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7 Best Mobile Business Intelligence Reporting Tools for Small Restaurants

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Debdutta Bhattacharjee

By Debdutta Bhattacharjee

No. 1 BI Tool- Zip POS Dashboard

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When a Point of Sale (POS) system is unable to process data well, making sense of that data can be a difficult task. The POS system generates reports that contain a sea of data on metrics like net sales, inventory usage and wastage, sales per labor hour, and so on, but what do you do with this unstructured data warehouse?

That is where Zip POS Dashboard steps in. This smart business intelligence software solution gives you real time access to relevant data sent from your POS system.

Zip POS Dashboard is one of the best business intelligence solutions in the market, expertly analyzing your business data to give you all the insights you need to grow your business. You have to do next to nothing, because this dashboard generates reports on cue, on an hourly, weekly, daily, monthly, and even yearly basis, depending on how you want them. Access to these reports gives you a multidimensional perspective of your sales and transactions.

A problem that POS systems commonly face is that sales data sometimes gets erased after a month or two. However, this BI software ensures that your entire data is securely stored. It allows you to track your company's performance in real time without even having to visit the restaurant yourself. Business owners only have to glance at their smartphones/tablets to check POS reports on the go with the ZIP POS Dashboard mobile app. There's no need to rely on desktops or laptops.

Zip POS Dashboard's superior data analysis helps operators easily understand what's going on in their organizations through clear and succinct charts and graphs. This business intelligence tool also crunches data on Key Performance Indicators (KPI), ensuring that decision making is completely data driven.

The Zip POS Dashboard business intelligence software comes free of cost and features a dynamic POS dashboard, POS installer, daily POS reports, weekly cash reports, data visualization, periodic cash reports, POS integrations, and free support. It also offers options to create, print, import and export reports. This makes it ideal for small businesses and startups.

Zip POS Dashboard can be downloaded from Hubworks, an app store for restaurants.

No. 2 BI Tool- Microsoft Power BI

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This BI reporting and analytics software allows organizations to create a culture that is wholly data driven, where everyone has access to business intelligence. It is an analytics platform that can scale up to cover an entire organization, thereby cutting the expense, complexity, and security threats associated with multiple BI solutions.

A plethora of data visualizations, built-in artificial intelligence (AI), integration with Excel, and pre-built, customized data connectors let businesses discover and share relevant insights. With data security features like sensitivity labeling, real time access monitoring, and end-to-end encryption, Microsoft Power BI allows businesses to keep their data absolutely safe.

In order to fulfill regulatory demands, interactive data visualizations may be built and distributed across global data centers, including national clouds.

Power BI Desktop, which is free to use, and Power BI Pro allow a business owner to provide every employee with BI tools. Both, the self service and enterprise business analytics demands can be met in one place.

Power BI lets you access strong semantic models, an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) toolset, an open framework of connectivity, and paginated reports in a fixed-layout format.

Use Azure and Power BI together to link, aggregate, and analyze the entire data architecture to gain a competitive advantage. These tools help prepare data, build machine learning models, and glean insights quickly from structured and unstructured data.

With the help of the Microsoft Power Platform, you can move simply from data to insights and from insights to action. Real time insights make sure that you are always prepared to make quick judgments.

Power BI Pro is priced at $13.70 per user per month. The price of the Power BI Premium subscription is $27.50 per user per month, and $6,858.10 per capacity per month.

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No. 3 BI Tool- Restaurant 365

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Restaurant365 is a cloud-based operation and accounting platform for restaurants that makes restaurant management seamless and hassle-free.

Everything you need to run your restaurant business is housed in the same systemit is fully linked with the POS system, payroll provider, food and beverage vendors, and bank.

This Business Intelligence software allows you to count your inventory with ease on a handheld device. Users can automatically track inventory movements between stores, ensuring that prime cost reports correctly reflect genuine product utilization. This prevents over-ordering and reduces food wastage by prompting a business to purchase only required inventory.

Based on predictive analytics and recipe shelf-life, restaurants are able to get system-generated suggestions on how much food needs to be prepared. To make sure that a restaurant isn't earning low margins on a popular menu item, it must have an accurate picture of the item's popularity vis-a-vis its profitability.

Restaurant365 offers smart predictions based on daily sales trends from the current and previous year. It allows business owners to review labor and sales data, and other POS data for all store locations in a single place, making restaurant management painless. Restaurant365 also helps to simplify employee scheduling and engagement.

Business owners can access their log books from their mobile devices for real time performance management, and can review the financial health of their restaurants in a flash with the help of customized reports.

They can also automatically extract payroll information from the POS system, reducing accrual errors caused by data keyed in.

With Restaurant365's all-in-one, cloud based software for Restaurant Management, labor costs can be optimized across numerous locations, and managers may build schedules quicker. It also allows businesses to cut the number of reports they need and eliminates the need to transfer or integrate data with a third party software.

