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How To Buy a Bluetooth Thermometer for Your Kitchen- A Shopper's Guide

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Sanchari Chatterjee

By Sanchari Chatterjee

What is a Bluetooth Thermometer?

A Bluetooth wireless food thermometer is a digital device that restaurants and kitchens use to measure the temperature of food without having to touch it. This is especially crucial when monitoring meat temperature. This battery-powered device is truly wireless and easy to use. Wireless food thermometers are gaining popularity in the food industry because of their safety, convenience and accuracy.

Wireless meat thermometers or food thermometers are smart Bluetooth devices. They come with temperature probes that are inserted into the food to get their exact temperature reading. This not only helps the staff follow food safety guidelines and maintain the required temperatures for cooking and storage, it also helps manage the cooking more efficiently.

Temperatures are recorded digitally on these smart wireless devices. This lets kitchen staff keep track of the cooking even from afar, while the thermometer probes continue to produce a constant and accurate reading. A bluetooth thermometer will also keep track of how much time your food spends in the oven.

Types of Bluetooth Thermometers for Your Kitchen

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Wireless Bluetooth meat thermometers have changed the way chefs and kitchen assistants work with grills and barbeques. The revolutionizing technology of wireless food thermometers now come in different types, capacities and Bluetooth ranges that you can choose according to your business needs.

  1. Instant read thermometers- Instant read thermometers are designed to offer a quick review of the cooking progress. These are mostly used to check the internal temperature of the food when it's almost done.
  2. Meat thermometers- These are specially designed to withstand high temperatures over a longer period of time, compared to instant read thermometers. Meat thermometers come with one probe, two probes or multiple thermometer probes that you can insert into your meats and leave them there as they cook. These devices give you a constant reading of both, the internal temperature and ambient temperature. You'll know the exact moment when the right temperature is reached so that you don't end up burning your meats.
  3. Oven thermometers- Most ovens have their own temperature settings that can be calibrated to the exact temperature time needed to cook a dish. However, when cooking food in bulk and the oven is operational for long hours, the ambient temperature can differ from the required cooking temperature. Oven thermometers provide consistently accurate readings, no matter how long the oven is in use.

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How to Use a Bluetooth Thermometer?

Wireless BBQ thermometers and meat thermometers typically have three components- the thermometer probes, a transmitter, and a receiver, which is also the Bluetooth temperature monitoring device. This smart wireless device works seamlessly to measure temperature, transmit and record readings and send out alerts. So how do these temperature probes work?

  1. Wireless food thermometers come with meat probes, or color-coded temperature probes, a monitoring device and a mobile app.
  2. Chefs and kitchen assistants can use the thermometer probes to keep an eye on the cooking temperature without hovering over the oven. They simply need to monitor the app that will notify them if the oven is maintaining the required temperature or not.
  3. In case of an unexpected temperature variation, the thermometer probes will send out an alert or a notification to the thermometer's mobile app, enabling the cook to immediately resolve the issue.
  4. Some Bluetooth thermometer systems have temperature presets for different kinds of foods or cuts of meat, or for processes like grilling and barbecuing. So if you are cooking beef, you can choose the beef cooking preset and leave the rest to the meat probes. You will be notified when the meat is ready to be taken off the grill.
  5. After you are done using the meat probes and other temperature probes, you need to wash them with soap and water to make sure there's no risk of contamination from bacteria and germs from leftover food.

Advantages of a Wireless Thermometer

  1. Food safety- Bluetooth thermometer systems like Zip Thermometer come with food safety apps like Zip HACCP that monitor food safety too. Whenever you check the temperature of your meat or fish, or poultry, the app will notify you if the temperature conditions are acceptable according to HACCP norms, and if you need to make changes.
  2. Accurate reading- Digital thermometers offer accurate temperature readings, leaving no scope for error like with analog thermometers.
  3. Alerts system- These wireless thermometers come with a mobile app where you can set the temperature limits you want for your cooking. When this limit is reached, the app will send out an alert reminding you to take the food off the heat and avoid burning it.
  4. Long range- The wireless probes come with a wide Bluetooth range that lets you monitor the food from as far as 500 feet. This gives you the freedom to move around the kitchen and multitask.

Guide to Buying a Wireless Thermometer

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  1. Look for a wireless thermometer with a compatible mobile app that works with your devices and allows you to operate from multiple locations.
  2. Check how much time the thermometer probes take to get an accurate reading of both, internal temperature and ambient temperature of the food.
  3. Review the build of the meat probes, if they are made of stainless steel and how much heat they can withstand. It is important to have multiple color-coded probes if you're a busy restaurant with several items being cooked simultaneously.
  4. Review the mobile app thoroughly, checking to see how seamlessly it works. Also test how the thermometer Bluetooth system sends out alerts in case of temperature fluctuation.
  5. Check the Bluetooth range of your thermometer probe and find one that suits your needs. Thermometer probes come with varying Bluetooth coverage areas, beginning with 50- and going all the way up to a 500-foot-long range. Choose one that suits the size of your kitchen and lets you move around freely while monitoring the cooking.
Popular kitchen thermometers to consider are Zip Thermometer available at Hubworks, Meater Plus and Weber Igrill.

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Price of Wireless Thermometers

  • Temperature probes by Zip Thermometer comes at a price of $320. The platform also offers multiple monthly financing options to make you purchase affordable.
  • Other brands such as the Meater Plus, with one probe and dual sensors, cost $119.95. Meater Block with four probes and a 50-metre Wi Fi range is priced at $299.95.

Bluetooth Thermometer FAQs

Q1- Can instant read thermometers be used to check meat?
A- Ideally, you shouldn't be using the instant read thermometers to monitor meats as they cannot be left inside the meat or oven for a constant reading, which essential when cooking meat. Meat thermometers and grill thermometers are specially designed to withstand the extreme heat of meat cooking.

Q2- Can Bluetooth thermometers be linked to my phone?
A- Yes, you can download the mobile app of the Bluetooth thermometer systems and sync your phone with the thermometer probes to get all the readings you need.

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