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7 Free Employee Scheduling Apps For A Productive, Positive Work Culture

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Sanchari Chatterjee

By Sanchari Chatterjee

What is an Employee Scheduling App?

An employee scheduling app is a system that automates the process of creating work schedules for a group of employees. With an employee scheduling app, you no longer have to tax yourself to remember leave requests, employee availability, previous work schedules, and so on. The system will keep track of it all and assist you in preparing conflict-free work schedules that increase productivity and also take care of employee needs. Here are 7 of the best free employee scheduling apps for the modern workplace.

Google Workspace Mobile App

Google Workspace is a complete office suite that covers all office needs, like employee scheduling, time tracking, presentations and Google calendar events. A key part of the Google Workspace suite is the free scheduling tool that allows employers to manage staff scheduling and task management on the go with their mobile app. Google Workspace is free to use for any number of users.

Like all other Google products, Workspace functions with Gmail integration, which makes it easy for the management to share work schedules on email addresses and keep the team updated. Google Workspace centralizes the business operations by syncing data across the devices of all your team members and management. You can also use the mobile app to send shift reminders to your employees about their shift schedules, tasks etc. The system seamlessly provides access to all tasks, shift assignments and employee schedules, making workforce management a much easier job for both business owners and managers.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

Sling Employee Scheduling App

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Sling is another free to use workforce management software that will make sure managers and business owners are able to streamline the work scheduling system for best results. Sling's free app provides features such as shift alarms and schedule templates that you can edit and customize according to your needs, instead of starting the recurring scheduling process from scratch every time. This cloud basedmobile app will make sure you stay updated about the schedules and track time of your employees with the time clock feature.

Sling's scheduling features include managing shift scheduling and setting shift reminders for your team members. Employees on the other hand can use the app to check shift availability, put in time requests and also for team communication. Also among its free scheduling features are team communication channels, supporting native iOS Android apps and provisions for multiple locations and managers. Sling also offers a few other helpful features such as swap shifts and time clocks, however, these come with the paid plans.

  • Employee engagement has shown proven results of being effective in increasing productivity and lowering labor costs. According to Haiilo, high employee engagement has made companies 21% more profitable.
  • Another study by Gallup has found that 85% of employees are not engaged at their workplaces, resulting in reduced productivity.

Wrike Mobile Scheduling App

The Wrike mobile app is a cloud basedworkforce management tool that can be used by small businesses for their Talent Management and shift scheduling needs. One of its best features is that the system lets you create and handle multiple projects using a single platform and has a drag drop editing tool with which you can manage tasks with ease.

You can also get real time updates about the task progress and use the team messaging and communication tools for collaboration. Apart from its employee scheduling tools, Wrike also offers custom dashboards and workflows and Gantt charts to visualize the work's progress. The free plan offered by Wrike comes with a 2GB cloud storage space and integrations with Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, and other platforms. Wrike also has a help center, live chat and email support to help users find solutions to their problems.

Asana Scheduling App

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The Asana app is not just an Employee Schedule builder, but also a tool that you can use to track the tasks of all team members and map their progress, using an efficient visual dashboard. The calendar tool on the Asana app helps you keep track of the work progress and project deadlines. The app also allows the scheduling team to adjust, manage and edit work schedules as per project needs and also share feedback with the team.

Asana integrates with Google calendar, Slack and other essential tools you may be using to manage your restaurant business. However, the Asana free app remains free for use for up to 15 team members, although there are no limits on the number of projects and tasks you can manage on the system.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

Findmyshift Scheduling App

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Findmyshift is considered among the best free employee scheduling apps, with a drag drop editor and a calendar interface that works as a schedule builder. Findmyshift is a cloud based scheduler that you can use to create schedule templates for your recurring use every week or month and thus speed up your operations and reduce labor costs.

The schedule maker also tells you about open shifts, employee availability, time-off requests, employees free of duty and other information you need to prepare an error-free work schedule. The Findmyshift mobile app offers Employee Engagement tools with which team members can keep their time attendance, search and manage their availability and ease out the entire process of scheduling. However, the Findmyshift free app supports only up to 5 users.

7Shifts Employee Scheduling App

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The 7Shifts app is a user friendly Workforce Management software that not only takes care of employee scheduling but also manages time-off requests, schedule templates, while integrating with Google calendar and other tools. Although 7Shifts has different pricing models to offer, the free app supports employee scheduling, time clock, swap shifts and checks employee availability.

Moreover, the mobile app of 7Shifts offers team messaging and chat options for better communication and collaboration between team members. The free software can be used by up to 10 users, while the paid plans also offer free trials before purchase.

ABC Roster Scheduling App

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The user-friendly employee scheduling app by ABC is free to use and is quite effective for Workforce Optimization if you are a small business. You don't have to pay anything to use any of the tools of the ABC scheduling app, but you can make a donation to the company if you feel like it.

From drag drop schedule editors to auto scheduling, time tracking and time requests management, the ABC free app will support your business with all the necessary tools. The easy use interface will also help you keep track of the tasks performed, track employee work hours, work patterns, etc. Not only this, ABC will also help you access regular reports to better optimize and analyze your workforce management practices.

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