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5 Top Tablet Point of Sale Systems for Small Businesses

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Sanchari Chatterjee

By Sanchari Chatterjee

What is a Tablet Point of Sale System?

In order to know what a tablet point of sale (POS) system is, we first need to understand what a POS system is. It is an automated restaurant management system that runs on electronic devices such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, and dedicated POS terminals. A POS system can be used to manage orders, deliveries, process payments, run loyalty programs, manage inventory, and handle a multitude of other business needs. They make running a restaurant and other business operations a breeze.

So what is a tablet POS system? A tablet point of sale system is one that runs on mobile devices such as tablets and iPads that restaurant staff can carry around the floor. With a tablet POS system, restaurant servers and bartenders are not restricted to one location and can take the system with them when interacting with customers. This is called tableside ordering, which not only enhances customer service, but also helps the staff with faster order management, payment processing, and so on.

5 Reasons Why a Mobile POS System is Great for Business

Point Sale software such as Plum POS (available on Hubworks, the restaurant back-office app suite), provide all-in-one solutions to restaurants. Restaurant staff perennially have their hands full, right from servers buzzing around the restaurant floor, to kitchen staff at the back of the house, and staff manning the online order counter. A mobile POS system that's not fixed to a particular place helps restaurants speed up their operations and provides the flexibility a modern business needs.

  1. Accuracy- With a mobile restaurant POS, you eliminate the chance of missing orders that come from multiple locations or channels. The POS system will make sure all orders, payments and deliveries are tracked and fulfilled, and the data is collected for business owners for further analysis.
  2. Tableside ordering- With a modern POS device, restaurant staff are not chained to the cash registers and can move between tables and floors to take orders, accept payments or deliver food.
  3. Speed- With a cloud based POS, the staff can work faster, and with more efficiency. The restaurant POS system allows multitasking. Staff can accept payments, take orders, track progress, and interact with kitchen staff without having to run around for each task.
  4. Multiple payment processors- Modern POS systems support all kinds of payment methods, including cash, contactless credit card payments, digital payments with QR codes, and so on. This speeds up the payment process and satisfies customers.
  5. Kitchen Display Systems- The POS system can keep track of kitchen activity, by connecting the front of the house with the back of the house via the kitchen display. Servers can directly send orders and specify special customer requests to the chefs without having to physically visit the kitchen with tickets every time.

  • According to a recent study by Oracle, consumers are less likely to tolerate slow service today. Only 56% said they will wait up to 5 minutes for their counter orders.
  • The study also found that cash payment is fast losing popularity. 81% respondents said they want to move to digital payment methods. Even cryptocurrency is gaining ground.

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Top 5 Mobile POS Systems- No. 1 PlumPos

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This point of sale system has been designed as an all-in-one restaurant management solution. It doesn't just track sales data, but it can also track inventory, manage loyalty programs, provide email marketing services, and manage employee payroll. Its mobile POS solution makes it possible for staff to take the system around anywhere, whether it's a quick service chain or a brick mortar retail store. The PlumPos System can address the business needs of all kinds of operations.

The PlumPos app also lets a restaurant post photos on social media, run a customer help center, and track notifications, all on the mobile POS device. In addition, the PlumPOS system supports contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and so on, as card readers are increasingly becoming a thing of the past.

Plum POS is a simple, easy to use POS software that is ideal not only for food service establishments, but also for grocery and retail stores. With the system, you won't have to worry about making hefty payments for the POS software or POS hardware. It has been designed to run businesses of all sizes and budgets. PlumPos is available on Hubworks, a dedicated restaurant management app store.

No. 2 Oracle Micros POS System

Oracle Micros has a handheld Pos System for the food and beverage industry that helps manage orders, process table-side payments, and curb-side pickups. Their restaurant technology solutions promise to help a business grow with streamlined operations, fast online ordering and delivery systems, and effective marketing services to promote the business.

The POS system offers inventory management, real time analytics and loyalty programs among its services. The Oracle system also promises to protect your customer data with a secure cloud service. Its long-lasting batteries can last an entire shift, so that the staff doesn't have to stop to recharge the device in between work.

The Square POS system provides a range of management solutions, catering to all kinds of restaurant operations. Be it a Small Business or a quick service restaurant, a full-service business, or a ghost kitchen, Square has a solution for everyone. This suite comes with POS software, a kitchen display system, contactless ordering and delivery systems, and POS hardware.

Its POS software processes real time menu updates. It also manages physical, online and delivery orders from one point, making the operations fast and smooth. For small businesses, the company also offers a free starter kit with the basics to run an establishment.

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This all-in-one restaurant management software by Upserve promises to boost profits with its speedy POS system, versatile payment processing, and insights into business operations. The Point Sale system is easy to use and has a 24X7 customer support team.

Among its offerings are payment methods that include first-party merchant accounts and card readers. It also has solutions for workforce management and inventory management, loyalty programs and marketing tools to create and manage campaigns for restaurants.

Toast POS has come up with a new handheld mobile POS device called Toast Go 2. It works well both, indoors and outdoors. Moving away from the cash drawers of a traditional POS terminal, the mobile device supports digital wallets, works as a credit debit card tap device, and even accepts gift cards.

The mobile POS device also has a long-lasting battery that promises to last twice as long as an iPad POS. The 6.4-inch screen fits comfortably in your palm, is easy to hold, and lightweight.

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