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Fab 5- The Only List of Restaurant POS Systems You Need to Check Out

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Sanchari Chatterjee

By Sanchari Chatterjee

What is a Restaurant POS System?

A restaurant point of sale system (POS) is one of the most important automated systems used to run restaurants. It enables restaurants to keep track of the amount of money they've made, customer traffic and demand trends, as well as items that do well and don't. All this is done through POS terminals through which employees can enter orders, manage table service and manage payment processing, all the while tracking transactions in real time.

Restaurant POS systems are also used for inventory management as well as quality control, menu management and customer service. A POS system is able to perform all these tasks thanks to its extensive cloud based database that stores information from every meal ordered from a given location. A restaurant point of sale system also allows businesses to keep track of historical sales records for analysis in order to improve business performance and efficiency key factors in any good business plan.

What Can a Restaurant POS System do for my Business?

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  1. A restaurant POS can automate the most critical operations of a restaurant with accuracy and speed. From billing, to table service management, menu management, payment processing and coordinating between the kitchen staff and servers, the POS software can be entrusted with all of it.
  2. POS solutions also streamline the entire process of restaurant management. The POS system not only takes care of the sales counter, but also assists third party integrations with other management software and tech tools, such as accounting software, loyalty programs, and so on.
  3. The POS management system creates a link between the kitchen and the front of the house. The kitchen display unit helps both sides to keep track of the orders and deliveries with accuracy.
  4. With easy table service tools and mobile POS (handheld devices), you can ensure better customer service and tableside ordering and payment.
  5. POS software maintains historical records of sales data, customer data, orders and deliveries. It uses these to prepare real time sales reports, reports on inventory usage and other analytics for business owners to better optimize operations.
  6. With their powerful tracking tools, POS systems also ensure that wastage of food and resources is reduced and theft prevented.

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Best Restaurant POS Systems- 1. Plum POS

The Plum Restaurant Pos system offered by restaurant back-office solutions provider Hubworks is a one-point solution for all restaurant business needs. From inventory management to identifying sales trends and managing employees and their work hours, you can seamlessly handle all Restaurant Management needs with this one POS software.

The Plum POS system has been designed to integrate with other business tools used by restaurants, such as accounting software, warehouse management tools, ordering delivery tools, and so on. With the Plum POS mobile app, you can get real time alerts, notifications about your restaurant needs, customer support feedback and also operate social media handles. In addition to its software, Plum POS also comes with a range of hardware such as mobile POS devices and card readers to keep your operations mobile and not locked to countertop POS terminals.

From food trucks to restaurant chains, retail outlets, grocery stores and small businesses, Plum POS has a management solution for every kind of establishment.

2. Toast POS

Toast is another POS system that has been built exclusively for restaurant businesses. It takes care of online ordering and delivery, takeout and contactless payment processing, along with regular POS software features, like managing sales orders. Among its hardware options are kitchen displays, mobile POS, printers and card readers etc.

Toast Pos also offers loyalty programs and gift cards for restaurants to run customer engagement programmes. It has a free starter kit that's useful for Small Businesses just starting out and in need of restaurant management tools. However, this POS system doesn't work on iOS, but only on Android platforms.

3. Square POS

The Square restaurant POS solution works on both, iOS and Android systems. Its key features for Restaurant Management include sales order tracking, payment processing, table management, tableside ordering, marketing tools and analytics and forecasts. Square also provides contactless card readers.

The point sale system by Square makes order management from different online and offline channels easy to manage. Not just restaurant businesses, Square is flexible enough to be used at retail stores, bakeries, bars, coffee shops and other establishments.

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4. Upserve by Lightspeed POS System

Upserve POS by Lightspeed Pos System is a cloud basedpoint sale software. It works well for all types of restaurants, be it a quick service eatery, a full service one, or bars and nightclubs. From restaurant floor management to inventory management, customer database tracking, gift cards and loyalty programs, Lightspeed Restaurant has an array of management features on offer.

The Upserve POS solution will make sure restaurant servers have a direct link with the kitchen staff while restaurant owners get a detailed overview of the operations through real time sales reports.

5. TouchBistro POS System

TouchBistro is an all-in-one Restaurant Sales and management software that takes care of all restaurant business needs. From front of the house to back house and guest management solutions, TouchBistro has all the key features of restaurant POS software that streamline and ease operations.

TouchBistro's easy use software promises to increase sales and revenue of restaurants, while delivering a great customer service experience. TouchBistro also has a free trial version to offer its users and follows a per month subscription scheme for its software solutions.

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