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Streamline your inventory management process with our Zip Inventory mobile application. Check inventory details from the restaurant desktop or on your mobile device remotely.

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$125 / per month

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Zip Inventory Mobile Application

Access reports, optimize ordering, reduce waste, eliminate theft and make informed decisions with Zip Inventory.


Fix Errors in Real-Time

Get instant information on incorrect inventory or any inventory-related issues on Zip inventory mobile app and correct them immediately. Easily access product counter of the inventory and never run out of stock.

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Quick and Easy Inventory Count

Track inventory in real-time with Zip Inventory mobile app using voice search capability. View the total number of each menu items sold, total food cost, profit percentage and ensure enough products are available on hand.

Access reports at Any Time

Review reports and more anytime you need from your mobile device with the cloud-based Zip Inventory mobile app. Check variance data immediately after inventory count and make informed decisions to reduce food costs in real-time.

Access task lists across devices

Monitor business operation checklist on any desktop, tablet or mobile device with Zip Checklist software and app. Enforce standard operating procedures for staff to follow all the time and provide excellent guest experience every time.

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Receive Task Manager Alerts

Stay on top of shared task lists by adding task reminders with due dates. With Zip Checklist app you can rest assured that no task or task list is forgotten.

Check Inventory On the Go

Navigate your storage locations and track your inventory remotely from your mobile device with the Zip Inventory mobile app. Use voice search and barcode scanning feature to find specific items and take inventory counts quickly and accurately.

Inventory Management Solution That Suits Your Needs And Your Budget.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access Zip Inventory?

You can access Zip Inventory on both web and through mobile app(ios and android).

How can I get started?

Navigate to the top of the page and click on Start Now to set up an account and start using the software.

Will the mobile app work if I'm in a walk-in cooler?

Yes! The app is designed to work offline if you get into an area where wireless access may get cut off. Once you get reconnected to your wireless network the app will send the stored information to the cloud.

Can I send in transfers via mobile app?

Yes! If you want to record transfers from one site to another site within your same organization you can simply initiate the transfer via mobile app and select the receiving store. From there add the items you wish to transfer and you can hit send. Instantly the receiving store will see that you have initiated a transfer where they can then accept the incoming transfer.