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Can Your POS App do This? Key Features it Must Have and What to do if it Doesn't

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Natasha Rego

By Natasha Rego

What is a POS App?

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Clunky cash registers have today made way for modern POS systems, of which POS apps are an integral part. POS apps help both, big and small businesses scale up sales and ensure better customer service.

A POS app is a software application that processes business transactions. It runs on mobile devices and enables employees of a food business to take orders from anywhere. Mobile POS software also gives customers the freedom to make payments at their table with just the click of a button. POS apps link to hardware like cash registers, cash drawers, and card readers to facilitate cash and credit card processing.

But that's not all. Some POS apps serve multiple other business needs. In addition to processing orders, they help with inventory management, track sales data, collect customer information, and produce reports andforecasts.

POS apps are easy to use. All you need to do is download a POS appfrom an app storeon your mobile device and it becomes your POS system. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar or an online store, the POS app will connect to your e-commerce platform, making it easy to run your entire business from a single back officesystem.

How Does a Restaurant POS App Work?

POS apps can be used at all kinds of food establishments, including food trucks and fast-food restaurants. Earlier, point of sale was just a restaurant billing software that accepted the order and generated print receipts. However, this has changed, thanks to cloud based technology. A POS software that is cloud based works both online and offline. This means, your POS app will ensure that operations never stop.

A modern POS system can improve your restaurant's efficiency. It helps you make better decisions and enhances customer service. With POS software,a business can take orders, send them to the kitchen, generate bills, track sales, manage staff, keeps tabs on inventory, check table reservations, chalk out loyalty programs, and so much more.

But how does a POS app work?

  1. Using a POS app, you will be able to receive orders online and offline through a touchscreen monitor. Order can be received using Android mobile POS or iPad POS systems. Customers can also process their own orders through the self-ordering kiosk POS systems.
  2. Once the order is received, the POS software calculates the total amount and generates an invoice automatically.
  3. The POS system connects with the restaurant's kitchen display screen. It flashes the order details on the KDS, alerting the chefs to the customer's requirements and modifications. The kitchen display system saves restaurant servers the time and effort it would take to shuttle between the dining area and the kitchen with the order. Being quick and error-free, it ensures better customer service.
  4. With a POS app, you don't have to monitor your inventory manually. The POS software keeps a record of your stock levels. When an order is displayed, you will immediately know if the required ingredients are in stock or not. If ingredients are unavailable, the server can instantly inform the customer, who can opt for something else on the menu. In the same way, inventory levels are automatically adjusted when orders are processed.
  5. In the case of online orders, customers receive a message to tell them when their order is ready. In-store, servers receive similar alerts on their POS apps.
  6. The POS app generates daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports of your restaurant sales. ThePOS system provides purchase reports, stock reports, Sales Reports, cash register reports, and more. These give the business an overview of its performance and help it make better decisions.

    • A report by Grand View Research shows that around 84% of restaurants are connected with restaurant POS system and the global market size was almost $15.46 billion in 2020
    • Another report by Market watch states the annual growth rate of the restaurant POS terminal market will reach 6.20% and $18,356.13 million between 2022 and 2025

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What are the Benefits of a POS App?

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Let's talk about how a POS app will work to improve your food business.

Manage your restaurant order
With a POS system in place, you can manage your order effortlessly. Waiters can take orders using a tablet or mobile device. Once an order is placed, it appears on the kitchen display screen and a print order is generated for the chefs. The POS system then generates a print receipt for the customer.

The POS system tracks real time sales. The server keys in an order on the computer or mobile device. After the amount is calculated, the customer pays through a debit or credit card. The card reader helps with payment processing.

Manages your online menu
A POS system helps manage a restaurant's online menu. Customers can place orders on the restaurant'sonline store. Using the POS app, you can hide certain items on the menu if they aren't available. In addition, the POS software also generates sales reports that can be used to set the right price for menu items.

Staff management
The POS app allows you to manage your staff timesheet by setting up clock-in and clock-out functions. It can track your staff's working hours and generate payments.

Accurate reports
A POS software allows businesses to monitor sales and inventory, track bestselling items and determine profit and loss. All these factors play an important role for any business, particularly a small business, to make better decisions. Using a POS app makes the entire process simpler, easier and quicker. Since the POS app is cloud based, records are stored digitally, so there is less scope for loss of data.

Reduces wait time
The POS app increases the efficiency of operations, reduces wait time, improves table management, allows faster ordering processing, timely food delivery, and increases customer satisfaction.

Loyalty programs
POS apps can be used to store customer data. When a customer earns loyalty points, they are fed into the system. These points can be used to provide discounts on their bills.

Inventory management
Inventory management is necessary for the smooth functioning of all businesses. A POS app allows you to track your daily food usage pattern. The POS app helps cut wastage and ensures that there are enough items stocked. The POS software also helps monitor stocks at remote locations and online stores.

No scope for error
Every business needs an integrated POS system that reduces the scope for human error and improves communication.

The cloud based system secures all your restaurant's data on a remote server. POS software provides security from breach of data and fraud. The POS app's cloud based system also helps to maintain an audit trail of your business, reducing the scope of theft.

