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5 Best Employee Scheduling Software for Small Restaurant Businesses

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Sanchari Chatterjee

By Sanchari Chatterjee

What is Employee Scheduling Software?

An employee scheduling software is a system that automates the tedious process of creating work schedules for the entire team at a restaurant, every week or month. Planning employee shifts by keeping in mind the different tasks, employee availability, leave requests, and so on, can be quite challenging and time-consuming. But a staff scheduling system can make this job a lot easier.

You no longer have to rack your brains to remember time off requests, previous work schedules and availability of each team member before drawing up a schedule. An employee scheduling app can keep track of it all and assist you in creating conflict-free work schedules that will address the needs of both, the business as well as the team.

How Does Automated Employee Scheduling Score Over Manual Methods?

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  • With the manual methodsuch as scheduling on spreadsheets or scheduling templatesit is the responsibility of the manager to remember all the time off requests, employee availability dates, their specializations, and the tasks each team member needs to perform. An automated scheduling app relieves you of this burden.
  • With an automated staff scheduling system, you can edit and update shift schedules easily in case employees don't show up or request shift swaps. However, manual methods make it difficult to adapt to unexpected changes.
  • An employee scheduling app will make recommendations for a work schedule based on your current needs, work patterns and previous Employee Schedules. With the manual method, you can only rely on your coworkers for suggestions.
  • An employee scheduling software will also let you keep track of your employees' task progress on a real time basis and check how the schedules are being followed. The manual method can't help with this.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
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No. 1 Scheduling Software- ZipSchedules

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What would otherwise take hours and a lot of patience and effort, can be done in minutes thanks to ZipSchedules, an employee scheduling software offered by Hubworks. ZipSchedules creates conflict-free employee schedules that are delivered to each team member at the right time and with accuracy. The ZipSchedules mobile app further helps managers review and accept time off requests and grant overtime even while they're travelling.

ZipSchedules helps you streamline your employee management process, improve employee accountability, reduce absenteeism and also cut labor costs by plugging labor loopholes. With this software, you need not worry about time theft and labor loss. The mobile app also opens up a communication channel between the Restaurant Management and team members through an instant messaging platform. Zip Schedules also has a robust customer support system that will address all your concerns on time.

No. 2 Scheduling Software- QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time is another cloud based time tracking and staff scheduling software considered among the best employee scheduling apps in the market. Managers can create and modify work schedules with the easy drag-and-drop tool, alert employees about new schedules via the mobile app and copy and modify previous schedule templates.

QuickBooks offers quick and accurate schedules that you can create with only a few clicks. You can send out real time notifications to your staff the second you publish new schedules, grant controlled access to work schedules and maintain historical records for future reference. Moreover, this scheduling software will also help businesses comply with local scheduling and labor laws.

No. 3 Scheduling Software- Zoho People

Zoho People is also a cloud based HR software solution that promises to ease Business Processes like employee management and task management. Zoho People offers features such as leave management, time tracking and attendance regulation. With Zoho People, employees have the opportunity to directly raise time off requests through the mobile app, while managers can monitor all requests from a centralized platform.

The employee scheduling software allows customization of all shift scheduling features, where you can drag and drop names, tasks and create schedules within minutes. Zoho People also lets employees update and modify their personal records in the system.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

No. 4 Scheduling Software- 7shifts

7shifts offers easy to use shift scheduling tools, along with Time Management, labor compliance and employee engagement tools. The software also helps businesses with communication between managers and employees. 7shifts promises to simplify workforce management for both, small businesses as well as large restaurant chains with the same efficiency.

By creating shift schedules with the drag and drop feature, managers can save several billable work hours during the day and also boost the efficiency of both, the team and the business. This accurate shift scheduling system also reduces the scope for error and dissatisfaction among your workforce. Its time clock feature will help you keep track of all your employees' work hours in real time.

No. 5 Scheduling Software- BambooHR

The BambooHR employee Management System is a HR software solution that offers a number of essential tools such as time tracking, payroll management, applicant tracking, workforce reminders, employee engagement tools, and much more. One of the primary solutions offered by the BambooHR software is its shift scheduling system or the custom workflow system where you can build your workflows and manage employees and tasks with just a few clicks.

The BambooHR app also allows managers to share the shift scheduling load with others. Team members can fill in their availability and raise time off requests on the mobile app itself, which managers can then approve or decline. Managers can additionally create and modify new scheduling templates using this software.

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