Zip Clock

Frequently asked questions

  1. Where can my employees and I use the system?

    You can use the system from anywhere in the world as Zip Clock is internet based. You can also require your employees to clock in from your store or off-site with their mobile device via geo-location.

  2. Will this solution help me to avoid conflicting time punches?

    Certainly, Zip Clock automatically alerts you to any punch conflicts. When a conflict is detected, Zip Clock displays a warning message to alert you.

  3. How will Zip Clock help in avoiding state labor law breaches?

    Zip Clock help’s in avoiding law violations by prompting active store Managers/Supervisors regarding the violations via our internal messaging mechanism and push notifications.

  4. My employees have little or no computer experience.

    Zip Clock is designed with the concept of “no instruction required”. It is very intuitive and simple to use.

  5. Do you offer support?

    YES. We offer free email support and upgrades for as long as you use the service. Free email support is available to all plan users including user’s in free trial.

  1. How much does Zip Clock cost?

    Zip Clock is an employee based application. Visit for more information.

  2. Is there any free trial for Zip Clock?

    YES. There is a free trial period.

  3. Is this cost a one-time cost or is it a monthly cost?

    It is a per site monthly cost based on your employee count.

  4. Is there any limit to the number of employees that could punch In/out?

    It depends upon the edition that you subscribe for, but if you have more than 1,000 employees than you need to call the Hubworks Support team. To know the price of Zip Clock for your organization you can navigate to: http://Zip

  1. Do you backup our data?

    YES. We backup all the data on a nightly basis.

  2. Do I have to download any time clock software to use Zip Clock?

    You do not have to download any time clock software to use this application on your system. All you need is an internet connection to use it from the web.

  3. Is my data secured?

    YES. We have a number of safeguards in place to ensure data privacy and security. We offer SSL (secure socket layer). SSL encrypts data as it passes to and from the server. We also have a very strict privacy policy. We do not sell or share any client data (or their employee’s data).

  4. What hardware device do I need?

    You and your employees simply need a computer, mobile device, Android or iOS Tablet, or a POS terminal connected to the Internet.

  5. How long do you keep our data?

    We keep data stored to consider your future re-subscription.

  6. Can I add my organizations logo to my account?

    YES. You can add your organization’s logo from your organization profile.

  7. Can I integrate any other software solution with Zip Clock?

    YES. We provide an API for Zip Clock which you can integrate to your other software Solutions/Features.

  1. Is using my credit card online safe?

    YES. Currently, we only accept payment from Forte. Forte is the best payment processor and you can trust us as your info is safe with us.

  2. Can I cancel my subscription for Zip Clock anytime?

    YES. You can cancel your subscription for Zip Clock at any time without any penalties.

  1. Do you offer a solution for importing employees?

    YES. You can import your employees via CSV file. We provide a sample CSV within the application in the Employee Section.

  2. Does this solution allow for overnight punches?

    YES. It allows for employees to clock in and out each night after 11:59 PM.

  3. Could I lock the addition of punches after finalizing my payroll?

    YES. Payroll can be locked for editing after it is finalized.

  4. After finalizing my payroll can I un-finalize it?

    YES. We provide a solution to un-finalize payroll.

  1. How do I add different sites?

    You can add different sites to your organization.
    Go to: Manage Account > Manage Sites > Add

  2. Can I add multiple Email IDs for my account?

    You cannot add multiple email IDs for an owner account. For other employee types (ie. Supervisor, manager, etc.), you can have multiple email IDs, but only one will be active at any given time.

  1. Does this solution provide different access levels for users?

    Yes. Right now this solution provides 3 types of user roles: Manager, Supervisor and Crew. The account creator has administrator access to manage organization applications and account purchases.

  1. Can I signup from my mobile application?

    Signup is necessary from the Zip Clock or Hubworks website. You can login from mobile application and could login from anywhere.

  2. Where can I download the mobile app for iPhone and Android?

    You can download the Zip Clock mobile app from the iPhone – App store and from the Android – Google play store.

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