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7 Best POS for Restaurant Chains- Features, Pricing, Reviews

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Sanchari Chatterjee

By Sanchari Chatterjee

Plum POS System

Plum POS is an all-inclusive restaurant management software offered by restaurant back-office solutions provider Hubworks. The point of sale system comes with a range of products that help restaurant owners run their establishments with ease and also ensure customer delight. From managing orders, to inventory tracking and generating reports and analytics, Plum POS has a solution for all restaurant needs.

Solutions offered-

  • Inventory management- The Plum inventory software works in real time to help you stay on top of your inventory at all times. The mobile app will further help you manage your restaurant inventory from any location.
  • Order management and delivery- The POS software streamlines all orders that are received across online ordering and offline channels, manages payments and also ensures order delivery.
  • Loyalty program- Apart from customer support, Plum POS also offers loyalty programs to restaurants, diners and bars that wish to reward their loyal customers with offers, rewards and freebies.
  • Reports and analytics- This key offering from Plum's POS management system gives restaurant owners a detailed overview of their operations in real time. From sales reports to inventory usage reports and customer data analysis, this feature helps the restaurant management identity problem areas and opportunities for growth.
  • POS mobile app- The Plum POS app allows users to manage their restaurant's social media, online and in-store orders, deliveries, and inventory from any remote location. Notifications and reminders keep users up to date on all business developments at all times.
  • Hardware- Plum offers a range of hardware solutions, along with its software programs that promise ease of use. These devices include POS terminals, mobile POS for tableside ordering, kitchen display units and self-service kiosks that ensure better customer experience.

Toast POS

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Toast Pos, a dedicated restaurant management solution, is considered among the top restaurant POS solutions around. Toast POS's cloud based software offers restaurant management tools for inventory management, online ordering, delivery and takeout, contactless payment processing and gift cards. Its robust reporting and analytics tools help restaurant owners stay updated with business operations, identifying sales trends and spotting bestselling menu items.Toast POS also offers solutions for employee management and integrates with third party software a restaurant may already be using.

Apart from its software solutions, Toast POS also has a range of hardware products to offer. From mobile POS to POS terminals and wireless payment devices, there are several products to choose from. If you are a small business, you can even make use of their free starter kit.

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NCR Aloha POS System

NCR Corporation's offering for the foodservice industry, the Aloha Pos System is a cloud based system that caters to all kinds of restaurants, including casual dining, quick service, full service and fast-casual ones. The Aloha POS software can be used on fixed terminals, dedicated POS devices and mobile POS systems. The company also offers a range of their own hardware products that include self-service kiosks, kitchen display units, along with mobile POS and fixed terminals.

The tools offered by NCR Aloha include dine-in and online order management, contactless payment processing, customer support and delivery services that streamline the restaurant's front-end operations. The inventory management and employee training solutions, on the other hand, take care of the back-office needs of a restaurant.

Square Restaurant POS System

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Square POS has a restaurant management solution for every type of business, be it quick service, full service or fast-casual. Its products often feature among the best POS systems in the market. Square has designed unique solutions for each restaurant type, complete with its point of sale system, kitchen display units, free online ordering, delivery and pickup tools, mobile payments and tableside ordering tools.

While this easy to use POS system will let you complete tasks with a few taps and manage all orders from a single point, Square POS's contactless ordering and delivery system will ensure better Customer Service and satisfaction. From QR code payments to online and mobile ordering, Square POS manages it all from one port. Square also has its range of hardware products that are offered for a 30-day free trial.

  • According to Restaurant Dive, restaurant owners across the industry incurred losses of $240 billion due to the pandemic in 2020.
  • In 2020, 50% of the limited-service restaurants became distressed due to changes in consumer behaviour, said a report by AlixPartners.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS

The Lightspeed Kounta POS has been designed to cater to the hospitality industry and is used as a Restaurant Pos for cafes, bars, diners, etc. From seamless inventory management, to order management and reports, analytics, Lightspeed Restaurant software addresses most business management needs.

Lightspeed Restaurant offers tools for delivery and contactless online ordering, adjusting the restaurant floor plan, loyalty programs, payments and accounting. Among its hardware offerings are the 'iPad hardware kit', complete with a receipt printer, cash drawer, iPad stand and kitchen printer. The company also sells individual products for payment processing, barcode scanning and printing.

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TouchBistro POS System

From food trucks to Fast Casual restaurants, fine dining spaces to breweries, the TouchBistro POS serves a whole range of restaurants with its products and services. This all-in-one restaurant POS system promises to increase sales, deliver excellent customer support and also save your money. The TouchBistro point of sale software includes table management, tableside ordering features and menu management. Among its add ons are loyalty programs, online ordering and reservations.

TouchBistro's other productslike employee management tools, kitchen display systems and self-service kiosksintegrate with both, TouchBistro systems as well as with third party software solutions. However, TouchBistro runs exclusively on iOS devices like iPad and doesn't support Android and other platforms.

Upserve POS System

Upserve POS by Lightspeed is another robust system for restaurants that promise to boost profits with its offerings. Upserve has tools for payment processing, Sales Forecasts and insights, point of sale and inventory management. You can also address your employee management needs with Upserve's workforce tool. Moreover, Upserve offers marketing solutions for all restaurant formats, including quick service and full service restaurants.

Among its hardware offerings are mobile POS devices that support tableside ordering, POS terminals, contactless payment processing devices, printers and kitchen display systems. Upserve also has a range of free tools to offer customers who do not want to spend a bomb on tech tools. These include its free menu builder, online ordering cost calculator, POS calculator and restaurant guides.

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