Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions

  1. Where can my employees and I use the system?

    You can use the system from anywhere in the world as Zip Schedules is internet based.

  2. My employees have little or no computer experience.

    Zip Schedules is designed with the concept of “no instruction required”. It is very intuitive and simple to use.

  3. Do you offer support?

    YES. We offer free email support and upgrades for as long as you use the service. Free email support is available to all plan users including user’s in free trial.

  4. Is Zip Schedules easy to use?

    Zip Schedules is intuitive and adaptable.
    Easily assign shifts, mark time off, move or copy shifts with a simple drag & drop. Even multiple shifts, unpaid break, time off.

  1. How much does Zip Schedules cost?

    Zip Schedules is an employee based application. Visit the pricing page for more information.

  2. Is there a free trial for Zip Schedules?

    YES. There is a free trial perid for Zip Schedules.

  3. Is this cost a one-time cost or is it a monthly cost?

    Please see the pricing page.

  4. Is there any limit to the number of employees that could punch In/out?

    It depends upon the edition that you subscribe for, but if you have more than 1,000 employees then you need to call the Hubworks Support team. To know the price of Zip Schedules for your organization you can navigate to the pricing page.

  1. Do you backup my data?

    YES. We backup all the data on a nightly basis.

  2. How long do you keep our data?

    We keep data stored to consider your future re-subscription.

  3. Does this solution provide different access levels for users?

    YES. Right now, this solution provides 3 types of user roles: Manager, Supervisor and Crew. The account creator has administrator access to manage organization applications and account purchases.

  4. Do I have to download scheduling software to use it?

    NO. You do not have to download any scheduling software to use the system. All you need an Internet connection.

  5. Can I integrate any other software solution with Zip Schedules?

    YES. We do provide an API for Zip Schedules which you can integrate your other software Solutions/Features with Zip Schedules.

  6. Is my data secured?

    YES. We have a number of safeguards in place to ensure data privacy and security. We offer SSL (secure socket layer). SSL encrypts data as it passes to and from the server. We also have a very strict privacy policy. We do not sell or share any client data (or their employee’s data).

  1. Do you offer a solution for importing employees?

    YES. You can import your employees via CSV file. We provide a sample CSV within the application in the Employee Section.

  2. Does this solution allow for a 24/7 staffing scenario?

    YES. This functionality will be available soon.

  3. Does it have any attendance component?

    Zip Schedules is for strictly scheduling and communication. For our time and attendance solution, check out Zip Clock.

  4. Can you show me my schedule the way I want to see it?

    Like many organizations, you probably started creating your employee schedules in Excel because it was fast, easy, and inexpensive. Excel is an excellent tool for creating and printing schedules that are visually understandable. You are free to create your own schedule formats, type information directly into cells and apply colors to shifts. But, just like using pen and paper, a spreadsheet isn’t smart enough to tell you about any employee scheduling mistakes.
    For example, with Excel you can double-book and employee or push them into mandatory overtime without ever realizing it. The challenge is to find a scheduling tool with the visual flexibility of Excel and enough smarts to meet your needs for error-checking and business rules compliance.

  5. How do I add different sites?

    You can add different sites to your organization.
    Go to: Manage Account>Manage Sites>Add

  1. How do I view my invoices?

    All of your service invoices are available for viewing and printing.
    Go to manage account > Billing > Statements

  2. Is using my credit card online safe?

    YES. For now, we only accept payment from Forte. Forte is the best payment processor and you can trust us as your info is safe with us.

  3. Can I cancel my subscription for Zip Schedules anytime?

    YES. You can cancel your subscription for Zip Schedules at any time without any penalties.

  1. Can I add my organizations logo to my account?

    YES. You can add your organiation’s logo from your organization profile.

  1. Can I signup from my mobile application?

    Signup is necessary from the Zip Schedules or Hubworks website. You can login from mobile application and could login from anywhere.

  2. Where can I download the mobile app for iPhone and Android?

    You can download the Zip Schedules mobile app from the iPhone – App store and from the Android – Google play store.

  3. Can I login from my phone?

    YES. You can login from your phone with our free mobile app.

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