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How to Increase Employee Engagement with Workforce Management Solutions

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Sanchari Chatterjee

By Sanchari Chatterjee

Using Workforce Management Solutions

Workforce management solutions are software systems that help businesses with their employee management, planning and organizing needs. These management systems can be used to track employee work, labor law compliance, employee scheduling and time tracking.

As organizations grow, change and evolve, ineffective workforce management solutions may result in high turnover rates and poor employee engagement. When organizations invest in workforce management solutions, they have the opportunity to take proactive measures that improve employee retention, engagement and productivity.

These talent management software systems can be delivered through online platforms, mobile tools or enterprise software. Let us find out how workforce management solutions (WFM) can help increase company growth.

The Importance of Workforce Management Software

1. Streamline work scheduling- WFM software is designed to address the needs of labor-intensive businesses. Compared to traditional employee scheduling tools Microsoft Excel, cloud or web-based, the WFM systems will make the scheduling procedure simpler, streamlined and far more efficient.

2. Faster employee scheduling- The workforce management systems can create employee schedules within minutes. The system will allow you to save scheduling templates as per your needs that you can tweak to create new schedules every week.

3. Instant communication- The WFM software will also allow the human resources team to notify employees about upcoming events, leaves etc directly, using the software. This will help the managers and HR save up on time that is wasted in communicating with each employee.

4. Remote employee management- With the mobile apps of the workforce management systems, managers and schedulers can send across notifications, new work schedules, approve time off and leave requests etc on the go. You no longer need to sit on your desk for these tasks.

5. Control labor budget- Use your preferred labor percentage of sales as a guide in creating employee schedules and plan accordingly. WFM software such as Zip Schedules will show daily sales forecasts and transactions, based on which you can schedule your staff. This will take care of both your labor budget as well as the bottom line.

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How Employee Scheduling Solutions can Increase Employee Engagement

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A number of studies, across industries, have shown that businesses that use employee engagement tools perform better in the long run. This is where workforce management solutions can help your business by addressing employee engagement needs. Better employee engagement means an efficient and happy workforce and this can be achieved with employee scheduling apps that help with tools for leave management, performance management and talent management etc.

  • With employee scheduling solutions, you can offer open shifts to your staff and let them decide who takes which shifts. This not only empowers the staff but also increases employee engagement. The workforce will have better control over their work hours, overtime while you can also reduce your scheduling burden with this feature.
  • Employees can communicate with the managers for leave requests, time-off requests or any other shift-related communication. The WFM software gives a platform for interaction and thus, better employee engagement.
  • A streamlined and functional employee scheduling will also make sure all needs of the staff members and also your business are taken care of. This will ensure your workforce is satisfied and feel heard.

Why Employee Engagement Matters

Good employee engagement drives employee retention and also business growth. Engaged and involved employees take ownership of their work, responsibilities and want to give their best during their shifts. This will end up bettering your Employee Performance and also that of the business.

  • Engaged and happy employees are likely to spread a good word about your business. They are also likely to recommend the company to friends and family.
  • Employee retention, which is often a big headache for business owners and managers, will be easier with good employee engagement.
  • Studies have shown that businesses that are rated as the top workplaces have outperformed the expectations and saw better recovery even during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Engaged employees who are happy to come to work are more likely to innovate and find better solutions for their tasks and other business needs.
  • Good employee engagement will also make sure the company's communication channels are efficient and address all information needs.

  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that the wage and salary costs "for private industry workers averaged $26.86 per hour worked" in December 2021.
  • Supplemental pay costs were $1.32 per hour, accounting for 3.5 per cent of total compensation costs in the same period.

What Makes a Great Workforce Management System?

1. Real time employee scheduling- Workforce software must support real time employee scheduling features with which you can prepare your work schedules as per the changing human capital you have. With hybrid work models dominating the scene during the pandemic, employee scheduling needs more flexibility to work with.

2. Mobile, multi-platform usage- The workforce software should support multiple mobile and other devices of the workforce to sync with the management systems of the company.

3. Automated reports- Your human resources team and managers will need regular reports on the time and attendance of the workforce to better plan the employee schedules and manage them.

4. Remote management- The WFM software should also be able to adapt to the remote and hybrid working models of the post-Covid era. The software should have a mobile app with which you can remotely create the employee schedules, do leave management and also performance management.

5. Talent acquisition, training- Employee Scheduling systems also need to take assist in the tasks of the human resources team, such as talent acquisition, applicant tracking and employee training etc.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

Best Workforce Management Solutions

1. Zip Schedules- This employee scheduling and workforce management system will set up your work schedules within minutes. With Zip Schedules, you can create conflict-free schedules on the go using their mobile app and also deliver these plans to the workforce with single clicks. Leave management and request processing have also been made easy by the management system. From having better control over the labor budget to improved employee accountability and time tracking, Zip Schedules will ensure your workforce management is better optimized with its tools.

2. Paylocity- This one's an all-in-one cloud-based payroll and employee management system that allows businesses and human resources teams to carry out administrative tasks such as talent acquisition, applicant tracking, time and employee management. You can also customize the tools according to your business needs using the iOS and Android mobile apps for user flexibility.

3. Oracle- The Oracle Cloud suite of software solutions helps companies with modules on human resources, talent management, workforce management with its AI-driven tools. From maintaining a workforce directory to time tracking and skill alignment, the Oracle suite also lets talent managers create a talent pool with its applicant tracking tool for recruiting, retaining and hiring needs.

4. ADP Workforce Now- This workforce software also takes care of payroll, time and attendance management, talent management and other human resources needs. The key features also include real time insights, streamlined processes, seamless integration with other business management tools and remote access.

5. Ceridian Dayforce- The Dayforce software solution takes care of all workforce management needs of a business with its cloud-based system. It is ideal for both small companies with 100 employees and even large conglomerates with thousands of employees. From payroll management to employee management and tax filing etc, Dayforce can take care of all tasks. Time tracking, labor law compliance, remote access and real time insights are also among its key features.

Increase Employee Engagement with Workforce Management Solutions

An engaged employee can make a huge impact on company culture and its growth. When employee engagement is high, the workforce is happier, more productive and committed to the success of the organization.

In contrast, disengaged employees are typically less productive, have a higher turnover rate and contribute little to the overall success of the organization. An engaged workforce is crucial to a successful business strategy. To increase employee engagement there are several things managers can do. And getting efficient, robust and error-free WFM software is one of them. The workforce software can introduce a clean, conflict-free employee scheduling system that will keep the staff engaged and also take care of their needs and ultimately aid growth of the business.

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