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The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Bluetooth Food Thermometer

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Debdutta Bhattacharjee

By Debdutta Bhattacharjee

What is a Bluetooth Food Thermometer?

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You can't always determine if a food item is safe and free of harmful pathogens just by looking at it, smelling it, or tasting it. The only way to ensure that food is cooked to the right internal temperature and that bacteria is eliminated is to use a food thermometer.

The importance of food temperature in maintaining food safety can be seen against the backdrop of a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to their research, one in every six people in the U.S. suffers from foodborne illnesses every year, owing to the action of about 30 known pathogens (like bacteria, parasites, and viruses), and a number of unspecified agents.

To prevent food poisoning, all prepared foods must reach a safe minimum internal temperature. A food thermometer ensures that the food temperature does not fall into the temperature danger zone.

Once a product has reached a safe temperature, the next question to ask is 'how do you prefer the food to be prepared?' This is essentially a question of food quality and taste. Different degrees of doneness and their corresponding temperatures are medium-rare (145 F), medium (160 F), medium well (175 F), and well done (180 F). Chops and steaks may be cooked to a lower doneness than ground meats, which must reach 160 F.

Cooking needs constant attention. Let's take the case of grilling/smoking meat. The meat might burn if left unattended. If it's taken off the heat too soon, it may be underdone. However, thanks to smart technology, cooking has become more sophisticated now.

The Bluetooth smoker thermometer is an example of this. Simply place this wireless meat thermometer in the meat's fleshiest portion, and it will connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, transmitting cooking information in real-time. With the help of a Bluetooth BBQ thermometer, the ambient temperature and internal food temperature can be monitored. A smartphone app places all food temperature information at your fingertips. You don't even have to be near the grill/smoker to do the monitoring.

All that is there for you to do is to check your smartphone every now and then to make sure the brisket, rib, or chuck is fine. A Bluetooth food thermometer allows cooks to focus on other tasks even as the food gets prepared, alerting them when they need to step in.

How do Bluetooth Food Thermometers Work?

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The way a Bluetooth smoker or grill thermometer works would give you a good idea of how Bluetooth food thermometers work in general. These hi-tech cooking thermometers spare users the trouble of having to stay put near the grill/smoker till the cooking is complete.

After the meat has been marinated and the spices added, a Bluetooth meat thermometer should be inserted into the deepest portion of the meat. This area normally lies in the center of steaks or roasts, and along the depth of the inner thigh of poultry birds. It's important not to hit the bone, or the reading will be wrong.

The wi fi BBQ temperature probe must be inserted directly into the middle portion of the meat. A dual probe may be mounted on the grate directly. It's also important to ensure that the BBQ probe is inserted properly through the clip so that it doesn't interfere with the temperature readings.

Some Bluetooth thermometer apps allow the user to choose a meat type from a list of preset options. These apps also let the user choose the cooking temperature range. It's important for the cook to know the food item's internal temperature and the grill/BBQ oven's ambient temperature at a glance for the best outcomes.

The Bluetooth thermometer app ensures that the expected time for the meal to get ready is displayed on the smartphone. The meat probe then takes control. While the person behind the grill prepares the salad or sips a drink, the meat thermometer keeps a close eye on the food being smoked, grilled, and barbecued.

Cooks are notified when the meat is done via the smartphone app, and they can proceed to take a flawless steak off the grill. Some Bluetooth thermometer companies offer sophisticated temperature graphs and charts to help you manage your cooking like a pro.

By automating the smoking or grilling process, Bluetooth thermometers save time and energy. They also guarantee that the meat reaches a safe internal temperature while it is cooked and achieves a rich texture and flavor. Some smoker thermometer applications also include advice on how to cook meats to different degrees of doneness, such as medium, rare, or well done.

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How is a Bluetooth Thermometer Useful to a Restaurant?

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1. Cooking convenience-
A Bluetooth thermometer eliminates the need to repeatedly open the oven door to check the temperature.

