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4 Ways Your Cafe's POS Data Can Help You Tamp Down Costs and Scale up Profits

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Natasha Rego

By Natasha Rego

What is a POS System?

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Point of sale or POS or point of purchase, are different names for the same systema system that completes a payment transaction at a retail or service establishment. In the past, a POS system was simply a big cash register. The modern POS system is a lot more.

Today's point-of-sale (POS) system is a network that includes a main computer connected to a number of checkout terminals, as well as a range of hardware elements, such as a barcode scanner, card terminal, and cash drawer. There's also an internet-enabled device, like a smartphone or tablet, that can run a point-of-sale app.

Simply put, every customer who makes a purchase completes the transaction at the POS point. So, the POS system can be considered the end point of the entire purchase process.

What Data Does a Cafe POS System Generate?

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Keeping a tab on all your restaurant operations at all times is cumbersome. With a robust restaurant POS system you can receive reports of every aspect of your business at a central place. A POS system generates-

- Sales data
Your POS system will generate a sales report that will consist of the total sales, bills generated, and discounts offered at your cafe on a daily basis. If you have multiple outlets, it will provide you with the data for all your outlets in one place. This will help you understand what works best for different outlets.

- Inventory report
It will give you real time information about your inventory status. All the details, right from the raw materials available in your warehouse to the amount of each item used on a particular day across outlets, will be generated in the report.

- Analyzing your menu
You will be able to identify items that are contributing to the most sales, as well as items that are not popular.

- Expenses
It will generate a comprehensive report of all the expenses incurred at your restaurant or restaurants on a daily basis. Usng this, you can allocate your budget well and know where to cut down costs.

- Customer Relationship Management
Data on CRM will tell you about customer orders, bills generated, number of visits, along with their date and time.

- Staff performance
You will be able to judge the performance of your staff and can set KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure their productivity.

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4 Ways a Cafe's POS System Can Lead to Profits- Inventory Management

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A cafe's inventory consists of perishable and non-perishable items. Each point of sale in a restaurant's Supply Chain generates a great amount of demand data.

A cafe's inventory management system makes it easy for you to keep a track of each ingredient that is being used and still in stock. A cafe's inventory management system that is integrated with its POS system allows you to handle and organize every part of your stock, ensure a smooth supply flow, and help you increase your overall profit. This will ensure better Order Management and customer service.

It helps to-
- Monitor stock
- Improve raw material management
- Curb food costs

Labor Management

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Employees are the backbone of your business and they need to be managed carefully. Mismanagement of labor leads to unhappy employees, causing a high attrition rate. This will also incur high labor costs.
A POS system can help you to-

  1. Manage your kitchen and wait staff effectively. You can monitor their attendance, track the number of tables covered, deliveries made, working hours covered and bills generated by each employee.
  2. A point of sale system gives extensive information on each employee's productivity. When it comes to disbursing salaries, this feature is incredibly useful.
  3. You can utilize your POS system to establish the total visitor count, track payment methods, total tables booked, and so on, on a specific day or shift. This way you won't ever be over or understaffed.
  4. There is better communication between staff and management.
  5. It can keep track of shift schedules.

  • A case study conducted in 2017 states that 46% restaurants check their business analytics and reporting tools daily.
  • Case studies have also shown that businesses that use analytics increase their productivity by 17% and improve their services by 12%.

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Modern Point of sale (POS) software has various additional uses that serve today's virtual and online ordering demands. Restaurant menu management is one of them. It can be used to build and edit a menu at any restaurant. Furthermore, inventory and payment components have been integrated into this program. Overall, effective POS software produces exciting menus and curates them based on raw material availability.

POS software helps-
- Manage individual recipes
- Manage standard menus
- Curate and customize menus
- Upsell the most popular items of your cafe by displaying them at the forefront of your menu list
- Provides reports and suggestions

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Customer Relationship Management

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Customers play a crucial role in a businesses' success and failure. Your customer service has to be top-notch. Customer relationship management (CRM) allows businesses to get to know diners. CRM tools can help restaurant staff identify customers and track their ordering patterns.

Here are some of the benefits for a mid-size to Small Business-
- A POS system will store customer and other important restaurant data
- It will keep customer data secure
- It processes Credit Card payments in a secure way

- It can integrate with loyalty programs
- It analyzes sales trends
- It can create targeted marketing campaigns
- It ensure good customer service even outside the restaurant, by sending greetings, discount coupons, and holiday special messages

Zip POS Dashboard for a Big, Mid-sized or Small Business

Zip POS Dashboard is an intelligent app that can ensure Top Benefits for your cafe. It's a great tool that collects various reports from different management apps and consolidates their data in one place. With Zip POS Dashboard you can-

- Generate insightful POS reports within minutes
When your POS system doesn't combine and process all your sales data seamlessly, understanding it can be a difficult task. You've got net sales statistics, sales per labor hour data, and so on. Zip POS Dashboard gives you real time access to relevant data sent from the POS to your system. It provides all the the data you need to gain business insights that will help you expand your company.

- Keep track of daily sales
Zip POS Dashboard generates hourly, weekly and monthly reports. This provides a multi-dimensional view of sales and transactions.

- Store information on the cloud
With Zip POS Dashboard, your data is saved securely on the cloud and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

- Access Real Time performance
With its mobile app feature, managers can check employees' POS reports any time.

- Get Data insights
You will be able to understand what is happening in your business with automated charts and graphs. You can also view your KPIs in detail.

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