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6 Ways a Kiosk Point of Sale System Can Double Restaurant Sales

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Archita Wagle

By Archita Wagle

What is a Kiosk Point of Sale System?

A point of sale or POS system is an end-to-end management suite of hardware and software. It reduces manual work and simplifies business operations. A modern POS system can be used to track inventory in real time. It also takes care of employee management and handles payment processing.

A kiosk is a stand-alone booth typically used by a retail business to provide information, conduct promotions, or facilitate self-service. Retail business owners have also been employing kiosks as self-service point of sale systems to process transactions and enhance customer experience, while still maintaining the need for Covid-induced social distancing.

Self-service kiosks are booths that allow customers to place their orders without waiting for staff, thereby enabling contactless service. They serve as an additional POS system. Being easily accessible, convenient, and quick, kiosk restaurant Pos systems can help businesses improve customer experience greatly. These retail POS can be placed in areas of high traffic to draw more customers to the restaurant. They reduce business costs as the customer wait time is reduced, as is the need to hire more wait staff for busy days.

What are the Components of this POS System?

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A kiosk POS system can be divided into two main components POS hardware and POS software.

POS hardware includes-

  • The booth housing the kiosk POS system.
  • The touchscreen for placing orders.
  • The system to house the software.
  • The peripherals needed to place an order, like a payment processing machine. It includes a card reader to process card payments, tools to process digital payment apps like Venmo or Apple Pay, and card printers to print out the sales receipt.

POS software includes-
  • Menu and price options for online ordering.
  • Tools for customers to customize their choices, like opting for more cheese or less spice.
  • Options for add ons, like recommending a drink option with the meal.
  • Tools to process the benefits of loyalty programs.
  • Software tools for payment processing.
  • Tool to preserve the security of customer data, including Credit Card information.

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How Does a Kiosk POS System Work?

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A cloud based Pos solution like a kiosk sale system works best in a quick service restaurant, as it allows customers to place their own orders with minimum wait time.

Before you invest in a kiosk point sale system, make sure to tick off these 10 points-

  1. Identify your target customers and figure out how the kiosk POS system can be customized to address their needs.
  2. Customize the touchscreen with all the guides and options a customer will need, including a help button.
  3. List menu options, customizations, and prices of dishes.
  4. Opt for a system with different payment methods.
  5. Integrate the kiosk Pos System with the restaurant POS system.
After the kiosk point sale system is set up, here's how it will work-
  1. The customer browses through menu options on the touchscreen, customize their order, and then place their order.
  2. The order travels to the restaurant POS system, and a receipt is issued for the order.
  3. The customer can keep track of the order by choosing to be notified via a text message when the order is ready.
  4. The customer can make their payment via a credit card or apps like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

6 Benefits of a Touchscreen Point of Sale System

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These are the benefits of a touch-screen point of sale system-

1. Saves resources- Kiosk point of sale software helps a restaurant save human resources. By automating order and payment processing, employees can focus on other tasks.
2. Adapts to future needs- A self-service POS system has software that is able to customize restaurant capabilities to customer needs and meet emerging needs.
3. Accessibility- A kiosk point sale system is an online ordering system that can be accessed from anywhere via its cloud-based POS software, using an internet connection.
4. Accuracy- A kiosk Pos System reduces human error when placing orders. Since customers place their orders themselves, the chances of errors are reduced.
5. Upselling- A self-service food order system can be customized to display multiple product messages based on previous purchase behavior. This helps increase sales through upselling.
6. Customer satisfaction- Self-service kiosk Point Sale systems improve customer satisfaction as the customer places the order themselves and is informed directly about offers, discounts and add ons. It also makes a customer more knowledgeable about products services.

Where Can a Kiosk POS System be Used?

Self-order kiosks allow customers to place their orders quickly. This saves them time and keeps the lines moving. A restaurant receives greater footfall and processes more sales on account of this.
A kiosk POS system works well for the following types of restaurants-

  • Quick Service Restaurants- A quick service restaurant will usually place a self-serve kiosk near the entrance, where guests can browse the menu, place their order, and pay without having to stand in line at the checkout counter.
  • Fast Casual Restaurants- Fast casual restaurants place kiosk POS systems near the entrance to allow guests to view the menu and place their order while waiting to be seated.
  • Full Service Restaurants- Fine-dining restaurants and bars can use the tablet Point Sale solution. The staff places the tablet on the table, where customers can place their orders, instead of having to go through the waitstaff.

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5 Features Every Kiosk POS System Must Have

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While opting for a kiosk POS system, here are features you should look for-
1. Easy to use interface- A kiosk POS system with a customer-facing interface that's easy to use even for customers who are not tech-savvy.
2. Security- A kiosk sale system has encryptions that secures customer details like credit card data. A good POS system will have security tools and will comply with local privacy regulations.
3. Payment processing- A good point sale system will allow customers flexibility in payment methods. It will include traditional channels like cash, debit or credit card payments, as well as gift cards and digital payment methods like Google or Apple Pay.
4. Customization- A POS system should be able to tailor customer orders to suit personal preferences for Best Food choices. This will have them coming back.
5. Self-checkout- A kiosk sale system allows checkout from anywhere within the store. The speed of transactions will result in happier customers.

Best Kiosk Terminal POS Systems of 2022

After reviewing the benefits of a kiosk POS system, you'll want to know about the best products in the market. Here's a handy guide to the top Kiosk Terminal POS Systems for the restaurant industry-
1. PlumPos
PlumPOS is a point sale system that can handle every aspect of restaurant management. It caters to all types of operations, including quick service, full service, fast casual and fine dining. This POS system works well on all kinds of hardware, including kiosks and tablets. PlumPOS helps a restaurant improve its overall efficiency, security and customer service. The product is available on Hubworks, a platform for a la carte restaurant software solutions.

2. Lightspeed
The kiosk point of sale system offered by this company comes as an add-on module within its larger POS system. Lightspeed's kiosk POS can run in kiosk and table modes. In addition to self-service, the kiosk can also hail servers to help customer with orders and payment processing if they need assistance.

3. Bite Kiosk
This kiosk POS is part of the Bite Digital toolbox which specializes in creating contactless tools for restaurants. The system can route orders from a single kiosk to multiple vendors, a feature that works well in food halls.

4. KioskBuddy
This is a self-ordering kiosk system, but not a full POS system. Owners can use KioskBuddy to transform an iPad into a self-service ordering system. It facilitates contactless ordering and payments, and operates on multiple kiosks. The system can be integrated with Square's mobile payment processing tools.

5. Toast
The self-service kiosk provided by Toast POS system has multiple POS hardware integration options, like iPads, tablets and individual kiosk ordering stands. These can be customized for every restaurant need.

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