Restaurant365 has four subscription plans, with prices ranging from $289 per location per month, to $489 per location per month.

No. 4 BI Tool- Tableau Mobile

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Tableau Mobile keeps your data synced, secure, and available whenever you need it, and wherever you may be. This BI software automatically generates mobile-friendly dashboard layouts, enabling you to build dashboards your employees can easily understand and access from their phones.

With the help of this software, a business owner is also able to create a data culture based on established best practices, and a data community within the company.

Tableau Desktop provides all the business intelligence tools needed to access, view, and analyze data. You can uncover hidden information and take more prudent and quicker decisions with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Tableau Prep Builder is a new way of preparing data that makes combining, shaping, and cleaning data for analysis faster and easier.

Its Einstein Discovery AI solution, developed by Salesforce and powered by machine learning, provides predictions and suggestions within Tableau workflows for better decision-making. It allows analysts, data scientists, and business users to develop effective prediction models without having to write algorithms.

You can provide powerful business analytics to customers without having to build them yourself, thanks to Tableau's embedded analytics.

The prices are $15 per user per month for Tableau Viewer, $42 per user per month for Tableau Explorer, and $70 per user per month for Tableau Creator.

No. 5 BI Tool- Domo

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Domo's business intelligence software allows users to act on data quickly with the help of pre-built apps, or with customized solutions that can be easily assembled with the help of its low-code app tools. Domo's data apps consolidate all the information of a business, its workflows, and analytics from various data sourcesincluding the cloud and proprietary systemsand process and present them in engaging formats that drive business.

Domo's software facilitates Data Integration from different apps and data sources, includes automated follow-ups, combines analytics and workflows to create custom apps for specific roles or purposes, and deploys them quickly. It also lets business owners create automated reports and disseminate insights to teams through an uncluttered interface.

Get insights in real time and on the go on any mobile device, as well as real time notifications that indicate the need to act. Real time availability of business metrics lets businesses shift to proactive inferences and insights from reactive reporting, thereby helping with data drivendecision making and Business Growth.

Businesses may also be able to strengthen customer communication and partner cooperation by sharing vital information safely and quickly outside the organization using Domo's embedded analytics.

As far as pricing is concerned, businesses need to contact Domo's sales team for a quote and a free trial.

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No. 6 BI Tool- Oracle Analytics

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The Oracle Analytics mobile app provides a one-stop solution for business owners and analysts, offering curated and high-quality data analytics. With the help of this software, receive alerts so that actions can be taken without delay.

Data analysis can be done from any location and insights can be generated quickly and easily with the help of this software solution. From Oracle Analytics Cloud to Oracle Analytics Mobile, it offers a consistent user experience, making it easy to access shared or personal data.

This software allows users to interact intuitively with data visualizations. They can change the chart type, pivot data, apply filters, uncover insights, and share findings with team members. They can even create their own dashboards and reports.

Find answers to business problems, share your discoveries with your colleagues, work together to uncover insights, take stronger data-driven decisions, and stay connected to data analytics even when you are on the road, with the help of the Oracle Analytics mobile app.

Users can also listen to audio narratives of reports, visualizations, and dashboards. These narratives are natural-language-generated.

While the Oracle Analytics CloudProfessional is priced at $16 per user per month, Oracle Analytics CloudEnterprise costs $80.00 per user per month.

No. 7 BI Tool- Loop

no 7 bi tool loop 1652972923 9480

Loop combines data from all the systems and departments of an organization, such as finance, sales, stocks, aftersales, and so on, in a single, secure web system that anybody can access. This frees up teams to focus on setting meaningful KPIs, taking action to enhance these KPIs, and cultivating a culture of shared accountability for continuous business growth.

Centralized data allows business owners to review all essential metrics in one location, making it easier to recognize problems and focus on problem areas.

Given the use of technology, there are fewer chances of mistakes and a greater degree of precision with less manual intervention.

Standardized data feeds, displays and KPIs ensure that everyone in the company network views the same element in the same way.

Data analysts frequently end up collecting and cleaning data. Loop enables them to deal with insights rather than simply gathering data. With the help of the Loop software, employees across the company's network are able to make decisions based on real time data, rather than their gut instinct.

Moreover, employees can handle issues instantly instead of having to wait for results to be published from the head office, because everyone can access the data they need in real time. Everyone can see which actions impact which KPIs to the greatest extent.

Loop allows teams to benefit from the knowledge and processes of other teams.

Loop's pricing involves a small plan ($1,500 or around $1,860 per month), a medium plan ($1,750 or around $2,170 per month), a large plan ($2,000 or around $2,478 per month), and a custom-quoted enterprise plan.

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