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Guide to Buying the Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometers for Your Business

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What is a Bluetooth Meat Thermometer?

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A meat thermometer is a prong-type, small device that is used to measure the internal temperature of cooking meats and other proteins. From poultry and lamb to porks and eggs, they should reach minimum temperatures to kill any harmful bacteria and prevent food-borne diseases. Meat thermometers gauge this internal temperature without cutting into the proteins that may negatively impact the flavor and texture.
A wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer monitors food temperature while it cooks. The meat thermometers are designed to display temperatures ranging from 140 degrees F to 200 degrees F.
A wireless meat thermometer is available in analog and digital versions. It consists of a remote monitoring unit, transmitter, and food temperature probes. These probes are inserted into the meat, but they transmit temperature information by wireless technology rather than cables. Also, you don't have to worry about burning the cables over smokers, barbecue covers, or grills to check food temperature. You can read them remotely. A wireless meat thermometer also helps to cook protein to your preferred level of doneness.

How Does a Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Work?

A Bluetooth meat thermometer uses the principle of the fact that different metals expand and contract at different temperatures. In a Bluetooth meat thermometer, put the probe in your meat and connect the probe to a transmitter. The transmitter then sends the meat's temperature to a receiver, which is a remote or an app on your phone. This helps you to monitor the temperature of the meat from anywhere. It also sets the alarm when your food reaches the optimum temperature.
In the Bluetooth meat thermometer, the rod contains two different metals that are connected. One expands at a higher temperature, while the other must go down to a lower temperature. The heat causes the metal strip to twist or bend, depending on the temperature of the meat. The twisting metal triggers the dial, which in turn produces the readout on the display face of the meat thermometer. When the metal stops getting heated, it expands and the dial winds down.

  • Step 1- Test it. Use boiling water or ice water to check whether the meat thermometer is accurate.
  • Step 2- Calibrate it. Check the instructions about how to adjust the thermometer to get the right reading.
  • Step 3- Place it accurately. Placement is extremely important to get the correct reading. Place the meat thermometer in the thickest part, and ensure it doesn't touch bone or fat.
  • Step 4- Don't rush it. Wait for the proper time for your kind of thermometer. For meat products, use the thermometer before removing the meat from the heat source.
  • Step 5- Take care of the Bluetooth thermometer. Clean it after each use This removes contamination and bacteria spread.

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What are the Different Types of Meat Thermometers?

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Checking for doneness on a piece of meat involves more than just guesswork. Accuracy is the key to properly preparing meat, and for that, you need the right thermometer. There are different types of thermometers available. From analog to digital and those with a long and short probe, different food thermometers serve different purposes. Always pick the right one that's best for you and don't forget to use it whenever you cook.

Dial oven-safe thermometers
These thermometers can be put inside as the food cooks. Ensure it is inserted two and a half inches deep into the thickest part of the meat. You can read the temperature in one or two minutes. Use this type of thermometer for casseroles, roasts, and soups.

Instant-read thermometers
These thermometers can't be left in the food when it is cooked. It should be used to check food at the end of cooking. Keep the stem around two and a half inches deep in the thickest part of the meat. It reads the temperature instantly in about 10 or 20 seconds. This is used in roasts, casseroles, soups and inserted sideways in thinner dishes.

Thermometer fork combination
This is useful for grilling and taking the temperature of foods in two or 10 seconds. Make sure you keep the meat or other food at least a fourth of an inch deep in the thickest part. The sensor in the fork should be fully inserted.

Pop-up thermometers and disposable temperature indicators
These are meant for one-time use. These are designed for specific temperature ranges. For eg- the safe cooking tem[erature for hamburgers or turkey. It reads the temperature of meat and other foods in five to 10 seconds. The reading becomes accurate when the material pops up or changes the color.

Advantage of a Wireless Meat Thermometer

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Most people test the doneness of meats by touch or sight. But unless you're using a meat thermometer, there's no way you know the meat is properly cooked. It may lead to a disappointing culinary experience and also increase the risk of diseases.
Below are the main benefits why a thermometer is essential for cooking meat.

  • Prevents diseases
Meat needs to be cooked at precise temperatures to make sure the bacteria in it are killed. The United States agriculture department recommends using a meat thermometer to check meat for doneness and Food Safety.

  • Prevents overcooking
When cooked to the right temperature, the meat will stay tender and juicy. Never attempt to ruin an elegant meal by serving dry or overcooked meat. This is avoided by using the best Bluetooth thermometer.

  • Removes guesswork

Remember that no two slices of meat are the same. As a result, it's best to avoid guesswork when cooking meat. If you use cooking time to determine doneness, there's a possibility that some portions will be cooked perfectly while others will be overcooked, underdone, or burnt. Use a Bluetooth meat thermometer to eliminate the guesswork and cook a hearty meal.

  • Always maintain a safe temperature

When you are serving meat buffet-style, use a bluetooth meat thermometer to check so that it maintains a safe temperature. When cooked meat begins to cool, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

  • Easy to use

The wireless meat thermometer is small and can be stored easily in your cutlery drawer. It ensures accurate Meat Temperature readings and most of them come with a warranty on the product.

  • Wireless meat thermometer doesn't have any inconvenient cables to manipulate
  • Can easily monitor the temperature without opening the barbecue cover, oven door, or smoker
  • Bluetooth probe technology, which is more accurate than thermometer technology and hailed as the next generation in food safety equipment.
  • Provides automated alerts if you move out of range.

