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5 Best Free Employee Time Clock Apps For A Startup Cafe

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Sanchari Chatterjee

By Sanchari Chatterjee

What Is An Employee Time Clock App?

Whether you're a manager at a restaurant or a clothing store, the one task you probably don't look forward to, is managing the work hours of your employees. Admittedly, this is no easy job! Keeping track of the attendance and duties of each and every worker at a busy restaurant on a regular basis is enough to make a manager want to throw in the towel after Week 1.

Thankfully, with automated time tracking technologies, manual timesheets can go out the window. Modern time tracking software can manage attendance, shifts and labor law compliance, and reduce labor costs, thereby helping a manager run an operation easily and efficiently. In addition to maintaining and tracking work hours of every employee, time clock software can integrate with payroll management systems to process salaries smoothly and accurately. What's more, the mobile apps of these software solutions enable managers to conduct real time tracking of employee work hours from any location and at any time.

How Can A Time Clock App Help Me Run My Business Better?

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  • Automated Time Clocks help you better manage your business and your workforce better, with time clock apps bringing accuracy and speed to the way you manage your team.
  • As the tracking software keeps track of clock-ins and clock-outs, work hours, breaks, and shift swaps, your employees will be more accountable with their work schedules.
  • With better time management, you can be sure of saving on labor costs and putting a stop to time theft and buddy punching practices that cause great losses to a business.
  • Employees can use their time clock apps to communicate directly with managers, seeking time-off, shift swaps, and leave. This gives them a sense of empowerment and facilitates direct engagement within the team.
  • Time clock apps record employee work hours, leaves and requests, giving human resources and management a better overview of the team.
  • Time clock apps offer employee scheduling tools with features like tracking time-off requests, shift trading and employee availability. Time clocks can also be integrated with employee scheduling and payroll systems, which makes workforce management easy.

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No. 1 Time Clock App - Zip Clock

Zip Clock by Hubworks is an online Employee Time management app that helps employers with tracking time and managing attendance. It reduces labor costs by optimizing the work of your existing team. With the cloud based Zip Clock mobile app, you can view the real time status of each employee from anywhere, and also review their time punches. The automated tracking software will make sure that malpractices like time theft and buddy punching are completely eliminated from your business.

With Zip Clock, your restaurant's payroll can be automatically synced with employee work hours, saving HR a great deal of time and effort managing payouts. This Clock system will also make sure you are compliant with labor laws at all times, alerting you to unauthorized overtime with real time notifications. The Zip Clock app is perfect for both, enterprise and Small Businesses.

No. 2 Time Clock App - Sling

Sling has a robust Time Tracking tool that will help your restaurant management streamline the tasks of employee scheduling, workforce management and communication. With Sling's tracking software, you can turn any mobile device into a time clock and track time. Its cloud basedmobile app allows employees to use their own devices to clock in and out. It comes equipped with geofencing tools that will help you keep track of your employees and their location in real time. Sling also makes employee scheduling a quick and easy job that can be done within minutes, unlike the manual method of scheduling where you have to sit with a spreadsheet for hours to achieve the right work balance for your team. You can also manage time-off and shift-swap requests and check employee availability.

No. 3 Time Clock App - Connecteam

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Connecteam is a Time Clock app that is ideal for remote working. The Connecteam system automates the processes of time tracking, employee scheduling and payroll management. The mobile app can also be used to track the real time location of each employee and their movements with its geofencing features. From task management to communication, employee scheduling and training, Connecteam can get several jobs done at once. You can access the historical data of your team's work hours, tasks, and past and current timesheets to help you manage your workforce efficiently and make better business decisions. Connecteam can also be integrated with other third party restaurant management software for accounting, analytics, sales management, kitchen management and more.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

No. 4 Time Clock App - Timecamp

This time clock software is ideal for medium to large-sized B2B businesses, but it can also be used by restaurants for automated time tracking and workforce management. With Timecamp's tracking software and integration with your payroll management system, your employees can create invoices for their work hours, allowing you to make payments directly to their bank accounts. This way, you no longer need to manually export employee data to your accounts department to manage payroll. Moreover, this software's Employee Scheduling feature will also make sure your scheduling and task management jobs are taken care of in a seamless manner. With Timecamp, you no longer have to sit with hundreds of timesheets and charts to come up with conflict-free shift schedules.

Time Clock App No. 5- Toggl

Toggl is another highly-rated time tracking software. It can be used for both, real time tracking as well as manual integration with your work calendar. Toggl's web based desktop app can be used to mark employee attendance, issue reminders and facilitate communication with the staff, while its mobile app can be used for direct communication and remote time tracking. Its time tracking system can also be programmed to notify you of time card entries if your employees miss a punch. Additionally, this tracking software can be used for project planning, hiring and candidate screening as well.

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