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7 Stellar POS System Software For Start-ups and Small Businesses

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Debdutta Bhattacharjee

By Debdutta Bhattacharjee

The Plum POS Software System

The Plum Point of Sale software is a cloud-based solution offered by Hubworks. Plum is one of the best POS solutions available in the restaurant market. It's ideal for any size or type of restaurant business, whether it's a small restaurant, a mid-sized restaurant, a food truck, a kiosk, a ghost kitchen, a quick-service restaurant, or a full-service restaurant. It also works well for large restaurants, for which the software can be custom-configured.

The Plum One platform is best-suited to small businesses This product comes with a single POS register, a 2.3GHz dual-core seventh-generation order station base, and a detachable, wireless order entry touchscreen.

Plum One also includes a thermal receipt printer, a cash drawer, and networking equipment. It comes with the option of financing, which is as low as $59 per month on approved credit.

Plum POS can be set up in minutes and is extremely easy to use. Its suite of features includes hassle-free inventory management, real time reporting and analytics, an efficient loyalty program, and options for online purchase orders and delivery.

The Plum POS solution also comes with a POS app, a kitchen display system (KDS), a self-service kiosk, digital signage, and other key equipment.

Apart from these, Plum supports mobile POS operations with Plum tablets and handhelds. This is one of the most important features of this prodct, considering that mobile POS systems are the future of the foodservice industry.

This Hubworks POS platform can be linked with other restaurant software through Any Connector, a software integrator. Hubworks also offers restaurants other specialized software solutions like Plum Digital Signage, and Plum Handheld, so that operators can get rid of multiple systems and logins to avoid confusion.

Operators can thus control everything with the help of a single, uniform system, whether they want to beef up their food truck with a Plum Kiosk, introduce an updated digital signage system, or enable their staff to carry the POS around the restaurant so as not to miss a business opportunity.

PlumPos is an easy to use system. It allows restaurant staff to optimize operations, reduce screen time, and devote more time to customer service. All this allows the restaurant to serve its customers quickly and efficiently and thereby, boost sales. PlumPos also offers terrific user support, which includes interactive online training and other types of professional assistance.

This POS system offers preset menus for various restaurant types and can be installed without difficulty. Plum One is priced at $1716 and is a part of the Essential Station Bundle.

TouchBistro Point of Sale System

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The TouchBistro point of sale system has been created especially with the food and beverage industry in mind and only needs an iPad to start off. The TouchBistro point of sale is cloud-based and uses iPads as POS terminals, KDS screens, self-ordering kiosks, and handheld devices.

The TouchBistro POS operates on an iOS platform. It offers several payment processing options like the built-in TouchBistro Payments, TSYS and Square. Processing fees differ according to the processor.

A small business will benefit from TouchBistro's upsell prompts. These ensure that the business does not lose an opportunity to sell its products, while enhancing customer experience at the same time.

TouchBistro comes at an upfront price of $69 per terminal per month. The basic plan supports menu and table management, cloud-based reporting and analytics, restaurant inventory management, and unlimited logins and users for restaurant management and staff.

One has to pay extra for payment processing but may choose from several companies that partner with TouchBistro to get the best rates for your restaurant. One may also choose add-ons like reservations, online ordering, gift cards, self-serve kiosks, KDS, customer-facing displays, and digital menu boards.

The POS integrates with popular programs like QuickBooks, Sage, and 7Shifts, and offers comprehensive customer service, which includes videos, self-diagnostic tools, and 24/7 phone support.

TouchBistro's open Application Programming Interface (API) allows users to build their own integrations by plugging in their software tools. TouchBistro's locally-installed POS app does not require an internet connection.

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Square Point of Sale System

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The Square POS system is affordable, easy to use, comes with a basic, free plan, and involves no long-term contracts. Therefore, a Small Business like a food truck stands to benefit greatly from Square.

This iPad-based platform has options built for general purpose, restaurant, retail, and appointment-based businesses. Square also has a $50-60 monthly plan that provides some useful add-ons.

The free subscription tier offers only the most basic features that micro-businesses use. So a start-up, for example, can create menus, ring in orders, process payments, and analyze sales with the help of simple reports, and still run an efficient business, without shelling out extra for POS features it does not need.

The Square system is easy to install and merely needs an iPad and card reader to get going. A user simply has to create a Square account, link his/her bank account, and download the Square POS app from the App Store.

Other standout features of Square POS include built-in payment processing, Square Invoices, and email marketing and text marketing tools. Furthermore, Square offers a free online store, which is a contactless ordering platform that works with QR codes. It also offers a pocket-sized Square Terminal, which allows business owners to process customer payments and print receipts from the palm of their hands.

The Square point of sale software can work on an unlimited number of devices and can communicate through any wi-fi network. Fast internet connections can also be accessed through mobile hot spots or LTE-enabled mobile routers.

