What is food temperature ?

Food temperature can be tricky to understand because there are so many different types of food. It's important to know the right temperature for your dish but also in general, and how it will affect the flavor of your dish. A temperature guide is a helpful reference for understanding when it is best to cook certain dishes. Food Temperature Guide- -Frozen Food- Frozen food can be cooked from frozen most of the time but should only be used at temperatures below 0F (-18C). -Refrigerated/thawed/room temp (below 40F)- These foods should not be cooked or refrozen on their own; however, they can still be included in other dishes. -Sauce- Sauce generally starts out as a liquid and then turns into a solid by thickening due to the release of heat from water molecules. In order to avoid scorching the sauce, cook sauces at temperatures below 212F (100