Zip Clock vs. Humanity | Why to Pick Zip Clock over Humanity Time Clock App

Zip Clock, like Humanity, is a cloud-based business management solution which focuses on streamlining employee time and attendance, automating employee scheduling and significantly reducing labor costs while increasing profits.

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What Does Zip Clock Offer That Humanity Doesn’t?

Ease of use and having an interface without a steep learning curve is incredibly important when it comes to employee time and attendance management. Both Zip Clock and Humanity offer solutions to time theft, labor law violations, and attendance tracking, but what matters most is how easy the software is to pick up and quickly understand. Unlike Zip Clock, Humanity can be very overwhelming and it likely requires a large amount of time and resources to make sure that the app is fully understood. It’s crucial to make sure that you understand an application before it can be implemented effectively, and with Zip Clock, that process is easy.

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Why Zip Clock Is Different

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"I was so impressed when I first saw Zip Clock that I couldn’t wait to start using it. I’ve never seen a employee scheduling software that is so easy to use and understand. A bit of magic that helps us operate at scale."

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Easy to Use Time and Attendance Software

Zip Clock has a very straightforward interface that is easy to pick up and understand. This easy to use interface makes it so that navigating through the app and performing standard time and attendance functions feels natural. However, with Humanity, most of their screens display information overload, which makes the information less useful in the long run. Having access to valuable scheduling and clock in information is beneficial, but only if it’s presented in a way that is accessible and straightforward. With Humanity, you can end up wasting valuable time trying to figure out how to use the app.

This wasted time is unnecessary and by using Zip Clock, this time can be used to focus on other areas of operations, like improving the customer experience. With Zip Clock, there is never a moment wasted on trying to figure out different functions in the application. Both the mobile and web apps are designed to feel natural and intuitive so that you can pick it up and start gaining the benefits of a time and attendance software immediately.

Zip Clock’s web and mobile apps mean that you can manage employee time and attendance, enforce employee schedules, and generate payroll reports from anywhere, on any device. Zip Clock gives you the ability to see employee punches in real-time, so you can know whether or not your employees are staying labor law compliant just by taking one look at your mobile device. Zip Clock can also automatically send alerts and notifications to your employees to remind them to take breaks or clock out, leaving managers with less to worry about. There is also a shift management feature so that when employees miss a shift you can quickly fill the shift and find a replacement.

Both Zip Clock and Humanity give users the ability to manage their employee time and attendance but Humanity’s complicated user interface and steep learning curve acts as a barrier, preventing you from conducting time and attendance operations efficiently.

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"Yes, I use the mobile app, I have it on my phone. We managed to go from having nothing to having a sophisticated system leveraging a platform everyone has already has in their pockets. I got both my restaurants started right away and it didn’t take me very long."

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Employee Time Clock Dashboard

Zip Clock’s employee time clock dashboard displays various emoticons so that employees know when it they are about to breach a labor law. These emoticons can represent missing employees, This gives employees the tools they need to hold themselves accountable and it motivates them to stay compliant with labor laws through gamification; no one wants a red sad face next to their name.

Through the employee performance report, you can see which employees are best performers. You’ll be able to see an individual employee’s scheduled hours vs actual hours, their average overtime per week, their total and average amount of violations, and the amount of punches they’ve had that needed approval. Employees will have incentive to stay labor law compliant, and if an employee is failing to adhere to labor laws, you’ll have full visibility.

Overtime hours can be a huge factor in driving up labor costs, and most of the time, these overtime hours are unnecessary. If overtime isn’t managed correctly, it can have disastrous consequences for a business. Zip Clock gives managers the tools and real-time insight they need to understand how to control unnecessary overtime. Since the dashboard displays the overtime status of every single employee, both employees and managers are able to stay informed on when overtime is approaching, and this allows overtime hours to be prevented.

Employees can stay on top of their hours, and if they don’t, a manager can take a quick look at the dashboard or their mobile phone and tell the employee to clock out. With Zip Clock, both managers and employees are able to stay informed with valuable insight through the visibility presented in the time clock dashboard. While being informed, the likelihood of unnecessary overtime or labor law violations occurring is reduced significantly and your labor costs will go down as a result.

The goal of a dashboard is to provide concise and meaningful information that can quickly be understood at a glance. Humanity offers a dashboard but it is not easy to understand as Zip Clock, and just like Humanity’s user interface, it can lead to wasted time trying to figure out what is on the screen. The visual representations for labor law violations in Zip Clock are a major advantage when it comes to real-time management of employee time. Humanity does not have any features that help incentivize employees to stay compliant with labor laws.

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"Our managers needed help with employee scheduling. We were using Excel and emailing the schedule out to our staff. But, when we tried Zip Clock we realized how many hours we had been wasting with the timely task of handling shift changes and other employee requests. Now we schedule employees faster, with more accuracy and more flexibility. The free mobile apps have made our whole team feel more appreciated and more engaged. Our customers are more satisfied than ever before."

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The Advantage of a Biometric Time Clock

Both Zip Clock and Humanity have options to allow employees to clock in through a mobile application and these punches can be restricted by location to ensure that the employee is actually at work when they clock in. This option can be a great way to have employees clock in, but it does not fully address the issues like time theft and buddy punching, the act of one employee clocking in for another. It’s crucial that issues like these are eliminated because they can pose massive issues for any business.

By using a biometric time clock, you can be absolutely certain that all punches are accurate and honest. The time clock is installed in convenient areas of every business, and using it to clock in feels natural and seamless. With Zip Clock’s time clock, employees must clock in by using their fingerprint. This eliminates any possibility of buddy punching, and you can be confident that all time punches are accurate.

Humanity’s attempt to solve the issue of buddy punching is reactive rather than proactive. Humanity has the option to require employees to take a picture when they clock in. While this might seem like a possible solution, taking a picture does not prevent an employee from clocking in as another employee. In fact, an employee could take a picture of anything and still clock in. The only way to know if employees are clocking in accurately is to go back and view every single punch to make sure that the captured image is of the correct employee. This is a half-baked feature and it requires a ton of work from managers to actually enforce it effectively.

With Zip Clock’s biometric time clock, however, employees are unable to clock in unless they do so with their own fingerprint. A manager does not need to go back in and review every single punch, which saves time and resources. Buddy punching becomes impossible when biometrics are required to clock in.

Managers will also no longer be required to deal with the inaccuracies that come with manual time recording. Traditional time clock devices come with a lot of issues, but Zip Clock’s biometric time clock automates the employee time and attendance process and this helps to decrease labor costs and save time.

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"The business management apps offered by Hubworks has helped our concepts save time and money. Our managers and supervisors are happier because tasks that used to take hours every week have simplified with the mobility and visibility from their free mobile apps. Our profit margins are the best they've ever been with over a 2% reduction in food costs and 5% in labor. The business solutions offered by Hubworks deserve consideration by any restaurant, franchisees, or small businesses."

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"Our customer's trust is what keeps us in business. They expect fresh tasting food with no threat of ill-born diseases. Zip HACCP keeps us compliant with HACCP and FDA regulations through its integrated temperature solutions, food safety assurance, and end-to-end task reporting. We also use Zip Inventory to save time on inventory counts and have much-needed predictability to our ordering process. The Hubworks business management apps are perfect for our restaurants."


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