Square's restaurant management suite helps integrate online ordering, order management, conversational ordering, table and seat management, KDS, and menu reporting and management.

Upserve Point of Sale System

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The Upserve POS and Restaurant Management software is built as an all-in-one platform to accept payments, manage customers, employees, and stocks, and for marketing, online ordering, and reporting.

The tablet-based POS system offered by Upserve is easy to use and its inventory, customer management, and employee management tools are what every Small Businessrestaurant POS should have.

Upserve's marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) features allow businesses to create customer profiles taking into account visit and order history. They build filtered guest lists for targeted promotions, pair servers with customers who have tipped them well, fashion loyalty programs, recognize customer payment cards, and create reports based on customer segments. Reports are generated on basic sales, labor, product mix, profit and loss, daily logs, reputation management, server insights, recipe and costing.

Upserve also provides automated and real time inventory management, single-click purchase ordering, and menu and recipe reports. Its employee management features include customizable tip pooling, clock-in controls, real time labor cost alerts, and employee scheduling.

Upserve POS comes at a monthly software fee starting from $59. The total minimum monthly payment for a single register is $119, and if one wishes to add reporting and inventory features, they will have to shell out $149.

Shopify Point of Sale System

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The Shopify POS system comes from the stables of the e-commerce platform Shopify. It works on the iOS platform. Shopify POS lets entrepreneurs manage their business from a unified platform, with all plans, sales, customer, and inventory data stored in one place. Shopify POS offers shoppers a seamless experience, with features that allow them to buy online or in store.

The basic POS software is free. It enables restaurants to sell across multiple channels, including social media and third-party marketplaces. The POS Pro plan, which supports advanced inventory management, detailed analytics, and omni-channel selling tools, is priced at $89 per month.

This POS system comes with Shopify's proprietary card reader, which is powered by Swipe. One can pair their own hardware with the Shopify platform, as long as it can integrate with the Shopify system.

Shopify's smart inventory app, Stocky, takes care of stock-taking, receiving products with a barcode scanner, and generating low-stock alerts. Shopify also includes a customer management program that works well for the Restaurant Industry.

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Lightspeed Point of Sale System

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The Lightspeed POS is a cloud-based system that demands no installation fee. The Lightspeed retailPOS software can run on a web browser and is compatible with iPads.

Customers can buy iPads or other third-party POS hardware from Lightspeed (the company is an authorized Apple reseller). In fact, third-party POS hardware can be purchased directly from Lightspeed as a bundled package or as standalone products. Lightspeed iPads serve multiple functions, and can be used as mobile registers or as stationary POS terminals.

The Lightspeed retail POS offers four pricing plans, starting at $69 per month. The Lightspeed restaurant POS supports an unlimited number of users, tableside ordering, reporting, CRM tools, and integrations. Its price starts at $59 per month. Premium add-ons come at a starting price of $39 per month, with options like accounting integration, self-ordering kiosk, loyalty program, loyalty app, delivery integration, and order ahead capabilities.

Lightspeed's in-house payment processing service, Lightspeed Payments, gives users a flat rate and carries no additional fee.

Other notable features include a robust inventory tracking framework, CRM and loyalty programs, easy employee management, shipping and order management tools. This system can produce over 60 reports and link up with 250 integrations. It offers credit card processing equipment, accounting software (QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage), analytics programs and marketing services.

Revel Point of Sale System

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This cloud-based foodservice POS system offers configurable features for self-order kiosks, mobile and tableside ordering, customer-facing displays, and online ordering. This makes Revel suitable for high-volume or chain restaurants like pizza shops.

The Revel POS system also integrates with bar software and includes bar-specific features like age prompts and pre-authorized payments.

A restaurant can add integrated payment processing for a fee, with the help of Revel Advantage.

This Pos System can also be integrated with platforms like Digital Pour, Vines OS, Gratuity Solutions, 7Shifts, and Hot Schedules that provide specific solutions like inventory management, e-commerce, employee management, and so on.

Hourly sales, order history, payment summaries, product mix, and sales summaries can be monitored with the help of Revel's data analytics. This data is then displayed in the form of reports and graphs, which allows the business owner to make more informed decisions about the business.

Other Revel features include loyalty programs and gift cards, mobile ordering, barcode support, detailed table mapping and management and integrated kitchen display. It also offers online ordering, menu-building tools, real-time ingredient-level inventory tracking, self-order kiosks, centralized multi-location management and an open API.

Revel lets business owners control user access with unique user IDs, passwords, and swipe cards.

Revel provides support in the form of training videos, live chat, and phone calls. This Pos Solution also offers integrations with third-party partners like Apple Pay and QuickBooks.

Revel Systems' pricing starts at $99 per month, per terminal. The installation and onboarding fee starts at $664.

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