Zip Schedules vs Shiftboard | Why Choose Zip Schedules Over Shiftboard

Like Shiftboard, Zip Schedules is a cloud-based employee scheduling application that offers a fast and simple solution for businesses of all sizes. While using scheduling software, creating schedules through unintuitive spreadsheets becomes a thing of the past. Zip Schedules significantly reduces the amount of time spent on creating schedules, improves communication, cuts labor costs, and enhances employee accountability.

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What Does Zip Schedules Offer That Shiftboard Doesn’t?

There are a number of features that make Zip Schedules stand out when compared to Shiftboard. Some of these features include the ability to offer and swap shifts, change availability, approve submitted requests, broadcast messages, reports and more. With the Zip Schedules mobile app, users can utilize all the tools available right from their phone or tablet. Zip Schedules is a scalable platform, which means it’s able to address the needs of businesses of all sizes. Zip Schedules provides optimized employee scheduling, deeper visibility into your schedules and labor budget, and even an internal communication platform for all members of your organization.

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Why Zip Schedules Is Different

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"I was so impressed when I first saw Zip Schedules that I couldn’t wait to start using it. I’ve never seen a employee scheduling software that is so easy to use and understand. A bit of magic that helps us operate at scale."

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Labor Management on Any Device

Having access to a mobile scheduling application means that you have control of your business no matter where you go. Working remotely and being able to take care of business on-the-go enables managers to succeed at all times, regardless of any unforeseen circumstances. Shiftboard has a mobile app with basic features like swapping shifts and viewing schedules, but the features in the Zip Schedules mobile app are much more substantial in comparison. Employees can view their schedules, create time off requests, change availability, offer to swap and pick up shifts, and use the application’s built in communication tools.

Managers have the ability to control all aspects of employee scheduling on their phone or tablet. In addition to accessing schedules, they can manage employee requests like time off requests, availability changes, shift swaps and they can even broadcast messages to all of their employees. Whenever a manager approves or rejects a request, all parties involved will receive a notification. This ensures that everyone your business is always on the same page and it eliminates the need to call or text employees. The Shiftboard mobile application overcomplicates basic features and presents information in a way that can lead to confusion. Employee scheduling can normally take hours, and with Shiftboard’s mobile application, it could still take a long time because of how unintuitive it is. However, with Zip Schedules, you can save hours of time and see a significant reduction in your labor costs.

The broadcast message feature in the mobile application can be extremely beneficial for when your store is having any sort of promotion. Once a message is broadcasted, all employees and managers will receive a notification prompting them to view the message. For example, if you’re having a promotion with a buy one get one free drink, all members of your business can be aware of it.

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"Yes, I use the mobile app, I have it on my phone. We managed to go from having nothing to having a sophisticated system leveraging a platform everyone has already has in their pockets. I got both my restaurants started right away and it didn’t take me very long."

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Schedule Employees Faster

The user interface in Zip Schedules makes it so that managers and employees can pick it up and start using it without any confusion. The modern and sleek design ensures that all tasks within the app can be performed without issues. Using the application feels natural whether it’s on the web, tablet, or phone. However, this is not the case with Shiftboard’s mobile app and web interface. There are far too many settings in the Shiftboard app and this causes it to be unnecessarily complex. Because of the complexity, it can be very difficult for users to quickly learn the application. Time spent trying to learn an app because it isn’t user-friendly is time that could be spent on something more productive. With Zip Schedules, this isn’t an issue. Users can open up the app and start creating schedules right away.

The way information is presented in Shiftboard can also lead to confusion. For example, the way employee availability is displayed is redundant because it shows both the hours that an employee is available and the hours that an employee is busy. The user then has to take time and try to decipher which one they should look at while creating a schedule, and it could be very easy to mistake one for the other. The amount of unnecessary settings can be really overwhelming, and individuals who aren’t tech savvy could easily get frustrated while using Shiftboard.

With Zip Schedules, managers can easily create schedules while adhering to employee availability. When building out a schedule, all employee availability and approved time off is displayed to the user in a manner that is easy to understand so that there is zero confusion while creating a schedule. Also, for even more convenience, Zip Schedules allows users to create recurring shifts for the week, save and load schedule templates, and copy the schedule of a previous week on to the current or future schedules.

Managers can view the schedule by day or week, ensuring that they have enough staff to cover all parts of the day and week. You can drill down into forecasted sales and forecasted labor coverage in 15-minute increments. The schedule pad also displays employees and the positions that they are assigned to, along with their skill rating for the position. By using this, managers can make sure that the more experienced staff is working during challenging shifts and they can also make sure that there is a good balance of experienced and newer employees every day.

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"Our managers needed help with employee scheduling. We were using Excel and emailing the schedule out to our staff. But, when we tried Zip Schedules we realized how many hours we had been wasting with the timely task of handling shift changes and other employee requests. Now we schedule employees faster, with more accuracy and more flexibility. The free mobile apps have made our whole team feel more appreciated and more engaged. Our customers are more satisfied than ever before."

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Reduce Your Labor Costs

The goal of any scheduling application is to be as intuitive, simple, and easy to use as possible. It should eliminate inconveniences and allow the process of creating schedules to become more streamlined. Shiftboard offers a forecasting system to assist managers in quickly deciding a schedule that would work best for them but the Zip Schedules forecasting algorithm is much more advanced and has a proven track record. The forecasting in Zip Schedules uses forecasted sales, scheduled events, the weather, holidays, store location, store size, and historical data which enables you to create a schedule that will optimize your business. By scheduling the right amount of people at the right time, managers can spend less time sitting behind a screen and put their effort towards other areas of operations instead. Not only will this decrease your labor costs, but you’ll see other key areas of operations improve.

With Zip Schedules, managers and operators can maintain control of their labor costs during the scheduling process. The labor budget tracker in Zip Schedules gives greater visibility to labor costs, total hours worked and overtime. Managers can configure their preferred labor percentage of sales to use as a guide when creating schedules. With all of this data and insight, managers have a better hold over their labor budget and employee management.

The application also utilizes real-time alerts while creating schedules. The manager will receive a warning popup if they try to schedule someone for overtime. This prevents labor law violations from occurring and also ensures that managers are creating schedules that adhere to the rules that they’ve set up. The visuals in Zip Schedules also help to guide the operator, resulting in a user experience that is very intuitive. Shiftboard aims to reduce your labor costs as well, but Zip Schedules goes above and beyond and allows for a scheduling experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

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"The business management apps offered by Hubworks has helped our concepts save time and money. Our managers and supervisors are happier because tasks that used to take hours every week have simplified with the mobility and visibility from their free mobile apps. Our profit margins are the best they've ever been with over a 2% reduction in food costs and 5% in labor. The business solutions offered by Hubworks deserve consideration by any restaurant, franchisees, or small businesses."

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"Our customer's trust is what keeps us in business. They expect fresh tasting food with no threat of ill-born diseases. Zip HACCP keeps us compliant with HACCP and FDA regulations through its integrated temperature solutions, food safety assurance, and end-to-end task reporting. We also use Zip Inventory to save time on inventory counts and have much-needed predictability to our ordering process. The Hubworks business management apps are perfect for our restaurants."


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