Getting Started

It's as easy as 1,2,3…

How to get started with Zip Schedules

Get started on the right foot – Add Positions, Departments and Certifications that can be assigned to employees. You’ll also learn how to set operational hours, labor laws and update company details.

In this Video…

  • Add Positions, Departments and Certifications
  • Set up your Operational Hours and Labor Laws
  • Enter your company details and get weather reports

How to add employees to your organization

Invite your employees with an easy import to ensure engagement and success. Also learn to customize employee details such as their pay rates, positions and site assignments.

In this Video…

  • Import your employees
  • Add and Invite your employees
  • Add employee details: pay rates, positions, etc.

How to schedule & notify employees

Create Standard Shifts for expedited schedule creation. Then assign shifts to your employee using our best practices and push the schedule out using email and push notifications.

In this Video…

  • Assign shifts to your employees
  • Schedule faster with shortcuts
  • Publish schedules and notify employees

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