Key Features a POS App Must Have

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While there are a bunch of POS apps available, it is important to choose the right one for your business. Do not confuse retail POS systems with restaurant POS systems as they are slightly different.

A retail POS is often built for products with serial numbers. In other words, their program is based on barcodes for each item. Restaurant POS systems are created with menu names and images.
As a result, while selecting the ideal POS system for your business, make sure it is tailored as per your requirement.

Your restaurant POS system must have-

Online ordering
Choose a POS app that can enable customers to place orders online, either from the website or app. The ordering process must be simple and easy to use. The POS app must provide food recommendations, specials, add-ons and more.

Mobile POS
The POS app must offer tableside services. With this, customers can access the system on their iPad, tablet or smartphones. A restaurant's mobile POS system must include a customer app, kitchen app and server app to ensure smooth functioning.

Flexible payment methods
A customer must have the option to pay through debit or credit card. You must choose a POS systemthat provides multiple options for credit card processing providers. Accurate card readers are an essential part of running a successful small business.

Quick interface
Speed is the focal point of every POS app. You cannot afford to have the system lag. Ensure that yourPOS system is a local hardwire type, online-based, or hybrid.

Easy to manage
Choose a POS app that is easy to install and understand. Remember, you may have to install the POS app yourself.

User friendly
The POS app must be user-friendly. Placing orders, sending tickets to the kitchen display, payment processing and quick checks must be easily accessible. If you cannot figure it out, then chances are that your staff won't either. So, you need to install an easy to use system.

Inventory control
Inventory management is important to run a successful restaurant business. For that, you need to ensure that your system has the necessary inventory management features. Some POS systems will have third-party integration that use powerful Order Management platforms.

Quality reports
With a POS system that is cloud based, you can set up a remote access account for your reports. It eliminates the process of exporting reporting data to your accountant.

Kitchen displays
A kitchen display replaces kitchen printers and paper tickets. Kitchen displays increase efficiency and accuracy. This feature must be integrated with your POS app to ensure smooth operations and a goodManagement System.

Marketing tools
Features like loyalty programs, gift cards, customer rewards, messaging tools, and automatic promotions in your POS app will help drive traffic and increase the revenue of your Food Businesses. A Pos System will also ensure repeat customers.

Are POS Apps Secure?

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Security is a key concern for both big and Small Businesses. Customers' credit card details and personally identifiable information (PII) are stored in POS software, which could be exploited to steal money or perpetrate identity fraud.

Most POS systems have inbuilt security features. As the POS app is cloud based, all personal information is stored in a safe place.

With a reputable POS software, restaurants don't have to worry about employee theft or fraud. Every manager has visibility on who uses the system and when. However, despite installing POS software some companies have been affected by data breach. There are additional security mechanisms built in to prevent hackers from gaining access to sales data.

To secure your Pos System you can-

UseiPad POS
iPad POS systems can help prevent POS breaches because their operating system can only fully operate one application at a time, whereas Windows devices can have numerous applications running at the same time increasing the risk of viruses. Businesses that use iPad POS solutions can limit the risk of POS assaults.

Install antivirus software
This is the simplest way to protect your POS system from a data breach. Antivirus software will track and block all viruses and malicious files from entering your system.

Small businesses must implement tokenization. It is a good way to protect customer data because even if there is a breach at a merchant location, the information obtained is of no use.

You can also protect yourPOS system by

  • Regularly installing software updates, which come with bug fixes.
  • Monitoring all activity on the POS system for any anomalous activity.
  • Segmenting all networks utilized by the POS system.

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3 Top-of-the-line POS Systems (and Their Apps)

Plum POS
Plum POS is a reliable and easy to use cloud-based system that allows data to be POS accessed from multiple devices at any time.With its high speed, high security and superior Business Intelligence tools, restaurants can achieve a higher turnaround and increase in revenue by processing more orders quickly and accurately, and by putting into action insights offered by the POS's analytics. Plum POS can be downloaded from Hubworks, the app store dedicated to restaurants.

Clover POS
Orders, payments, front and back office needs of small businesses can be managed by Clover's POS app. The software is best suited to cafes, food trucks, and full-service restaurants.

Lightspeed POS
This POS system is designed to display images of menu items to customers. It works efficiently for restaurants of all sizes. Its key features are menu management, inventory management, purchase order, and adjustable floor plans.

POS System FAQs

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Q. Can I access my POS from any location?
A. If the software is cloud based, you can access the back-end from any location as long as you have a good internet connection.

Q. Is an industry-specific POS system necessary?
A. Yes, it is necessary. Some point of sale software are designed only for restaurants and hotels and others for retail stores.

Q. Why should I use a POS system?
A. A point of salesystem centralizes your store's operations, secures your data and makes it easier to manage your company's operations, thanks to its numerous features. A POS system helps to facilitate better stock management.

Q. Can I analyze customer data with a POS?
A. Sales reports and customer details can be retrieved by a POS app. Most systems organize them into reports with customized categories. This makes it easier to access data.

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