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Hot Seller- Why a Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer is a Kitchen Staple Today

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Sanchari Chatterjee

By Sanchari Chatterjee

What is a Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer?

With more and more technological innovations helping the restaurant industry flourish with automation every day, running a kitchen or an eatery is increasingly easy. One such piece of technology that has eased the work of chefs and kitchen assistants is the Bluetooth thermometer. A Bluetooth thermometer is a kitchen thermometer that will check the temperature of any food, be it meat or a pizza, but will relay the temperature reading directly to your mobile phone app, so that you can move freely around the kitchen, while still keeping an eye on the cooking.

Bluetooth thermometers will also make sure you are constantly updated about the rising or decreasing temperature inside the grill or oven and show you graphs to better visualize the situation. The quick temperature reading will help you make better and prompt decisions about the preparation even when you are away from the oven. The mobile app of the Bluetooth thermometer will also allow you to set an alarm for the temperature level you want, so that you can cook your food to the exact temperature you want it.

How Does a Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer Work?

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A wireless thermometer is one of the easiest devices you can use in your kitchen and is often a plug-and-play kind of tool. A wireless thermometer mainly works with three components a probe, a transmitter, and a receiver. Let's explore what are these and break down the operational process of a wireless Bluetooth thermometer.

  1. The first component of the thermometer system is the temperature probe. These are typically made of stainless steel and are inserted in the meat or cake, to check the internal temperature of the food being prepared. You can have as many probes as you want in a kitchen, but most sellers typically provide a set of four probes or two probes with their Bluetooth thermometer. These temperature probes come in different colors, so that you don't confuse your meat probe with the bakery probe, and follow hygienic practices.
  2. The second component is the transmitter, which is basically a chip attached to the thermometer probes that sends the temperature records to the receiver for you to keep track. The transmitter takes a reading of the ambient temperature or the internal temperature, and transfers the data to the receiver for further work.
  3. The third is the receiver, which is the phone app or mobile device you can use to check the temperature readings sent by the probe and transmitter. A wireless thermometer comes with its dedicated app that will not just show you the temperature read, but also if it's increasing or decreasing.
  4. This receiver or the mobile phone app has a number of features that help the kitchen staff have a better overview of the food preparation, such as graphs to check the temperature rise, alarms to let you know if the food is cooked as per your needs, or needs a quick check etc.

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Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer Vs. Traditional Temperature Gauge

A Bluetooth meat thermometer, like most other restaurant technology solutions, has made the manual process of checking temperature easier and hassle-free. With the Bluetooth wireless technology, you no longer have to take physical notes of the temperature readings or try to remember them through the entire cooking process.

  1. Speed- With the traditional temperature-taking methods, you would have to manually note down each temperature reading and constantly keep an eye on the oven. However, if you are using a wireless meat thermometer to grill steaks or ribs, you just have to insert the temperature probes into the thickest part of the meat, and instant readings of its temperature will automatically appear on the phone app.
  2. Accuracy- A digital thermometer will give you the exact temperature reading in decimals compared to a traditional gauge, where you have to eyeball the reading to the nearest mark on the thermometer.
  3. Easy data transfer- Be it a single temperature check or repeated checks over two hours, you can have all the readings on your phone with minimal effort using the wireless Bluetooth device. All temperature readings will be transmitted from the thermometer probes to the phone app in seconds and you can keep track of the cooking.
  4. Temperature graphs- Visual graphs and charts available on the phone app of the wireless thermometer will help you track the progress of the cooking and take quick action. It will also help you with an alarm in case the temperature has gone beyond what is required so that you don't end up burning the food.
  5. Mobility- A Bluetooth thermometer comes with varied ranges of distance depending on the quality of the device, allowing you to go farther away from the grill, while still keeping an eye on the grill thermometer. With the wireless meat thermometer, you no longer have to wait by the oven to constantly keep track of the cooking.

