3 Ways on How to Be More Efficient at Work

How to Be More Efficient at Work in 3 Ways

An efficient work environment can help employees get done with more work and increase productivity overall. Both small business and large company employers can make sure employees get done efficient work every day at the office. There are many best practices to improve efficiency and increase productivity at work including-

1. Setting Realistic Objectives

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Setting objectives every day is a great way to improve efficient work performed. However, in order for goal setting to be productive, set objectives must be realistic. It can be difficult for employees to adjust to set every day objectives. To start a goal setting routine make sure employees write one task to get done each day. Over time setting goals throughout day to day business processes will likely become second nature to employees.

Throughout day check ins from management professionals can encourage employees to stay on track with goals. Management must make sure that throughout day check ins are not excuses to micromanage. In fact, micromanagement is shown to actually decrease both efficient work and productive work performed. As such, throughout day check ins should focus on supporting and inspiring employees. Another best practice tip for setting objectives is to make sure that the end goal stays focal. Breaking up large objectives into smaller and more easily accomplished tasks can decrease feelings of burnout or discouragement.

2. Environmental Improvements

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The work environment that employees are greeted with every day makes a significant impact on their ability to generate efficient work and stay productive. For example, a loud office could hinder staff members from getting work done. Anything from an air conditioning unit that is too loud to chatty coworkers can contribute to a low productivity work environment.

Thankfully, there are many tricks and tips for improving the work environment. Special consideration can be given to everything from music played to the artwork displayed on the wall. Office layout, windows, and lighting are also popular work environment upgrade areas. For a small business on a tight budget low cost improvements like adding plants can significantly impact productive work accomplished.

Increasingly both small business and large corporation owners are discovering that remote work opportunities are the best work environment. Not only does working from home allow employees to choose their work environment but it also is incredibly cost efficient.

Costs like office rent and utilities are decreased for small business owners that allow remote work. Employees also benefit from spending less money on gas or their commute cost. As long as employees get done with work required offering remote work capabilities every day further increases productivity levels.

3. Decrease Digital Distractions

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Digital distractions are more present than ever before and will likely only increase. While digital tools supply amazing working capabilities they can also decrease productivity when not properly used or managed. For example, social media usage in the workplace is a common issue for both small business and large company owners. However, most business experts do not advise completely prohibiting social media usage at work.

Instead, both small business and large company owners can use creative solutions to decrease digital distractions. An example is providing throughout day breaks for personal social media use. The fact is that checking social media every day at work will probably not change for most employees. However, with innovative solutions at least social media time limits can be established.

Another idea for decreasing digital distractions is instituting a no digital devices in meetings policy. Even the best employees can get tempted to check their social media tabs or text message notifications. When employees are encouraged to handwrite notes and not bring digital devices into meetings they will be more engaged. Additionally, meeting speakers will feel more respected and responded to and engaged staff may even brainstorm new ideas. Most people spend the majority of their lives in front of screens. A small digital detox built into the workplace can be a break that employees did not know they needed.

For employees that work from a home office, employers can suggest every day social media or digital detox breaks. If an employee expresses they are struggling to limit social media usage human resources can offer recommendations. For example, setting realistic goals like an employee accomplishing one task before checking their phone.

How to Be More Efficient at Work- Key Takeaways

  • A more efficient work environment benefits everything from project management to customer service efforts.
  • Tips to increase productivity at work include setting realistic objectives, making environmental improvements, and decreasing digital distractions.