Getting Started

It's as easy as 1,2,3…

Set Up Your Forecast Matrix

Get started on the right foot – Set you forecast settings to perfectly suit your needs. You’ll also learn how to create your first forecast matrix for determining employee and position needs.

In this Video…

  • Adjust your forecast settings
  • Set up your forecast matrix
  • Assign your forecast matrix to a site

Create Your First Forecast

Import your previous 4 weeks of actual sales to ensure a more accurate forecast. Also learn how to instantly create weekly forecasts and set your labor budget as a guide during schedule creation.

In this Video…

  • Import your last 4 weeks of sales/transactions
  • Generate your first forecast
  • Set up your labor budget

Optimize Your Schedule

Learn how to use your forecast to improve the schedule. Ensure scheduled labor is within budget and over scheduling does not occur.

In this Video…

  • Us your forecast to improve the schedule
  • Ensure scheduled labor is within budget

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