Hubworks General

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is Hubworks?

    Hubworks is a growing collection of web-based software applications designed to help small to medium-sized businesses leverage technology at an affordable price. Industries served include restaurants, food service, hospitality, retail and more. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, Hubworks simplifies business processes in areas such as scheduling, labor management, operations and business analytics.

  2. Does it make a difference to sign up on the Hubworks website or the product website?

    NO. It does not make a difference. The sign up process is the same, but you will be able to select any product you wish to receive all from the Hubworks App Market rather than having to go to each website.

  3. Can I sign up for more than one app?

    YES. You can sign up for as many apps as you would like.

  4. How do I know which software application is the right one for me?

    Take the time to learn more about our applications in the Learn More sections for each product in the App Market , or visit each app’s website.

  5. Do the apps need to be updated? And is this done manually or automatically?

    All the changes, bug fixes or upgrades will be automatically done from our side.

  1. Can I make a Hubworks account without choosing a app?

    No. The purpose of creating a Hubworks account is because you want to use one of our software applications. This is why we have you choose one of our applications when you click Sign Up.

  2. Can I have multiple logins for one account?

    No. You cannot have multiple logins for one account. If you want to share an account, you will have to share the account’s credentials. However, there are apps that have different levels of account access depending on what employee type they are.

  3. I can’t sign into my account, what should I do?

    Click the Forgot Password button to reset your password. If this does not work, please contact

  4. Is there any limit to the number of employees that could punch In/out?

    It depends upon the edition that you subscribe for, but if you have more than 1,000 employees than you need to call the Hubworks Support team. To know the price of Zip Schedules for your organization you can navigate to: http://Zip

  1. Can I access these apps from any computer?

    Yes. Our apps are all cloud-based which makes them accessible from any computer or tablet device. They also come with complimentary mobile apps so you can use them with your mobile device.

  2. Will my data be secured with your applications?

    Yes. We have a number of safeguards in place to ensure data privacy and security. We offer SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL encrypts data as it passes to and from the server. We also have a very strict Privacy Policy. We do not sell or share any client data (or their employee’s data).

  3. Do your apps backup my data?

    Yes. We backup all the data on a nightly basis for each of our apps.

  1. Do I have to put any credit card/billing information down when I start a free trial?

    No. We don’t ask you to put any of your credit card or billing information down until for the free trial.

  2. Are all the apps a monthly fee?

    No. Different apps have different pricing. To get more information about the pricing follow these steps. Go to: App Market > Learn More > Editions & Pricing

  3. What types of payment are accepted for billing?

    We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Experss and Discover credit cards.

  4. Am I sent an invoice automatically?

    Yes. We will send an invoice automatically.

  5. Will my credit card information be safe?

    Yes. Currently we accept payment from Forte because they are the best payment processor and you can trust that your information is secured.

  1. How do I receive the complimentary mobile apps?

    First, you need to sign up for one of our applications. Afterwards, go to the Google Play or the Apple App store where you can download and install the mobile apps.

  1. Do you offer support?

    Yes. We offer support as long as you use our services.

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