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5 Best POS Software to Take Your Restaurant Enterprise to the Next Level

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Sanchari Chatterjee

By Sanchari Chatterjee

What are the Point Of Sale Needs of a Large Restaurant Enterprise?

A large restaurant enterprise has multiple points of sale, or different locations where customers can place their orders. These points of sale need to be organized in a way that helps customers easily find the items they want, while also making sure inventory management is simplified and accounting is easy for the company.

A point of sale system (POS) that caters to a large restaurant chain needs to be able to manage multiple sale systems, enable seamless payment processing across the chain, manage online ordering and delivery, ensure customer support to thousands of patrons, issue and process gift cards, manage loyalty programs, and take care of various other needs.

Essential Features of a POS System

A good POS system must have the following-

  • Software integration- A POS system must be able to integrate with other third party business management software used to run the business, including software for accounting, marketing, analytics, and Customer Relationship Management.
  • Inventory management- Look for a POS system that support tools for inventory management. This will help you keep a real time check on your inventory as sales progress during business hours.
  • Kitchen management- POS systems must also be able to form a direct link with the kitchen for better communication and coordination between the front and back house. POS systems that come with kitchen display units are a great help in this department as these devices let chefs and kitchen assistants directly monitor orders.
  • Reports and insights- Your POS software should also be able to collect historical Pos Data, invoices, inventory usage data, etc. for reports and insights into the operations.
  • Online ordering- You must have a Restaurant Pos that supports online ordering and makes the process hassle-free. This system must be able to manage both, online and offline orders with the same efficiency.
  • Mobile POS- Handheld devices such as mobile POS, card readers and other digital payment processing tools are a must-have for busy restaurants. These devices ensure ease of use for the restaurant staff and benefit business owners by reducing manual work and cutting labor costs.
Choosing the Best Pos for a restaurant business depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of the establishment, the kind of service it offers, tools it needs, and the budget it has. Small businesses, for example, may not have the spending capacity of large enterprises. Here are some of the best POS software available in the market today.

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5 Best POS Systems for Large Businesses- No. 1 Plum POS

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Plum POS is an all-in-one Restaurant Management and hospitality management software that can run the whole show both for small businesses and large enterprises with equal ease. From payment processing to inventory management and integrations with third party software, Plum POS has a solution for every restaurant format and size. The POS software is also fully customizable to a restaurant's specific needs. Apart from the software solutions, Plum POS also offers a number of POS devices such as POS stations, display screens, self-service kiosks, kitchen display units and mobile POS units.

Plum POS also takes care of staff training. The company's in-house experts have the capacity to deliver over 600 training lessons a year.

No. 2 TouchBistro

TouchBistro is a retail POS solution that works equally well for quick service and full service restaurants, as well as large chains, offering the same ease of use. This cloud based sale system has simple solutions for front and back house management, guest engagement, inventory management and other restaurant management needs. TouchBistro tools will streamline your restaurant functions and reduce the time it takes to complete each process.

TouchBistro, however, works only on iOS devices, such as iPads and iMacs. This product is priced at $69 per month for one user, $129 per month for two users and $399 per month for unlimited users. The company doesn't have a free version for product trial as of now.

No. 3 Toast POS

Toast POS is more than just a point of sale system. It's a restaurant management software that looks after a host of other business operations, such as inventory management, kitchen management, online ordering, and so on. Toast POS also offers a number of POS devices like POS stations and mobile POS units with contactless payment processing and gift card processing. Toast's reporting and analytics tools allow operators a deep dive into their business operations in real time.

This cloud based POS software offers a free version for small businesses and customized packages for large enterprises that may want a complete suite of features and devices. However, there have been complaints of poor Customer Experience with this company.

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No. 4 Upserve

Upserve by Lightspeed is another highly rated restaurant management and POS software that takes care of a restaurant's operations comprehensively . Upserve works with both Android and iOS devices for payment processing, inventory management, online ordering and sales analysis. This flexible POS solution allows restaurant staff greater mobility with its tableside ordering tools and mobile POS devices. You can customize and micromanage your front house and coordinate it with the back house using this POS system and its single-click, easy to use devices.

Upserve offers 24*7 customer service, which is a hit among its users. However, customers have also reported about problems with Upserve's offline functions.

No. 5 Square POS

Square POS is a mobile point of sale system that works on both Android and iOS devices. Restaurants can use Square POS for sales tracking, inventory management, payment processing, running marketing campaigns and generating sales reports. Square can also handle your online ordering with its e-commerce management tools and also generate automated reports and analytics.

As a retail POS system, Square POS can be used in restaurants, salons, bars and any retail outlet. The only downside is Square's high processing fees.

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