Likewise, cables don't hang around inconveniently or run the risk of burning over the smoker/grill. Cooking is so simple that the person who is smoking or grilling the meat can spend time with friends and family while the food is being prepared. Restaurant chefs using Bluetooth thermometers or wireless meat thermometers can focus on several menu items simultaneously.

2. Preparation of safe and delicious food-

Without a cooking thermometer, food preparation becomes a guessing game, and you invariably end up ruining your meals by undercooking them and risking contamination by pathogens, or overcooking them wastefully.

Temperatures between 40 and 140 F (according to the USDA) and 41 to 135 F (according to ServSafe) make up the temperature danger zone for perishable food items. The risk of infection can be reduced by making sure that the meal doesn't sit in this Danger Zone longer than four hours. Cooking should ensure that the food reaches a safe minimum internal temperature.

Moreover, a restaurant's unique dishes may need to be cooked at a higher/lower internal temperature to provide a specific taste, texture, and tenderness. To ensure that the food preparation complies with food safety standards, food temperature probes should be used throughout cooling, reheating, and thawing. A decent wireless meat thermometer can detect even the tiniest temperature changes.

3. Portability-

Rechargeable batteries power smart wireless thermometers, allowing them to be taken anywhere. Most wireless and Bluetooth meat thermometers have a range of 300 feet. If the user sees beyond the maximum range, the device sends out an automatic alert. These devices are handy in cook-offs, where even the tiniest difference in crispiness might determine the result of a competition.

4. Accuracy-

Bluetooth temperature probe technology is more precise than any other thermometer technology. Look for Bluetooth grill thermometers that provide an accuracy of at least +/- 2 F.

Smart Wireless Meat thermometers are superior to built-in BBQ smoker thermometers. The latter takes temperature readings from several inches above the food, so the final result can be as much as 30 F off the mark. Built-in smoker thermometers, therefore, provide no information regarding the food's internal temperature.

5. Easy to use-

Bluetooth thermometer apps should be able to cater to both, the rookie and seasoned pit master. As opposed to an instant read thermometer, a meat thermometer can be left in the food all through the roasting process. It can be kept in the meat even after it is removed from the oven.

Features to Look for in a Bluetooth Food Thermometer

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1. A Cooking Thermometer ought to have two probes at the very least. Four or six probes should be used if the grill is filled with different food types or multiple cuts such as briskets, chuck, and racks of ribs.

2. Precision is essential for a Bluetooth food thermometer because even a few degrees off might ruin the food.

3. Even complete beginners should be able to use a wireless meat thermometer for grilling and smoking, allowing restaurants to save time and money.

4. Wireless BBQ thermometers should deliver real-time temperature readings, allowing the users to speed up the cooking process and reduce the time that the oven lid is kept open.

5. Outdoor smoking and grilling can be done efficiently using digital thermometers. However, digital thermometers can be used inside the kitchen as well. A smoker/grill thermometer is put through a lot of stress and, therefore, must be long-lasting. One should choose the Best Meat thermometer in the market.

6. Look for additional options such as count-up and countdown timers. Magnetic backs and LCDs with backlighting are also useful.

7. Carefully consider the transmitter range of the thermometer and the range of temperature that can be measured.

8. See how many presets the thermometer provides and check if they include the foods you prepare most frequently.

Top 3 Bluetooth Food Thermometers of 2022

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Here are three Best Bluetooth food thermometers-

1. Blue2-

The Cooper-Atkins Blue2 temperature monitor does away with monitoring by hand, by remotely sending temperature readings to a Bluetooth-enabled smart device.

Any Type-K thermocouple temperature probe can be used with the Blue2, making it ideal for insertion, and measuring surface and air temperatures. This data can be fed into third-party programs.

