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5 Best Employee Time Tracking Apps For the Restaurant Industry in 2022

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Kanika Jain

By Kanika Jain

What is Employee Time Tracking?

Time tracking is the process by which organizations record the working time of employees and make sure that those employees are properly compensated for their time. It is a subset of time and attendance software, which includes time tracking as well as other elements such as scheduling, attendance, time off requests, and billable hours that collectively work to reduce labor costs and increase work output.

Time tracking is divided into three major aspects-

  • Time entry and recording
  • Compliance
  • Reporting
Originally, all of these above tasks were done entirely by hand. They are now frequently handled by software systems designed specifically for that purpose; however, some organizations still perform time tracking manually, either in part or entirely. Time entry is the daily process by which an employer records employees' starting and ending times, as well as any breaks that are not included in the employee's contractual agreement. These times are known as timestamps, and they can be recorded on a physical document known as a timecard or electronically using a time spreadsheet or time-tracking software. Time entry is also known as "clocking in and out" or "punching in and out," with the latter referring to "punching" the button on a physical time clock that stamps the time on the time card.

To clock employees in and out, modern software-based systems use a unique identifier; time-tracking functions built into a point of sale system frequently use an employee's first log in and end-of-day logout as a way to perform time entry as well as grant system access. The times of day recorded by the system in both electronic and manual systems are known as timestamps, and the record of an employee's timestamps is kept in a timesheet. Approvals are required for an organization to ensure compensation accuracy and compliance. In general, a manager will review employees' timesheets for the pay period to ensure they are correct, after which HR or the software will determine the total hours worked as well as any overtime hours.

All time tracking entails some form of reporting, primarily as a means of submitting approved and verified hours to payroll for processing. Time tracking reports can also be used for strategic purposes, such as assisting an organization in performing budget analysis or identifying compensation discrepancies.

Time Tracking Software Lowers Labor Costs- Here's how

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Here are three simple but effective ways to cut time and attendance labor costs-

1. Eliminates buddy punching-
Buddy punching is when a coworker punches an employee in early or punches them out after they leave. It's a common practice in bars and restaurants, and it's extremely difficult to spot. A clock-in machine with a fingerprint scanner is a common deterrent for buddy punching; however, these are notoriously slow, easily broken in a fast-paced environment. Time and attendance software is a low-cost solution for eliminating this common practice.

This is an ill practice that every restaurant owner faces so replacing it with automated software apps like Hubworks Zip Clock is a cost-effective and convenient option. Obviously, there are other great apps available, so find one that works for your company, but keep in mind that eliminating buddy punching can significantly reduce labor costs.

2. Equating actual vs Scheduled times of each shift at the end of the day-

Is there a pattern developing in which employees leave later on certain days? It is critical to emphasize to your managers the importance of sticking to the schedule and ensuring that their teams finish on time.
Ensure that employees only sign in when they are in uniform and sign out before changing.

3. Using geofencing to track employee whereabouts-
With changing work environment, you may have permitted your desk job staff to work from home or you have delivery boys and other staff that needs to be out there on the field to get the job done. To make sure they provide maximum output and are actually present where they should be, geo-tracking systems have been integrated into time and attendance software where managers can check the location of their staff.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
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Top 5 Employee Time Tracking Apps- No. 1 Zip Clock

Is your workplace clumsy and disorganized leading to confusion and mismanagement of tasks? Are you frustrated that you receive wrong paychecks every month and have to go to HR to get it resolved? You need to tell your company to adopt employee scheduling software like Hubworks Zip clock that manages your time and attendance, work schedules, project timelines, and much more.

The Zip Clock time tracker is intended to keep your restaurant in compliance with labor laws and to make time and attendance management easier. You never have to worry about buddy punching driving up your labor costs with the biometric fingerprint scanner!

Zip Clock integration implements employee timelines and allows managers to monitor time punches from any smartphone. Users can publish payroll reports and use the built-in audit tracking program on their own to protect the establishment from potential audits.

Key features include-

  • Labor law compliant
  • Keeping track of employee time and attendance
  • Creating payroll reports
  • Time ClockIn/Time Clock Out
  • Management of Time Punches
  • Management of Shift Time

Time Tracking App No. 2 QuickBooks Time

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Remove the old punch clock or spreadsheet and simplify payroll, invoicing, and job costing. Your employees can track time in real time from any location, whether they're in the office or on the road, by using a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

Furthermore, TSheets is the only Time Tracking system that is integrated into QuickBooks. You can review and approve employee time cards in order to run payroll, do job costing, or create invoice sale without leaving QuickBooks!

