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Examining Your POS Service | Why Exceptional Customer Support Matters

examining your pos service why exceptional customer support matters


This article will examine the facets of purchasing a POS service system that comes from a reputable company with the characteristic of outstanding customer support to back it up.

The POS Service Struggle

Imagine you’re in the middle of using a reporting feature on your POS service system, trying to ascertain some very important information in advance of an upcoming team meeting. When, all of a sudden, without warning, the POS service crashes. It is entirely unresponsive to the usual “turn it off and back on again” approach that has become a common way those with little technology experience attempt to fix broken software. Now, you don’t have access to the information you need. The clock is ticking and you’re beginning to feel the stress of being unprepared for your meeting. What are you to do?

You’d probably begin freaking out, trying to determine how you’re going to explain to your team that you don’t have this vital information prepared for discussion. You might even begin to consider some excuse or call the meeting off altogether. These ideas would be running through your head as you try to resolve the issue; however, none of these are optimal solutions. In this case, no matter what you do, you’re going to feel unprepared and terrified that you might lose your job over something that was ultimately not your fault.

All of this can easily be avoided. One of the most significant factors that owners and managers often fail to consider when contemplating the purchase of a new POS service system for their business is what kind of customer service reputation the producing company has. Are they a company notorious for never really providing a valid solution to their customers’ problems? Are they one who provides valuable solutions, but only after a week of ignoring your calls and emails? Or, are they one of the good ones, a company that is immediately responsive and helpful in the process?

As you might have guessed, it is products from companies in this last category that you should be considering. Just as important as the product quality itself, so too is the quality of the customer service the producing company offers. A quality POS product can ultimately come with terrible customer service, while flawed products can have a great customer service team to back them up. What you’re looking for is a happy medium- a quality product whose producing company also provides stellar customer service. Surprisingly, this isn’t a difficult compromise to find if you know what to look for.

Below, we will examine the aspects your business will want to see when selecting a POS service whose producing company is known for having outstanding customer support. We will also bring to light some of the issues you may not have originally considered during your evaluation process for a POS service company.

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Facets of Ideal POS Service Customer Support

facets of ideal pos service customer support

The desired qualities of stellar customer service may seem obvious, but there are a select few that may not seem as important at first. In this section, we will take a look at the obscure aspects to look for in a quality POS customer support team.

1. First and foremost is finding good customer support from a company whose representatives have a certain level of concern for the customer. This seems evident, right? But there are plenty of companies that have great customer service as if by force, with representatives solely reading a script. However, they don’t invest in the experience the customer has. You will start to notice this trait in companies after only a few interactions. By contrast, when you interact with a company whose representatives ask questions that don’t seem preplanned, you get the sense that they care about helping you beyond only earning a paycheck.

This level of customer support from your POS service equates to an actual interest in helping you have the best possible experience with their product. This includes going above and beyond to get answers to your questions with as much expediency as possible. It means refusing to give up until the POS service issue is resolved. This is a quality truly special and worthy of your continued business.

2. Another aspect that often times goes unnoticed is finding customer support so exceptional that it acts as a take-away you wish to implement in your business’ customer service. While you should already be devoting time to continually providing quality service, having a stellar interaction with a customer service representative can give you ideas for improving the service provided by your staff, whether it’s the kitchen staff, wait staff, or even administrative staff. Since team members should be continually improving upon their customer relation skills, experience with a quality POS service team might just give them some inspiration to better their own customer service.

Extra Consideration for Ideal POS Service Customer Support

While that just about covers the facets of quality customer service, there are some additional things to keep your eyes peeled for when shopping for a POS service system. An article written by the Retail Doctor, Bob Phibbs, explores in more depth 48 must ask questions when selecting POS Software.

When evaluating a POS service’s customer support reputation, it’s important to pay attention to both positive and negative reviews. The reasoning here is that, while many of the negative reviews might simply be one-offs or experiences fueled by an angry user, they’re still worth considering in case there is something of value being said. Maybe the review mentions a bad experience in which an issue was not resolved in the manner a user would have hoped. However, despite this, the review mentions the support was timely and provided a solution; these two qualities outweigh the otherwise negative review.

We hope you’ve found something useful in this assessment of the aspects of exceptional customer support with a POS service system. If you’re on the hunt for a new POS service system with a team of outstanding customer support representatives, check out Plum POS by Hubworks. Hubworks is the complete business management platform. With our cloud-based suite of apps, we help optimize your business so that you can continue to grow Everything works better when everything works together.

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