The Blue2 instrument is intended to enhance business procedures, such as compliance with Food Safety standards and checklist automation. This Bluetooth temperature monitor can be quickly and easily connected to the Zip HACCP app to ensure that the meal is not under-or overcooked and that no disease-causing agents are present. The Zip HACCP software is available on the Hubworks platform.

The Blue2 kit comes with the 51337-K DuraNeedle direct connect probe, and the 20100-K Blue2 instrument, and offers a range of 100 feet in line of sight, a total system accuracy of 1.5 F, and a temperature range of -40 to 999 F.

2. ThermoPro TP-

This family of Bluetooth meat thermometers can simultaneously measure the internal temperatures of numerous cuts of meat. The ThermoPro TP25 and ThermoPro TP920 are Bluetooth 5.0-enabled thermometers with a 500-feet range.

They accurately calculate the amount of time it will take for the food to touch the desired temperature. Temperature pre-alarms may be set for receiving notifications when the food temperature deviates by 5/10/15 F.

The ThermoPro TP supports a temperature range of 15.8 to 572 F and has an accuracy of around 1.8 F. The ThermoPro app monitors temperature in real-time and display the reading as graphs.

These thermometers include preset temperatures for nine different types of meat that have been authorized by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and support different levels of doneness.

3. Weber iGrill2-

It allows users to check the temperature of the grill and meat from their smartphone. The baseline unit comes with two meat probes, and two more can be added. It lets users easily track multiple smokers and/or pieces of meat. The thermometer claims to have a range of 150 feet and supports a high-quality phone app.

The iGrill2 offers users the ability to name various probes so that each probe can be given a unique name and the user can check temperatures just by glancing at the phone. The iGrill2 can measure temperatures from -22 F to 572 F with a 1 F precision.

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How Much do Bluetooth Food Thermometers Cost?

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The cost of Bluetooth food thermometers varies. Several of them cost between $30 and $50. Let's look at the prices of some of the leading Bluetooth thermometers.

The Yummly YTE000W5KB Premium Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer, like the Meater Plus Bluetooth meat thermometer, costs roughly $100. The Diivoo Wireless Food Thermometer, on the other hand, is priced at just about $18 on Amazon.

The Blue2 temperature monitor costs around $300, while ThermoPro Bluetooth meat thermometers cost between $50 and $60 for a 500-feet range. The ThermoPro TP25 is available for $69.56 on Amazon. The price range of Maverick thermometers is roughly $60 to $130.

Inkbird Bluetooth thermometers are priced at around $50-60. The Weber iGrill2 costs around $100, and the iGrill Mini around $50. The Weber iGrill3 is priced a little over $100 on Walmart.

The same thermometer may be priced differently on different platforms. For example, the Inkbird IBT-2X digital BBQ grill Bluetooth oven smoker thermometer is priced at $35 on Walmart and $29.99 on Amazon. It is important to compare the prices of these thermometers on various platforms before buying.

Food Temperature FAQs

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Q. Is it necessary to start a meat thermometer from zero?

A- No, meat thermometers need to begin at the ambient temperature unless the thermometer had been cold calibrated prior to the cookout, in which case it should read 0 C or 32 F.

Q. When should you use a digital food thermometer?

A- Instant read digital thermometers provide accurate readings in a short amount of time. These can be used near the last part of the minimum cooking time and left in the meat for three to five seconds. Because of their quick reading feature, the oven door needs to be kept open for a smaller amount of time. This maintains the oven's temperature.

Q. How can an accurate temperature reading be obtained?

A- Locate the thickest portion of the meat to place the food thermometer in order to achieve the most accurate temperature reading. The meat thermometer should not come into contact with bone or gristle. The plumpest region of a chicken or turkey is where the thigh meets the rest of the body. When working with thinner cuts of meat, such as hamburgers, probes need to be inserted sideways.

Q. How do you clean a digital food thermometer?

A- After each use, digital meat thermometers should be rinsed in soapy warm water and air-dried. To guarantee that these thermometers last as long as possible, they must be cleaned properly.

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