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Zip Forecasting

Automated Forecasting For Better Decision Making. Plan ahead and stay prepared to meet customer demands with highly-accurate sales projections.

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$19 / per month

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Zip Forecasting Mobile Application

Plan ahead and stay prepared to meet customer demands with highly-accurate sales projections.


Easily Anticipate Demand

Stay prepared for customer demand with Zip Forecasting Software. Optimize your operations through accurate sales projections. Keep your team updated on what to expect for every shift.

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Minimize Food Costs

Manage your restaurant’s food cost with accurate projections from Zip Forecasting Software. Reduce waste by preparing precise food orders with accurate projections.

Integrates with Your Point of Sale

Experience seamless POS integration with ZIP Forecasting software. Our POS integration tool helps you through the process in a few minutes. After setting up, generate your first sales and transaction forecasts for the following week.

Forecast Sales And Transactions

Generate sales and transaction forecasts in a few clicks. Detailed forecasts allow you to drill down to 15-minute intervals ensuring pinpoint accuracy.

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Optimize work Schedules

You can generate daily staff forecasts at 15, 30, or 60-minute intervals. You can also eliminate over and under scheduling, by forecasting how many staff members you need at each position throughout the day.

Implement Automated Forecasting

Experience advanced forecasting algorithms based on historical data with Zip Forecasting Software. Take a break from time-consuming manual sales forecasting and automate your forecasting completely.


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  • Sales and Transactional Forecasting
  • POS Compatibility
  • Weekly Forecast Reports
  • POS Data Visualization
  • Business Forecast Reports
  • Labor Matrix
  • Interval Based Forecasting
  • Multi-location Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Zip Forecasting work?

It uses historical sales data, trends, and other relevant factors to predict future sales and demand for menu items, staff, and inventory.

Can the Zip Forecasting be customized to the restaurant's specific needs?

Yes, it can be customized to the restaurant's specific needs, such as labor budget, sales data, and other factors. This allows the software to generate more accurate predictions and recommendations that are tailored to the restaurant's unique needs and circumstances.

Can Zip Forecasting help a restaurant improve my customer service?

Yes, it can help your restaurant improve its customer service by ensuring that the restaurant has enough staff available to meet customer demand during peak hours. This can help reduce wait times, improve table turnover, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Can this save my restaurant money?

Yes! With Zip Forecasting you'll have insight on how to properly staff your restaurant and run your operation more efficiently. Reducing staffing and waste will be key to ensuring you improve your bottom line.