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Best Digital Kitchen Thermometers- 5 Top Models To Choose From

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Natasha Rego

By Natasha Rego

What's a Digital Kitchen Thermometer?

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Every restaurant wants its meals cooked to perfection. And hectic days, when there's more than usual traffic, you'll want to be doubly sure that your food is cooked right. That's where a digital kitchen thermometer comes in. This is an essential piece of cooking equipment that no kitchen should do without.

A kitchen thermometer will save your food from being overcooked and inform you when your meats are at their juiciest. More importantly, it will alert you when your food has reached the right temperature for safe consumption.

Whether preparing sweets, baking bread, grilling meat, or just storing food in the refrigerator, numerous types of cooking thermometers are required to measure temperature. There are several different varieties of kitchen thermometers, each with its own set of features.

These are some of the thermometers used in a commercial kitchen-

Instant read thermometers
This is a probe thermometer that takes instant readings of food temperature. They are good for testing the doneness of meat.

Meat thermometers
They are similar to instant read thermometers. The only difference is that this thermometer has a bigger dial. Its probe is inserted into the thickest part of the meat or poultry.

Candy and deep-fry thermometer
These are made up of glass and are used for measuring very hot temperatures.
Oven thermometer
It will give you an accurate temperature inside the oven, which in-built oven dials do not achieve.

Refrigerator thermometer
You need to keep this thermometer inside your fridge to ensure that the temperature is between 33 F and 40 F.

Benefits of a Digital Kitchen Thermometer

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Even if food appears to be cooked on the outside, the inside may be still undercooked, or at times even raw. You can measure the internal temperature of the food by inserting a digital instant read thermometer into it. This is especially crucial when cooking large items, like a whole turkey or chicken because you want to ensure that the heat from the oven has reached the center of the food.

Eliminate guesswork
It's impossible to tell if a piece of meat is done just by looking at it. If you solely rely on cooking time to establish this, you may find that some pieces are properly cooked while others are underdone or, burnt. By using instant read thermometers, you can ensure that your recipes are cooked to perfection.

Prevent food from being overcooked
Meat thermometers will ensure that the meat stays juicy and tender. Different varieties of candy, such as caramel, require precision cooking in terms of timing and temperature. A cooking thermometer can ensure that your sweet delights are ready to consume while also preventing your saucepans from burning.

That perfect steak!
When it comes to how a steak should be grilled, everyone has their preferences. When one of your diners asks for a medium-rare steak, it can be a difficult task if you're used to cooking a steak well done. Using a digital meat thermometer, you can make sure that every cut is cooked to just how the customer wants it.

Maintain safe temperature
Some of your food may be left out for longer than others, especially if you're offering a buffet. As meat cools, it becomes a breeding place for bacteria. If you're not sure how long a piece of meat has been out in the sun or even out of the fridge, instant read thermometers will tell you if your meat is still edible or not.

Using probe thermometers ensures that the right interior food temperature is obtained and maintained, reducing the risk of food poisoning.

Easy to read
Digital thermometers have a bigger display screen and are faster at reading food temperatures.

Light and sound
Most kitchen digital thermometers have an in-built backlight and alarms that will ring or light up when your meat is done cooking.

Size does matter
Digital kitchen thermometers are smaller in size compared to their analog counterparts.

Conduct Hazard Analysis
Using a kitchen thermometer can help identify and prevent Food Safety hazards that can potentially harm your customers' health.

  • Test it
  • Calibrate it
  • Place it properly
  • Wait till the appropriate time before removing your meat
  • Clean it properly

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Top 5 Digital Kitchen Thermometers No. 1- Cooper Atkins Blu2

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Cooper Atkins Blue2 is a waterproof device.
- It has a temperature range of -40 F to 999 F
- Its adjustable sleep mode allows you to set the timer for between 1 to 30 minutes.
- It can use any Type-K thermocouple temperature probe, making it adaptable for insertion, air, or surface temperature measurement.
- The thermometer can be configured with the food safety app Zip HACCP, which is available on, the restaurant management app store.
- The Cooper Atkins Blue2 probe transmits temperature readings to the Zip HACCP app via Bluetooth, giving you real time reports and logs of food temperatures on your mobile device.
- New users can set up the system with ease.
- Zip HACCP has a 24/7 customer support team that provides full customer service.

Kitchen Thermometer No. 2 - Habor Instant-read Thermometer

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This is good for baking.

- It can measure the water temperature used for proofing yeast to check the doneness of muffins.
- Its probe is thin and can read temperatures ranging from -58 F to 572 F.
- The thermometer automatically switches off after 10 minutes, saving the battery.
- It is simple and easy to use and can read temperatures in 5 seconds or less.

Kitchen Thermometer No. 3 - Alpha grillers Instant-read Thermometer

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This thermometer is perfect for grilling.
- It has a backlight feature that makes it easy to read food temperatures even in low light.
- It is easy to use and starts as soon as the probe is unfolded.
- You can set the thermometer to display the minimum and maximum temperature.
- The probe is waterproof so you can cook even in the rain.
- It has a magnet at the back, making it easy to latch on to a metal surface like a refrigerator.
- You can calibrate it yourself by simply placing it in ice water for three minutes.
- Even though it gives out accurate temperatures, it does not produce instant readouts. It takes anywhere between four to seven seconds to get a proper reading.

  • Fill a glass halfway with ice.
  • Toss in some water on top of the ice and stir thoroughly. Allow for 3 minutes of resting time.
  • Submerge the thermometer stem at least 2 inches into the mixture.
  • After 30 seconds, the thermometer should register 32 degrees.

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Kitchen Thermometer No. 4 - Javelin PRO duo

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It has an anti-fog and water-resistant screen, making it is easy to read.
- It is simple and easy to use.
- It has a hold button, which when pressed sounds an alarm to let you know when the temperature stabilizes.
- After an hour of no activity, it switches to sleep mode.
- It gives you precise readings for everythingright from pulled pork to roast chicken.
- It is perfect for checking the Food Temperature of meat, bread, candy, coffee, and other items.
- The display automatically rotates, no matter how it is held.
- Its battery lasts for over 4000 hours.
- The thermometer is free of lead, mercury, and other hazardous substances.

Kitchen Thermometers No. 5 - Taylor Splash-proof Infrared Thermometer

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This thermometer can detect temperatures up to 626 F. It can be used to test roasts, hot sugar for candy, and frying oil. - The probe's length of 5 inches allows it to reach deep into meat.
- It can also check surface temperatures.
- It offers a battery-saving auto shut-off feature.
- This Food Thermometer is water-resistant, but not waterproof.

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