to integrate with an online payment app to process payments.
  5. CRM management- Customers are an essential part of the restaurant business, They should be valued and their feedback should be taken seriously to make the restaurant business successful. A good POS system should be able to collect and store customer data centrally. CRM data is used to understand customer preferences and adopt new sales and marketing strategies. For example, a cafe can notify a customer via SMS or email about a new coffee that has just been introduced on their menu, based on the customer's order history.

What are the Benefits of a Cafe POS System?

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A POS system simplifies communication between the kitchen and the wait staff. If you are a restaurant or a cafe owner, you understand the value of workplace efficiency.

Restaurant POS systems offer a variety of benefits that can help enhance operations.

  • Saves time- A POS system helps the servers and cooks at cafes and other Small Businesses save time. For example, when a server places an order for coffee, tea, and quick bites in a restaurant that has separate prep areas for each item, they can place the order at once. The POS system sends the order individually to three printers, one at each station, while a full order receipt is printed at the server terminal.
  • Inventory management- Inventory management is another advantage of a good restaurant Pos System. It helps keep track of a cafe's inventory levels and knows when it's time to restock. This avoids complications that result from a lack of stock, such as menu items unable to be served and revenue loss. Inventory tracking in a point of sale system helps cafe owners identify customer trends, as well as dishes that are popular at different times of the year.
  • Credit card processing- While purchasing a restaurant pos system, make sure you add a magnetic stripe reader to process credit cards. This is useful if you accept credit cards in your cafe, as you can process, adjust and keep detailed reports of all credit card transactions without buying and installing a separate credit card machine.
  • Manage multiple outlets- An efficient restaurant pos system helps manage multiple outlets. It delivers a detailed sales report for each of your cafe outlets, along with updates on available stock. The point of sale system also compares these sales reports, making it easy to manage the workflow and plan for the expansion of the business.
  • Fosters customer relationship- A restaurant pos system can be utilized to build customer support and relationships. You can collect customer details like email addresses and communicate with them after their visit. It is easy to send them gift cards, vouchers, or discounts to make them return. If you have a loyalty program, you can integrate it with your restaurant point of sale system.

6 Ways a Restaurant POS System Can Crank Up a Cafe's Sales

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What cafes need is a reliable way to sustainably increase sales. Some of the best ways to do this are through the restaurant pos system.

Think profit, not just sales
Sales become meaningful only when they translate into profits. For this, you need to understand which dishes are your biggest earners, which staff performs best, and when your cafe does the most business. All this can be tracked with the right kind of restaurant pos system. You can then finetune your menu and pricing to make your business more profitable.

Incentivize & upsell
The right restaurant POS system helps staff upsell extras, provide deals and highlight specials with an on-screen feature, as they take orders. These alerts could include new coffee flavors, extra toppings, side dishes, or maybe a discounted dessert. Extras such as these can improve revenue by as much as 5%. A good point of sale system helps restaurant managers create and add deals so that they appear automatically on screen as they take orders. The right restaurant pos system also shows each employee's performance based on how many upsells they made. Those who reached the top can be offered incentives and rewards.

Treat guests royally
The right restaurant pos system helps you track and remember every touchpoint across the guest experience. This ranges from addressing them personally when booking a table, tracking order status, and allowing them to split the bill. Servers can greet the customers by name and check their order history to make recommendations. This makes customers feel special. Some leading POS systems will have ready-made loyalty programs available so that you can give your customers that extra discount to induce them to come again.

Timing is the key
It's always a good idea to make the most of your busiest times by preparing 100% for them. This can be capitalized for extra sales. A smart restaurant pos system helps you do this by predicting the busiest days and evenings, helps you understand staff levels, food supplies, and the preparations you need. Based on the past operating data in the point of sale system, forecasts of sales, guest numbers, staffing, and seasonal trends can be calculated.

Make the most of deliveries
Speed is important if you want to make more sales and get repeat business. The restaurant pos system can generate more sales automatically through third-party apps. You can combine the online order you receive, along with those you receive offline, in a single system. With the right restaurant pos system, you can provide the fastest route to drivers, use GPS to track their location, and send a delivery update to customers.

Prevent order errors
A happy customer is more likely to return and refer your cafe to their friends. To keep them happy, ensure that their orders are prepared and served correctly. Handwritten tickets create confusion between waiter and kitchen staff. An integrated restaurant pos system improves this communication between the front and back offices of a cafe. When you take an order the details are sent directly to kitchen monitors through a pos system. This avoids costly misunderstandings that can occur from handwritten tickets.

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5 Budget-friendly Point of Sale Systems for Cafes

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1. PlumPOS-
PlumPOS is a cutting-edge, easy to use pos system that offers many food service features at a competitive price. It is perfectly suited for a cafe that needs to replace its old cash register with a cloud-based system. PlumPOS is unique among point of sale systems in that it can connect to any other restaurant software with the help of a software called Any Connector.

Other major features offered by the PlumPOS point of sale system include real time reporting, inventory management, and analytics. It also develops and manages loyalty programs. PlumPOS offers a a slew of associated software and hardware, including a point of sale app, Plum Kiosk, Plum Digital Signage, and Plum Handheld. The product is budget-friendly and simple to use. It takes only a few minutes to set up and is apt for cafes and small restaurants. It also allows multiple logins across systems. PlumPOS can be purchased from Hubworks, a dedicated restaurant software store.

2. LightSpeed POS- Lightspeed POS is a point of sale system that's easy to install and has built-in features like Order Ahead, which is great for curbside pick up, multiple payment processors, and dual cash drawer capability. Lightspeed Restaurant POS also has some cafe-specific features. It allows customer-facing kiosks and online and advanced ordering facilities. It also has built-in employee and inventory management.

3. Toast POS- Toast POS is best suited for cafes and restaurants. Its hardware options can withstand heat, grease, and spills in the kitchen. It also offers good training and customer service among pos systems. Contactless service has become important in recent times and Toast pos drive-thru features offers just that.

4. Clover POS- Clover is a smart pos system for cafes and small restaurants that accepts payments at the counter. It comes with a Clover Flex handheld device, which is perfect for roadside and delivery orders. This feature of the point of sale system shortens long lines. Clover restaurant point of sale system runs on the Android operating system. It does not allow clients to use tablets that weren't purchased through the company.

5. Square POS- Square is another popular restaurant point of sale system for cafes. It combines affordability and simplicity. When you sign in, Square will provide you with a free card reader. Square point of sale system also has a customer-facing screen called Square register, which is great for speedy service. This comes with an integrated NFC-capable payment reader. Square for restaurants also contains other free tools like Square online store and Online checkout for pick up and delivery orders, customer feedback, and reporting dashboards.

Restaurant POS FAQs

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Q1. What hardware do I need for my restaurant point of sale system?
A restaurant needs minimum hardware. This includes an iPad stand, a POS terminal, cash drawer (if your cafe has cash options), and printers for both, the front of the house and kitchen.

Q2. Will the restaurant point of sale system issue a notification when there is a stock shortage?
Yes, it will. POS systems allow you to track inventory in real time based on customer orders, delivery, and other details. You can set up alerts to stay informed when you need to resupply and track orders across multiple cafes. A good restaurant pos system helps you track everything.

Q3. Can I use the same POS system if my cafe expands?
When you are selecting a Point of sale system make sure you choose one which allows you to add new POS terminals and even open new locations with minimum effort. The best Pos System like PlumPOS helps you to grow by integrating easily with other software solutions.

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