What to Look for in a Bluetooth Meat Thermometer?

Using a Bluetooth meat thermometer helps to make sure your costly steak or turkey doesn't come out a burnt, dry or overcooked mess. A Bluetooth meat thermometer ensures you're cooking food to a safe temperature. Always check for the minutest details before you select the right Bluetooth meat thermometer for your cooking needs. Here are a few points.

Wired or wireless
A Wireless Bluetooth thermometer should be your first choice while cooking meat. Many Bluetooth thermometers come with traditional wired probes, but wireless is the handy option. A wired thermometer can be a disaster if you want to monitor the meat on your smartphone or other mobile devices.

Accuracy & range
It is very important to buy a thermometer that delivers accurate reading whether you are indoors or outdoors. The best Bluetooth thermometers are capable of providing accurate temperature readings even at distances of up to 100 feet.

To make your barbecuing easier, a Bluetooth thermometer should be user-friendly. It should ideally have the ability to set up alarms and notifications when the meat is done or the temperature drops. Also, look for any defects or manufacturing issues before buying the product. If found any, ensure it has a proper refund or replacement policy.

Other major features to look out for in a wireless thermometer include-

  • Wirelength & transmission range
  • Bluetooth range for temperature monitoring
  • Durability ( to withstand water, wind, etc)
  • Accurate temperature readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Review the number of presets the thermometer offers

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Top Meat Thermometers of 2022

A good meat thermometer will be easy to use, accurate and responsive. If the meat thermometers come with multiple probes or smartphones, the usability factor becomes important. If you are new to cooking, a meat thermometer with temperature guidelines will be a useful addition. We have curated the five best meat thermometers available in the market.

  • ThermoWorks ThermoPop
This is an instant-read thermometer and is known for its fastness and accuracy features. It is waterproof and designed to work for both lefties and righties. It reads temperature from -58 degree F to 572 degrees F and easily switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Its display has large digits and rotates in four directions, which helps you read from any angle. It is priced at $30.

  • Lavatools Javelin Pro Duo
This is an instant-read thermometer used by cooking show hosts, professional chefs, etc. It consists of a notification alert feature when the meat settles on a temperature and a button for holding the reading. It also tracks minimum and maximum temperatures. It also can display temperature down to a tenth of a degree. This meat thermometer has a magnet that lets you stick to a stove or a fridge for storage purposes. It is priced at $45.

  • Char Broil
This is a compact digital instant-read thermometer and gives an accurate temperature reading in less than 10 seconds. It has an auto-off feature as well as seven selectable meat types along with doneness levels. It also speaks seven languages. It contains an alarm to update you when the meat is cooked. It is priced at $15.99.

  • Deluxe Preset Oven cooking thermometer
This meat thermometer has several bells and whistles. You can easily select the meat you're cooking and the desired doneness. When the meat reaches the desired temperature, the thermometer beeps. It also lets you know if you've overcooked the meat by 10 degrees. It is very compact with its large grip on the probe and thin, super-sharp tip. Its price is $28.02.

  • Chef's Precision Digital Leave-in Thermometer
This meat thermometer has a probe with an extra-long cord to stay in the meat throughout cooking. It consists of safe and secure storage space for the probe inside the thermometer's housing. It has a large screen that's easy to read and program with the desired doneness temperature. This meat thermometer also comes with a timer so that you can keep a tab on its cooking.

  • The global meat thermometer market reached $37073 thousand in terms of value in 2016 and is expected to reach $167,446 by 2024.
  • A CAGR of 21.7 % is expected over this period in terms of value.
  • In terms of volume of meat thermometers, the market accounted for about 445.4 thousand units in 2016 and is expected to reach 1656.5 thousand units in 2024.
  • A CAGR of 18.8% is expected in volume over this period.
  • North America accounts for a leading share of 60.3 % in terms of value by 2024 in the meat thermometer market.

Meat Thermometer FAQs

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Can you place a meat thermometer in the meat when it's cooking?
Probe thermometers are safe for leaving in the meat while cooking. Most other types can't survive those temperatures. The best idea will be a meat probe thermometer and make sure you check its heat-resistant ceiling.

Should the temperature start at zero?
No. The meat thermometer temperature should start at ambient temperature. This is done if you're not cold-calibrating it before the cookout. Calibrating a thermometer is the only way to make sure that it is in perfect working order. If it is not calibrating you have to bring your thermometer down to 0 degrees celsius.

How do I calibrate a meat thermometer?
For hot calibration of a meat thermometer, you need a pot of boiling water. Hold the probe in the water without touching its surfaces. Digital thermometers often contain a reset or recalibration button along with manufacturer instructions.

What is the range for Bluetooth thermometers?
The range for Bluetooth thermometers ranges between 100-200 feet. But this depends on the model. Even the top and best Bluetooth meat thermometers are limited by physical problems like trees, walls, and emission devices.
Where should you place the thermometer or probe to get the best reading?
Avoid bone and fat parts. Stick the probe to the middle of the thickest portion. Most thermometers require at least half an inch into the meat. But you may need to go deeper than an inch. As you penetrate, the temperature should lower. If it begins rising, you should readjust.

Should you clean the meat thermometer?
You can wipe the probe of the bluetooth meat thermometer with cleansing wipes or soap whenever it comes in contact with raw meat. You should wipe the entire thermometer casing. Never put the thermometer's housing near water unless its IP rating (ingress protection) is 66 or higher

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