7 Reasons to Choose a Daily Log App As Your Task Management Software

There is a debate about whether a daily shift log or a weekly shift log is the better, more useful way to go about your employee shift log needs? Undoubtedly, you have been confronted with a range of opinions on the matter, from a range of sources, many of which work in the restaurant industry.

If this sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. Most restaurant administrators will go through this same thing at least once. Choosing your task management software may not be as important as deciding on your point-of-sale system, or your inventory management method, but it is still an important task for administrators to decide how they're going to manage their shift logbook.

So what's our take on this whole debacle? Well, that's the purpose of this article. We believe that a daily log app is probably the best option of the two for a majority of restaurants. In this article, we're going to highlight seven reasons why we believe that to be the case. We hope that, by providing these points, we give you the evidence that you need to feel confident in being able to make this decision for your own restaurant.

Find Information Easier by Using Task Management Software

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Easy usage is the primary reason you should consider using a daily log app instead of a weekly one. When everything is broken down by day, you are better able to find notes that you may be looking for. Of course, this entirely hinges on your ability to remember the day the notes were taken, but in all likelihood, it won't be that difficult to do.

You Can Get a Weekly Log When Using Task Management Software

When you employ a shift log system that involves daily, rather than weekly logs, you still have the ability to divide the logs up by week. A daily shift log can end up more organized because you can group the daily logs by week. With a digital daily shift log, you can have your weeks lined up, with the added benefit of an individual day having its own subcategories.

Task Management Software Is Better for Storage

When each of your logs is broken down by day, you can then go off and organize them by week, then by month, and then eventually by year, creating unique subfolders within subfolders such that everything is the epitome of organization.

Recording Is Easier With Task Management Software

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In addition to the above points, a digital daily logbook allows for the recording of information to be easier. For example, with an archaic manager's logbook, you have a certain allotted space to work with for the week, and you need to keep your notes short enough that you don't fill that space to quickly. However, in the digital world, this isn't as much of an issue.

Data Is Easier to Analyze When Using Task Management Software

In some cases, such as interactions recorded or documented with angry or difficult customers, you're going to want to go back after some length of time, look at all of the data, and then draw some conclusions about business practices. With a daily log app, this becomes much easier, because you can go through day-by-day and see at a glance which days did, or didn't, have any such interactions.

Task Management Software Allows for Quicker Referencing

When you need to reference the daily log app for any reason, like when filling out an official report about an incident, being able to easily find the specific day the incident occurred and what your initial notes on the event were can be hugely helpful. Not only that but then when you reference the date of the incident, anyone looking to view that log for further information will have a quick, simple process of finding it in the first place.

Management Is Made Easier With Task Management Software

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The fact of the matter is this, you are more likely to remember that something needs to be done, if it is something that needs to be done every day, rather than every week. The longer you go between performing the desired behavior, the less ingrained in you it becomes. As a result, using a daily log app, instead of a weekly one, significantly increases your odds of using a logbook.

We hope that these seven points have helped to give you a better understanding of why a daily log app is unquestionably the more beneficial of the two shift logbook options. While weekly logs have their place, the daily log app is your best chance to meet your business needs.

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