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5 Reasons Why You Need a Bluetooth Grill Thermometer in Your Kitchen

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Archita Wagle

By Archita Wagle

What's a Bluetooth Grill Thermometer?

Any food, especially meat, poultry or fish, needs to reach a minimal internal temperature to destroy any harmful pathogens and prevent food-borne illnesses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that cooked meat, poultry and fish dishes should be monitored using meat thermometers.

A meat thermometer is a device with prongs to measure the internal temperature of meat, fish and poultry dishes. Nowadays, options in the market like digital thermometers or even better, wireless thermometers, allow you to keep an eye on the cooking process remotely.

Wireless meat or grill thermometers refer to any meat thermometers that can be wirelessly connected to your mobile device via Wi Fi or through a phone hotspot. A Bluetooth meat thermometer is a type of smart thermometer.

You can monitor your cooking process remotely with a Bluetooth grill thermometer by connecting it to an app on your smartphone or tablet. A Wi Fi grill thermometer has a wireless range of around 300 feet, but the Bluetooth range may vary. A Bluetooth thermometer can be used for bbq grill , bbq smoker , sous vide and grill smoker cooking.

How Does a Bluetooth Grill Thermometer Work?

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A Bluetooth grill thermometer is smart wireless device equipped with stainless steel meat probes. It has a transmitter and comes with a compatible mobile app. Some units also come with two probes or four probes that give you the option of grilling or roasting different types of meat at the same time. The meat probes can be connected to the mobile apps on ios android platforms. These display the temperature readings from the probes.

As per the Food website, meat and poultry need to reach an internal temperature of over 140 degree F to be safe for consumption. A Bluetooth meat thermometer allows you to check and monitor the internal temperature of meat while it's being grilled or roasted.

Here's a 10-step guide to using a bluetooth grill thermometer or bbq thermometer . . .
1. Connect the thermometer probes to the app on a mobile device.
2. Insert the meat thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, such that it does not touch the bone, for that can throw off the temperature reading.
3. Place the dish in the grill BBQ or oven.
4. Most smart Bluetooth temperature devices have preset options for different meat types. Select the preferred option you want, whether it's beef or chicken.
5. Select the type of cut, whether ribs or steak.
6. Select the temperature range, whether you want it rare, medium or well done.

7. Click Start.
8. The screen will display the type of meat, preferred temperature, current internal temperature and ambient temperature of the food being cooked. It will also show the estimated cooking time.
9. Once the meat is cooked, the app will sound a temperature alarm telling you that your meat is ready to be taken off the heat.
10. Keep it aside for rest time to let the meat juices settle.

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Features Every Wireless Grill Thermometer Must Have

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There are many wireless Grill Thermometers in the market and you may be lost trying to find one that works for you. Here's a list of feature you should keep in mind while selecting a wireless grill thermometer-

  • A truly wireless grilling thermometer must have no wires. Some thermometers in the market consist of external monitoring devices that are connected with wires to temperature probes inserted in the meat. While the probes monitor the internal temperature of the meat, the external device connects to a mobile app and dispatches temperature readings.
  • The Bluetooth wireless device should come preloaded with preset cook time and temperature charts for different meat types, and alarms to tell you when to take food off. It should also account for carryover cooking, as the internal temperature may rise during rest time.
  • The wireless Bluetooth device should come with two probes, or better still, four probes to allow grilling or barbequing a larger quantity of meats.
  • The BBQ thermometer should have the option of setting the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Opt for a smart Bluetooth wireless thermometer that can be used in variety of cooking techniques, like grilling smoking, and even sous vide.
  • A smart thermometer should come with rechargeable batteries.

5 Benefits of a Wireless Meat Thermometer over Analog

There are many analog and digital thermometers in the market, and they're often cheaper than wireless grill or bbq thermometers. Despite their comparatively low cost, it's far better to opt for a wireless thermometer.

Here are benefits of a wireless meat thermometer-

1. Saves you extra work-
A wireless meat thermometer provides remote and instant readings of the internal temperature of the meat, as well as the ambient temperature of the oven grill. You don't have to keep glancing at the dial again and again to check the temperature. It also sounds a temperature alarm, so you don't have to keep an eye on the clock to know when to take the meat off the heat.

2. Cooked to perfection-
A wireless grill thermometer comes with presets functions for different meats. You can rely on these timers, or if you have perfected your own recipe and know exactly how much time your meat needs, you have the option of setting your own cook time. Either way, you'll have meat cooked to your own standards.

3. Portable-
This device is perfect for picnics and cookouts. The smart wireless device has a range of upto 300 feet. Most products come with rechargeable batteries. So you can go for a walk while your meat is getting ready, but still keep an eye on your Meat Temperature.

4. Ideal for chefs-
Restaurant chefs are always busy. They have to prepare or supervise multiple dishes at the same time. A Bluetooth bbq thermometer is indispensable to them, enabling them to cook a meat, and attend to another dish at the same time.

5. Accurate-
A wireless meat thermometer sends records of internal temperature in real time, providing cooks with an instant reading of the readiness of the dish.

How to Select a Wireless Grill Thermometer

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After discussing the Main Contents of the subject, it's time to review the buyer's guide to the wireless grill thermometer. Here are the key points to keep in mind while choosing a wireless grill gauge-

1. A wireless grill thermometer should have quick response time. It should be able to refresh and provide new temperature readings in around 15 seconds.
2. A wireless or Bluetooth thermometer should have long range of over 100 feet.
3. The device you select should be able to measure temperatures upto 500 degree F.
4. The wireless smart thermometer should have easy use interface, a large, backlit display and controls that are easy to handle.
5. A wireless or Bluetooth grill thermometer should have an automatic shutdown function.
6. The wireless meat thermometer should have an audible temperature alarm.
7. Though many grill thermometers come with preset cooking times, the smart wireless device you select should allow customization.
8. Any wireless meat thermometer you select should be made of durable material.

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How Much do Bluetooth Grill Thermometers Cost?

After an in-depth review of Bluetooth grill thermometers, we come to the most important factorcost. How much are you expected to spend on such a temperature guage?
Most grill thermometers are priced between $10 and $80, but there are some high-end, feature-rich models that cost $100 and more.
Experts say, with some exceptions, most grill thermometers below $20 do not justify the spend. So focus on the ones that range between $30 to $105.

Meat Thermometer FAQs

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1. Why do cooking temperature matter?
Cooking food at a set minimum temperature helps make sure that bacteria that can cause food poisoning and other illnesses are destroyed. The United States government has guidelines for minimum cooking and internal temperatures for various foods.

2. How can you tell if your food is done cooking?
By highlighting the internal temperature of food, a wireless thermometer can reduce the risk of food poisoning and prevent the food from being overcooked. Many restaurants today have automated their food management. There are many systems, like Zip HACCP from the Hubworks restaurant app store, that tell you if a food's cooking temperature meets internal temperature standards for Food Safety.

3. What's the right temperature for cooking meat?
Meat includes steak, chops, ribs and ground meat products like meatballs, sausages and burger patties. The safe internal temperature for cooking meat is around 145 degree F for whole meats and 160-165 degree F for ground meats.

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