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Employee Work Schedule Template- Your Tool to Building a Productive Workspace

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Sanchari Chatterjee

By Sanchari Chatterjee

What Is an Employee Work Schedule?

An employee work schedule is a system of scheduling the work timings, assigned tasks, weekly work assignments and monthly targets for each employee in a systematic manner. Employee work schedules make sure all your business tasks are assigned to the designated employees and that all team members are aware of their assigned tasks and weekly and monthly work schedules. This helps both, the business and its team members with planning ahead.

Employee scheduling can be done in a number of waysthe pen and paper method, spreadsheet scheduling templates on Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, or with scheduling software that completely automates the process.

Why is a Work Schedule Important?

  • An efficient work schedule helps you better organize your workforce and assign tasks, shifts and monthly, weekly work assignments in a seamless manner.
  • With the right work schedule, you can streamline your employee scheduling system with no scope of conflict between team members over shifts or tasks.
  • Creating shift schedules saves the time of both, managers and employees who no longer have to go around looking for who's on a particular shift, who's on leave, and who's doing what job.
  • Transparent and accurate work schedules guarantee employee satisfaction. Aware of their daily schedule well in advance, they can plan their time accordingly.
  • With each task clearly assigned to a team member, no work is left unattended. This will ensure better customer service at your restaurant.

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What is an Employee Work Schedule Template?

An employee Work Schedule template is an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet document with pre-designed rows and columns for employee names, shift timings and tasks. You can edit and update these according to your business needs to create your own customized work schedule in minutes.

Scheduling templates can be edited to create new work schedules every week without having to start from scratch. Most scheduling templates are offered for free on the internet and can be downloaded quite easily and used to create your own shift schedules. This makes employee schedule templates a preferred choice for small businesses in need of an employee scheduling system.

How to Use a Scheduling Template?

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  • Find the right Employee Scheduling template on the internet to download. You can also go to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to browse through their template library to select a scheduling template that best suits your business.
  • Get an estimate of the workload for the week or month and identify team members who will carry out these tasks.
  • Start editing the shift schedule template with details like the names of your employees, their shift timings and tasks they need to carry out.
  • Save the changes and give the file a name that corresponds with the week or month for which the work schedule is set. This will help managers and team members immediately identify the right work schedule.
  • Share the shift schedule with your team. If you need to make any changes to the weekly schedule or monthly schedule, reopen the document and edit what you want.

Advantages of Employee Scheduling Software

Employee scheduling software is an automated system that streamlines staff scheduling, payroll management, timesheet management and attendance tracking at a restaurant.

  • Scheduling Software creates conflict-free, easy-to-use shift schedules within minutes. The scheduling software automates the entire process and saves you the manual labor of creating new work schedules every week from scratch.
  • Automated shift scheduling with software comes with time clocks that help managers keep a check on employee absenteeism and attendance.
  • You can remotely send the shift schedule to all your employees as soon as it is published using the scheduling software's mobile app.
  • With real-time monitoring of employee attendance, work hours, task completion etc, scheduling software helps you have far greater employee accountability.
  • Your labor budget will also be in check as the software will make sure you don't overstaff the restaurant on lean days.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

5 Best Scheduling Software for Restaurants

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1. Zip Schedules-
This scheduling software is specifically designed for restaurants and food businesses. With Zip Schedules, you can create conflict-free, simple work schedules within minutes and in Real Time, even when you are away from the restaurant. You can communicate with your team at any point, manage their leave and time-off requests, check employee availability and schedule the exact number of team members needed to carry out tasks. Zip Schedules will help you improve your customer service, while reducing labor costs by plugging the gaps in workforce management.

2. 7Shifts-
This is another restaurant scheduling software that helps businesses with their shift scheduling needs. It reduces labor costs, while staying compliant with local labor laws. 7Shifts also integrates with other restaurant management software to help you run your business operations smoothly. 7Shifts promises to reduce the time you spend designing shift schedules by 80% and save on labor costs with its swift drag-and-drop shift builder.

3. Sling-
Sling is an easy-to-use scheduling and shift template system that allows you to operate across multiple locations, and with an unlimited number of employees. Sling also doubles as a communications platform between employees and managers, allowing the latter to swiftly approve leave, time offs, timesheets and payrolls using the app. Their paid plans include features such as mobile time clock, timesheets, budgeting and swift swapping.

4. Homebase-
Homebase aims to automate not just employee scheduling but also attendance tracking. It offers features such as team calendar, budget forecasting, notifications and time clocks to make employee management a swift process. This employee scheduling software offers a free version of its system that will greatly benefit small businesses. It comes with tools for forecasting, planning and HR support.

5. Planday-
Planday offers labor compliance tools, multi-department shift scheduling, time clock, payroll reporting and can integrates with other management software. Planday offers a 30-day free trial before charging a premium.

5 Tips to Improve Work Schedule Productivity

  1. Build a healthy and open communications channel with your employees where they can voice their concerns and share and gain feedback from their managers.
  2. Delegate work according to the skills of each employee. Do not assign work to those whose skills don't match the job profile. This could end up harming both, the employee and your restaurant.
  3. Clearly define the goals of your employee and your business. Tell your workforce what you expect from them, and outline the goals you have for your business and watch how your workforce tries to bring them to life.
  4. Work on improving employee engagement with activities, entertainment or even by seeking your employees' advice on certain business decisions, work schedules, etc.
  5. Incentivize tasks and acknowledge the hard work and effort put in by your employees. Make sure a good job is appreciated and rewarded as deserved.

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