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Business Log Book for SMBs

Zip Shift Book is the most streamlined business log book on the market. Manage shifts with easy and keep digital records of any employee incident or commendation reports. It is the efficient way to keep track everything that happens during each shift.

Zip Temperature
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Join 1000's of Happy Zip Shift Book Customers

Start keeping digital records of shift notes.

"With Zip Shift Book’s mobile app I can check shift notes to see if anything out of the ordinary happened before I leave for work. I know what to expect, and it saves me a lot of surprises when I get there!"

— John Evard

Fresh Griller
Fullerton, CA
"We never did an excellent job of tracking employee performance and customer experience before Zip Shift Book. Now we can find all the information we need to address any issues that occur during shifts."

— David Markwell

Famous Dave's'
Costa Mesa, CA
"I used to use a Red Book to keep track of things, but with new technology, I knew there had to be something better. Zip Shift Book has helped us address employee performance issues and customer concerns."

— Tony Yeller

Dallas, TX

Employee Scheduling That Only Takes Minutes

Easy to use and intuitive through every phase of employee scheduling.

Streamline your work schedule creation process

Designed for your business needs

A lot of employee scheduling tools whether excel, cloud or web-based are far more complex than they need to be. Getting started can be a painstaking process that requires the extra help of consultants and adjusting to a new system can be extremely overwhelming and costly. We overcome these concerns with Zip Schedules by providing a self-implemented system that is easy to learn using conveniences like streamlined onboarding, intuitive interface and free mobile apps.

Create employee schedules in minutes

In addition to creating schedules, Zip Schedules also allow you to save favorited schedules as templates so that you can quickly create a new schedule suitable to your needs. If there are minor changes within the week, you can also tweak a previous week’s schedule to create a new one. Save time on common tasks required to create a schedule by dropping the shifts into employee slots rather than creating a new one each time.

Handle employee schedule requests with ease

Instantly communicate with your team

Notifying each and every employee about an upcoming events or policy changes can be a real hassle. Getting everyone in the loop and informed is not as seamless as it should be. This results in wasted time for managers who want to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Using Zip Schedules internal messaging system, Managers can send new flashes to the entire team or group of employees so they can be instantly informed of store-specific news and events. With the free mobile app, all of this is accessible from the phone making needed information readily accessible so everyone stays on the same page.

Manage your schedule on the go

Zip Schedules sends employees their schedule once it is published. This allows managers to take immediate action when employees accept future shifts offered by coworkers, or when they take time off and their availability changes. To make it easier on you, you'll see when employees are available, when they’re requesting time off or a shift swap, and when a shift is openp. Approve or decline these requests anytime from the free mobile scheduling app.

Improve guest service and lower labor costs

Schedule the right amount of staff

Zip Schedules forecasting engine gives you the ability to predict your business based on sales and transactions. This provides you with information needed to better schedule employees, which will prevent over or under scheduling. By scheduling the right people at the right time guest service will improve while lowering labor costs at the same time.

Control labor budget during schedule creation

Setup your preferred labor percentage of sales to use as a guide when creating schedules. Zip Schedules generates daily forecasts based on historical sales and transactions to make business more predictable and project your staff needs. With this added insight you'll have more control over the labor budget when creating schedules.

Mobile Employee Scheduling Apps - Easy and Free!

Manage your business work schedule on the go and empower your team with the free mobile scheduling app.

Access your work schedule anytime

Are your managers tired of spending hours responding to employee requests? Are your employees tired of spending hours trying to find a coworker to cover their shift? Help your team rest easier at night with the Zip Schedules mobile app.

With our mobile app, employee save hours by finding coworkers to cover their shift in minutes. And, managers can approve schedule change requests; modify shifts and more so It will be easy to get more done from anywhere, at anytime.

Make employee schedule changes on-the-go

Employee schedule requests that used to take hours to deal with can now be approved or rejected within minutes if not seconds.

You'll get notified when employees make requests for time-off or availability changes. Approve it and employees are instantly notified.

Any schedule changes made to the schedule are communicated to employees by email and mobile alerts. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Stay connected with your staff

end organization and store wide messages to keep employees informed of any important news or alerts.

Your employees will be automatically notified whenever you publish the schedule, make updates to the schedule, respond the a request or make an announcement by email and push notification.

Make sure your employees always know what’s going on and empower them with the schedule mobility offered by the free mobile schedule app.

Business Log book Software Integrations

Everything works better, when everything works together

Lof shift notes on devices you already love

Zip Shift Book works on your iPad or Android tablets and mobile devices.

Log shift notes on your Android device

Log shift notes on your Android device

Download it from APP STORE
Log shift notes on your iPad or iPhone

Log shift notes on your iPad or iPhone

Download it from APP STORE

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Keep track of shifts in real-time on your phone for free.


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