Zip Clock vs Buddy Punch | Why Choose Zip Clock over Buddy Punch Time Clock App

Zip Clock, like Buddy Punch, is a cloud-based business management solution which focuses on employee time clock software and helps optimize profits while cutting labor costs.

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What Does Zip Clock Offer that Buddy Punch Does Not?

Managing and tracking the hours employees work can be one of the more burdensome processes for a business’s management team. Zip Clock’s time clock dashboard will help keep employees compliant with labor laws. Using real-time visual indicators, notifications, or warnings allows employees to actively manage their time and be more accountable of violations and OT hours. Integrating a time clock software does not have to be complicated, and with the ability to integrate with the Zip Schedules module, managers can view employee performance and suggest breaks anywhere using the mobile app. Zip Clock is more affordable than Buddy Punch and offers flexibility in configurations as many organizations desire more levels of access for their employees.

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Why Zip Clock Is Different

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"I was so impressed when I first saw Zip Clock that I couldn’t wait to start using it. I’ve never seen a employee scheduling software that is so easy to use and understand. A bit of magic that helps us operate at scale."

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Web-based Employee Time and Attendance Software

Both Zip Clock and Buddy Punch offer the basic solutions for a time and attendance management application such as clocking in and out, labor law configurations, and a dashboard viewer. While these are essential to keeping track of employee time, the usability and effectiveness of the software is what sets Zip Clock apart from Buddy Punch.

The web and mobile dashboard on Zip Clock presents insightful and easy to understand information that allows both managers and employees to actively manage their time. While Buddy Punch’s software offers a dashboard, they only show who is clocked in. There is no information warning or notifying of an upcoming labor law violation. In fact, Buddy Punch limits their notifications to administrators and managers. Conversely, Zip Clock has the option to send notifications for every employee type.

Zip Clock’s software visibility increases transparency and is best illustrated in its Shift Management screen. This displays all employees and lists their weekly hours, projected hours, overtime, ACA violations, and phone numbers. Clicking on an employee’s name shows their remaining scheduled hours for the week, allowing management to remain in control of their weekly schedules. In addition, Shift Management also keeps track of employee hours while they are on the clock and gives the option for management to suggest breaks and clock outs when the employee is nearing violations.

Although Buddy Punch offers automatic breaks to prevent break time violations, they deduct a set break from employee time whereas Zip Clock tracks actual break times. Although both are fairly configurable, Zip Clock will tell users actual information and Buddy Punch will only reflect the anticipated data.

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"Yes, I use the mobile app, I have it on my phone. We managed to go from having nothing to having a sophisticated system leveraging a platform everyone has already has in their pockets. I got both my restaurants started right away and it didn’t take me very long."

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Solutions to Labor Law Violations

When it comes to complying with labor laws, Zip Clock makes it easy. With real-time data, Buddy Punch cannot compare because they only let users know after the fact that they are paying for over time. While Buddy Punch users are able to set up the labor laws for each employee, they fall short by not having any visual indicators, notifications, or warnings that an employee is about to breach a labor law.

Labor law violations happen more frequently than many people think, and it becomes costly for organizations when they add up. Often times, these violations happen because managers are busy and do not have the luxury of being accountable for their employees’ time. Luckily, Zip Clock does the work and alerts users in real-time. With Buddy Punch, this information may never reach the manager until it is too late because there are no warning or notifications.

Zip Clock’s time clock dashboard is the most useful way to keep employees compliant with labor laws. Employees are able to actively manage their time and be more accountable of their break violations and OT hours. It also includes configuration features for ACA (Affordable Care Act), projected, daily, and weekly overtime, break and clock out suggestions, and minimum time off between shifts. Managers can take action when needed through the web or mobile app and make better use of their time on other tasks that require attention. Zip Clock allows users to be proactive rather than reactive to changing conditions.

In addition to ensuring that employees and managers have visibility to staying accountable for their time, Zip Clock’s gamification features and easy to understand animations motivate employees to self-police each other. It encourages a positive change in the way employees manage their time and attendance. Staying compliant with labor laws is as easy and simple as the green smiley face employees get for being responsible with their times.

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"Our managers needed help with employee scheduling. We were using Excel and emailing the schedule out to our staff. But, when we tried Zip Clock we realized how many hours we had been wasting with the timely task of handling shift changes and other employee requests. Now we schedule employees faster, with more accuracy and more flexibility. The free mobile apps have made our whole team feel more appreciated and more engaged. Our customers are more satisfied than ever before."

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Keep Employees Accountable and Eliminate Time Theft

Zip Clock and Buddy Punch both use web and mobile capabilities for their employees to clock in and out but Zip Clock’s time clock makes it easier to cut labor costs by three to five percent. The time clock puts organizations in control of their labor costs by increasing accountability and visibility.

Accountability does not stop with just being able to view employee time punches. Eliminating time theft and buddy punching goes beyond a simple login and pin number. Buddy Punch offer users a webcam/photo verification feature that automatically takes a picture of the employee doing the punching. Managers can see this reflected in the dashboard to verify who actually clocked in. Although this could be an effective method for preventing time theft and biddy punching, not all devices have camera and it would not be difficult to avoid being in the picture when clocking in.

Zip Clock effectively eliminates time theft with its biometric fingerprint scanner. Biometrics is a growing trend to prevent buddy punching as well as recording untrue punches. Management can rest assured that punches are only made by the employee themselves. This is a valuable asset that many organizations needed but were unaware of until now.

Zip Clock also offers a variety of reports that help give managers insight into how well each team member is managing their time and how each region and site is performing in terms of labor compliance. With easy to track metrics, the Employee Performance Report lets managers compare actual versus scheduled hours. This helps organizations set goals and limits to violations. The Audit Trail Report also increases accountability, allowing users the peace of mind to track all employee time punches, changes, and who edited them. Buddy Punch has similar reporting tools that shows the in and out activity for every employee in a set time period. However, Zip Clock offers thorough and insightful data that are relevant so users are not left scrambling from report to report.

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"The business management apps offered by Hubworks has helped our concepts save time and money. Our managers and supervisors are happier because tasks that used to take hours every week have simplified with the mobility and visibility from their free mobile apps. Our profit margins are the best they've ever been with over a 2% reduction in food costs and 5% in labor. The business solutions offered by Hubworks deserve consideration by any restaurant, franchisees, or small businesses."

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"Our customer's trust is what keeps us in business. They expect fresh tasting food with no threat of ill-born diseases. Zip HACCP keeps us compliant with HACCP and FDA regulations through its integrated temperature solutions, food safety assurance, and end-to-end task reporting. We also use Zip Inventory to save time on inventory counts and have much-needed predictability to our ordering process. The Hubworks business management apps are perfect for our restaurants."


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