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Zip Reporting

Zip Reporting lets you track your business’ growth and history with insightful reports to help you better plan for the future.

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Multi-Unit Business Intelligence and Reporting

A complete, consolidated business reporting solution for your business.

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Consolidated business reporting operations

When your business is growing, and you begin to manage multiple locations, you need a streamlined way to access and understand data quickly to make informed decisions.

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Accessible across multiple devices

Everything you need is in one place. You can quickly and easily find the information you need in a way that makes sense. Zip Reporting can be accessed using your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Real-time data and reports

With Zip Reporting, you can access real-time business data with our cloud syncing.

Make the right business decisions

Takes all the complexities and data from your business and translates it into meaningful, actionable insights.

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Create and view reports for multiple locations

The business intelligence system makes creating reports fast and easy for multiple locations.

Business operations simplified through reporting

With Zip Reporting’s summary dashboard, you can quickly view and understand how well your business performed.


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  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Customizable Business Reports
  • Printable Reports
  • Real-time Syncing
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Multi-location Support
  • Dynamic Reporting Filter
  • Printable Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the benefits of using Zip Reporting?

1. Improved visibility : By providing a centralized view of key performance metrics across multiple locations, the software can help restaurant owners and managers gain a better understanding of how each location is performing and identify areas for improvement.

2. Better decision-making : By providing real-time data and insights, the software can help restaurant owners and managers make more informed decisions about staffing, inventory management, and other operational issues.

3. Increased efficiency : By streamlining data collection and analysis, the tool can help restaurant owners and managers save time and reduce the administrative burden associated with managing multiple locations.

4. Enhanced profitability : By optimizing operational efficiency and identifying areas for improvement, the software can help restaurant owners and managers increase profitability across their entire restaurant chain.

How does it work?

It pulls the best reports from the best tools in the Hubworks environment and easily displays them. You can then gain valuable insights to make better business decisions for your restaurants.