QuickBooks Time automates payroll processing, allowing your staff to return your focus to the customer. Integrate employee time clock with your accounting or payroll software directly. Don't know how to connect QuickBooks Time to your accounting software? EveryQuickBooks Time account provides free customer support via phone or online chat.

TSheets is much more than a timer. It records when a worker clocks in, changes jobs, and clocks out. Managers and administrators can also see where employees are working and who is closest to the next job site as long as they are on the clock. The time card audit log can assist your company in resolving labor disputes and adhering to labor laws. Manual timekeeping clocks and paper timesheets are incapable of accomplishing this.

Their simple plan is priced at $12 per month and goes up to $90 per month.

Time Tracking App No. 3 ProofHub

ProofHub is ideal for teams and managers who want to become more efficient and track their efforts. ProofHub is an online project management and Time Tracking tool with strong collaboration capabilities. The software has an easy to use interface that makes it simple for teams to get started and acquainted with the technology.

As soon as you begin working on a task, an automatic timer begins tracking every billable hour. The advantage of ProofHub is that you can also enter time manually. The time data gets stored in magnificent timesheets, which you can use for invoice processing.

ProofHub's time reports enable you to track individual productivity. It integrates with third-party apps like FreshBooks to make billing and invoicing easier. Aside from that, advanced features such as file sharing, group chat, online proofing, custom workflows, note-taking, and so on are available.

ProofHub users have reviewed the automation tool in affirmation as it has removed the obstacles that were preventing their team members to get the appropriate information they required. ProofHub allows collaborations and sets companies' own priorities, rather than the software forcing them to work around its limitations.
Their ultimate control plan is priced at $89 charged annually with an unlimited user base.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
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Time Tracking App No. 4 TimeForge

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TimeForge is a labor-management solution that assists HR professionals and business owners with onboarding, attendance and absence management, Employee Scheduling, sales and labor reporting, HR certification and document tracking, and payroll processing - all from a single dashboard.

The AutoScheduler feature of TimeForge allows professionals to forecast and auto-generate schedules in minutes, which can then be emailed or texted to employees. Clock-in and clock-out time is tracked by the attendance module. Managers can easily enforce their schedules and track time and attendance with fingerprint scanners and time clocks. The Human Resources module allows you to hire and fire employees with a single click, as well as manage onboarding documents, certifications, and staff reviews.

TimeForge has two mobile apps that are completely free- one for employees and another for managers. Their apps are popular with teams because they are simple and easy to communicate with even in their busy schedules.

Employees can use the employee mobile app to view schedules, request time off, swap shifts, and verify their timecards. Clock-ins, clock-outs, and breaks are all supported by the app. The manager mobile app allows leadership to interact and check real-time sales and labor data, edit schedules and time punches within seconds, and easily identify coverage gaps.

Time Tracking App No. 5 Agendrix

Agendrix is an easy to use Employee Scheduling and time and attendance software designed for businesses with 15 to 250 employees per location.

If you're still using Excel or a similar tool to manage your employees' work schedules, you're wasting a lot of time each week.

Agendrix provides you with all of the tools you need to drastically reduce the time you spend managing schedules and eliminate communication barriers with your employees. Get notifications via email, Facebook, text message, or push notifications whenever a new schedule is published, so that affected employees are ready for new schedules. Your employees can send leave requests, availability requests, and shift swapping requests directly from the mobile app that's compatible with Android as well as iOS. When a request is approved, it is immediately added to the schedule and is known to employees.

Agendrix can also assist you in making better decisions such as better allotment of overtime shifts, time offs, and so on. Furthermore, by creating open shifts, you can fill an open shift much faster. Only qualified and available employees will be notified.
In addition to employee scheduling, the time and attendance module allow you to record the actual hours worked. Employees can punch in/out their time entries on a tablet, computer, landline on a job site, or geo-located smartphone, depending on the needs of your business. When your employees punch in/out, Agendrix automatically creates timesheets and adjusts time based on the rules you've set up.

Agendrix software basic package pricing begins at $2.75 per month per user.

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