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7 Top Restaurant POS Systems of 2022- Features, Pricing, Reviews

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Kanika Jain

By Kanika Jain

Restaurant POS System No. 1 - Plum POS

A Point of Sale system is a combination of software and hardware that helps your business run more smoothly. A computer, a scanner, a printer, and a physical terminal including other small devices are the hardware used to run the point-of-sale software.

Plum POS is a dependable, easy-to-use hardware and software system that provides restaurants with the competitive edge they require. Customers can request a free demo of the product. Restaurants like Famous Dave's, Fresh griller, Fosters Freeze, and Buon Gusto benefits from this.

4 notable features of Plum pos features are-
Plum point of sale has a plethora of features that make it one of the most popular sales processing solutions available. While the software does not have fancy features like data analytics or expense tracking, the basic features of the app will be more than sufficient for most small and medium-sized businesses.

1. Online Payment Acceptance
Payment accounts are available in the basic app, allowing you to process credit card transactions. Payment information can be saved, making checkout easier. You can also use the APIs to integrate the system with accounting software to track all deposits.

2. Inventory Control
The app can also be used to manage inventory. When the items are low or out of stock, the system will send an email to the recipient. Items can be checked in multiple locations.
Products are shown on the left, and sales receipts are shown on the right, in a simple grid. When you select a product, a small pop-up will appear allowing you to customize the quantity, size, tax, discounts, and other properties.

3. Customer Service
The Plum POS app can generate digital receipts with a feedback option for customers. It can accept gift cards, cash, credit cards, and debit cards, among other payment methods. Furthermore, the app accepts cutting-edge payment methods such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.
The Plum point of sale app has the ability to split the bill is a great feature. This can be useful if a customer wants to split the bill and pay with both a credit card and cash. Customers can also leave a tip if they wish.
Another notable feature of the app is its ability to integrate loyalty programs. As a result, you will find it much easier to manage customer loyalty programs.

4. Employee Administration
Another notable feature of The Plum pos software is employee management. A report can be used to view the sales made by employees. You can also give each employee a different role by giving them flexible features.

The app also allows users to customize and create bar code labels for items, which will aid in physical inventory tracking. The pricing of the Plum POS inventory system is flexible depending on the size of the business. It caters to small business and large businesses and follows the subscription payment method that charges a certain amount per user per month, or you can also purchase yearly subscriptions as well.

Restaurant POS System No. 2 - Square POS

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More than 2 million business users including restaurant owners worldwide depend on the Square system to record sales transactions. The simple and efficient system makes sales transactions easy and seamless. Almost every type of business uses Square POS to conduct sales transactions.

However, the system's pricing makes it particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Square POS is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Both Android Pay and Apple Pay are supported by the system. You can also use the system while it is not connected to the internet.

Square pos has a customizable interface and excellent reporting features to help you make better decisions. It handles not only customer transactions that include cash payments and debit and credit card processing, but also loyalty programs, gift cards, online ordering, digital signage, inventory management, employee scheduling, and menu management.
These full-service POS solutions include encryptions and other safeguards to ensure that customer information is always safe and secure.

Square pos system subscription payments start at $49 per month or with a one-time fee of $999.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

Restaurant POS System No. 3 - Upserve POS

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Lightspeed's Upserve is a point-of-sale system designed to solve restaurant industry needs. The cloud-based product includes restaurant management features like its own payment processing services, sales forecasting, labor management, and a variety of hardware options in addition to POS functions.

The system is an excellent choice for a wide range of restaurants, including quick-service restaurants, fine food outlets, bars, cafes, breweries, bakeries, and others, that would benefit from advanced reporting capabilities, employee training, and additional features such as reputation management. While these features set it apart from its competitors, it is also more expensive than alternatives such as Square.

Lightspeed restaurant POS integrates payment processing with restaurant management tools to generate reports on sales, product, and labor cost insights. Managers can use the all-in-one product to manage menus, employees, and front-of-house operations while also streamlining communication. Companies are happy with Upserve's customer support service which is provided round the clock and escalations are managed within the given time frame.

The pricing of Upserve point of sale software ranges between $59 - $359 per month.

Restaurant POS System No. 4 - TouchBistro POS

Touch Bistro POS is a touch-screen Point of Sale software for small foodservice and retail businesses that runs on Windows. Touch Bistro POS is a low-cost, user-friendly, and powerful business management system that can help you increase profits.

This is the first point of sale system for restaurants that promises to install in less than 10 minutes. It includes a plethora of useful tools and excellent reporting features that can help you make better decisions. Some users are dissatisfied with the quality and availability of customer service. Touch Bistro also lacks a chip swipe, whereas the majority of its competitors do.

They have kept $69 per month as a starter package and costs more for add-ons, or any other customization.

Restaurant POS System No. 5 - Clover POS

Clover is intended to assist Small Businesses in managing their end-to-end business by providing powerful point-of-sale software that is accessible via smartphones through their Clover app.

Stop using spreadsheets and manage your business from Clover. Get real-time activity reports and insights, and manage your business operations in real time such as editing your menus, keeping an eye on your inventory, as well as tracking employees' performance. The intuitive software lets businesses plan for the future through Sales Forecasting

Clover also accepts various payment options for their point of sales such as cash, mobile payment, credit, and debit card payments are accepted, and your customers' information is securely stored. Clover also accepts Apple Pay technologies to improve the efficiency of your processes.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
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Restaurant POS System No. 6 - Revel POS

Revel Pos System is a business account management platform designed to assist you in reaching your objectives. At Revel, intuitive point-of-sale technology is combined with powerful management tools to assist restaurants and retailers in providing an excellent customer experience, diversifying revenue streams, and scaling their businesses with ease. When the industry demanded change, Revel was the first cloud-based point of sale platform to pioneer POS mobility on the Apple iPad. Revel now powers over 20,000 locations for well-known brands.
Maintain your business confidently even if your internet connection fails. Because of Revel's advanced hybrid architecture Business Intelligence, your POS can operate indefinitely offline or on a local area network. Swiped payments made while disconnected networks are automatically scheduled and processed when your connection is restored. Furthermore, you can limit the number of offline transactions to reduce the risk of offline payments.
Develop and apply discounts from your POS in real time during a transaction. Apply a monetary discount or a percentage discount. Revel Restaurant Operations pos system is easy to use and its pricing starts at $99 per month per terminal.

Restaurant POS System No. 7 - Toast POS

Toast is a one-all restaurant technology that is designed specifically for restaurants, combines a variety of solutions, including integrated online ordering, gift cards, Time Clocks , loyalty programs, and labor and sales reporting, all on a mobile, cloud-based POS system.

Best pos system Toast assists you in improving your operations, increasing revenue, and gaining more business insight. Toast's mission is to provide the best restaurant guest experience possible by collaborating with our customers to address the unique challenges of the restaurant environment.

Toast pos systems typically cost between $79 and $150 per month for software. The hardware costs, in addition to the monthly software costs, are a one-time fixed cost that begins at $799.

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