Types of Wireless Thermometers

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Wireless thermometers have become an essential kitchen tool for those wanting to maintain the highest standards of Food Safety at their restaurant. Getting the right temperature is crucial to serving a properly cooked beef steak or even a vegetable. But there are different types of wireless thermometers that are used for different purposes in a kitchen. Here's a lowdown on the types-

  1. Meat Thermometer- A meat thermometer is used to constantly keep an eye on the temperature while the meat is cooking for hours. Meat thermometers often come with two sensors that help the chef get a reading of both, the internal temperature and the ambient temperature of the meat cut or a whole turkey. The temperature probe is usually kept inside the meat throughout the cooking process so that every minute is monitored. Digital meat thermometers will also send out an alert when the desired temperature has been achieved.
  2. Instant Read Thermometer- These are quick-use thermometers used to get an instant temperature reading to check the doneness of the meat or cake, bread, etc. The instant read thermometers are not to be left in the oven for constant temperature readings. These are used for quick temperature checks and are removed from the oven.
  3. Deep Fry Thermometer- Deep fry and candy thermometers are different and are made of glass as they deal with a much higher temperature range. Candies and deep-fried items such as French fries are cooked in boiling oil at a temperature over 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Buy the Bluetooth Thermometer You Need

If Food Safety is key for your business, you must be on the lookout for a swift and accurate Bluetooth wireless thermometer. When looking to buy the best Bluetooth thermometer best suited to all your kitchen temperature checks, you must keep a few factors in mind.

  1. Check the Bluetooth range your wireless thermometer will provide. From 10 metres to 50 metres and more, the Bluetooth range will determine how far from the thermometer probe can you move with your device in order to get a constant update of the temperature. If you move farther than the Bluetooth range, you will get an alert on your phone app and you can come back within the range.
  2. If you have a busy kitchen with multiple ovens and grills running together, you may want to get the temperature checks on a number of items at the same time. Some companies provide one probe, two probes or four probes along with the wireless thermometer. So check for the number of probe thermometers before buying.
  3. The key performance for wireless thermometers is how much time it takes to get the accurate temperature reads for any food item in the kitchen, be it beef or bread.
  4. Also, check for the battery life of the Bluetooth thermometer and how frequently you will have to recharge the batteries.

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Best Bluetooth Thermometers for Restaurants

  1. Meater and Meater Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer- Meater has a product range of three kinds of Bluetooth meat thermometers. All three are completely wireless thermometres but have high price range that may be tough on the pocket. The Original Meater variant comes with a 10-meter Bluetooth range, Meater Plus has a 50-meter range and Meater Block comes with four probes, a Wi Fi range, and an in-built display system. It is even compatible to work with Alexa.
  2. ThermoPro Bluetooth Meat Thermometer- The latest model of the ThermoPro Bluetooth Meat Thermometer supports four probes and has a Bluetooth range of nearly 500 feet. You can use it as a BBQ thermometer without having to constantly hover over the grill.
  3. Weber iGrill- Although the Weber iGrill Bluetooth thermometer has a relatively shorter Bluetooth range, it is one of the most highly rated wireless thermometers. The thermometer probes are heat resistant up to 716 degrees F and also support up to four probes.
  4. Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer- The Soraken wireless thermometer comes with four probes that are marked with different colors for easy use in the kitchen. It also has ports to add two more probes if required. However, the silicon handle on the Soraken thermometer probes can be a safety concern when handling extremely high temperatures.

Bluetooth Thermometer FAQs

Q1- What is the range feet for Bluetooth thermometers?
A- Bluetooth thermometers, like all Bluetooth devices, need to operate within a specific area range. In the case of wireless Bluetooth thermometers, this is even more crucial as a chef or kitchen assistant may want to move around the kitchen to work on other things while also keeping an eye on the oven or grill thermometers. The good Bluetooth thermometers that are highly rated have a Bluetooth range of 100-500 feet or more, depending on the kind of remote device you choose.

Q2- Can instant read thermometers be used to check meat?
A- Chefs prefer to keep the meat thermometer probes inserted in the meat for as long as the cooking is on, in order to get a constant update of the internal temperature and ambient temperature. However, instant read thermometers cannot be used for this purpose as they are not built to withstand such extreme heat for a prolonged time. Thus, meat needs a specific kind of meat thermometer. However, if you want a quick check on the meat temperature to know the doneness, you can use an instant read.

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