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Zip POS Dashboard

Generate insightful point-of-sale reports in an easily understandable format and grow your business with minimal effort.

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POS Reporting and Business Intelligence

An easier way to manage sales data from your point of sale.

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Generate insightful pos reports in minutes

Understanding all your point of sale data can be a complicated process when your pos system doesn't consolidate the information well. The pos reprting is automated for you so that you don’t have to do all the work.

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Keep track of daily sales and transactions

Get hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly pos reports. Being able to access all of these different levels of data provides a dimensional view of sales and transactional activity, which gives you the edge needed to identify trends and make comparisons.

Save historical point of sale data

Zip POS Dashboard saves all sales data for actionable insights, helping businesses make better decisions. No more data loss.

Access reports for key performance indicators

As a business owner, you can monitor the real-time performance of your business without having to go to each site.

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Understand what is happening in your business

There is a sense of accountability when information is known and shared. Owners can check up on managers when they notice problems with the business.

Maintain audit trail of punches and edits

Understand what is happening in your business through POS data analysis and gain discernment from the insight you receive.


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  • Dynamic POS Dashboard
  • Daily POS Reports
  • POS Installer
  • Weekly Cash Reports
  • Periodic Cash Reports
  • Data Visualization
  • Create and Print Reports
  • Import and Export Reports
  • POS Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

Which POS systems does this work with?

Zip POS Dashboard works best with Plum POS ( For a full list of other POS systems that Zip POS Dashboard integrates with please refer to our any connector integrations (

How can I get started?

Connect with one of our onboarding specialists by clicing the schedule-a-demo button and setting up a date and time where they can connect with you to get set up.

How much is Zip POS Dashboard?

Zip POS Dashboard is a free application when you purchase the Plum POS system. If you are looking to use it with our current POS integrations there is a monthly subscription through our Any Connector integration.

What kind of reports can i get?

Zip POS Dashbord provides daily and weekly cash reports all with included breakdown. It also allows for saving and exporting of these reports for access and future reference.